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Sheepshead Bay’s United Artists movie theater will be hiking its prices this Friday, with adult admission reaching $14 – or nearly twice the national average – Sheepshead Bites has learned. A source has confirmed the price hike, noting that adult admission will rise from $13.50 to $14.00. Seniors, children, and matinee admission prices will climb…


When news broke last week that the Sheepshead Bay United Artists movie theater (3907 Shore Parkway) is suffering a bed bug infestation, everyone was aghast. Cue the fearmongering videos, complete with stock footage of the scurrying suckers, on myFOX New York. From there it hit the blogs over at Gothamist, then the Tweets of Terror spun…


Brooklyn author Richard Grayson does. He posted this terrific shot of the Deauville Beach Club’s entrance on his Facebook account. The photo was taken on May 30th, 1964 – Grayson’s bar-mitzvah night. The Deauville was torn down many-a-year ago to make way for the UA Sheepshead Bay Stadium 14 & IMAX Theatres. You can see…