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Arbuz on Sheepshead Bay Road

The past week or so has seen a couple of major New York City papers snooping around Sheepshead Bay’s restaurants, including a pretty hefty score for a newly-opened Manhattan location of a Sheepshead Bay original.

That’d be the New York Times talking about Treat Petite, the Greenwich Village spinoff of Arbuz (1706 Sheepshead Bay Road). A while back we broke the story of Arbuz’s expansion. Treat Petite (61 Grove Street) is now open, specializing in frozen kefir, and appear to have impressed the Times.

“Their soft serve, called Treat Petite, is refreshing and not as sweet as many brands of frozen yogurt. The store offers six varieties: plain, and five others subtly flavored with fruit purées, including pomegranate and caramelized pineapple. There are also smoothies and concoctions with various toppings, as well as coffee, crepes, waffles and some pastries.”

It seems to me that the wider world is finally waking up to the wealth of tastes and flavors our corner of the city has to offer, and what’s even better is that those business pioneers that took risks to start here in Sheepshead are finding success and expanding outward.

In addition to the New York Times story, local restaurants are also getting a huge shoutout in the Daily News. The paper launched a series – which we’ll say is inspired by The Bite, since they’re all in our coverage area anyway – showing off great restaurants along the Q line. So far they’ve covered:

  • Tatiana’s in Brighton Beach
  • Varenichnaya in Brighton Beach
  • Coney Island Taste Peruvian Restaurant in Sheepshead Bay
  • Randazzo’s Clam Bar in Sheepshead Bay
  • Totonno’s Pizzeria in Coney Island

Arbuz on Sheepshead Bay Road

The future site of TreatPetite, the Arbuz spin-off.

Accompanied by the sweet smell of fresh fruits and its colorful motif, Arbuz draws the attention of even the tiniest hands—a baby—who unknowingly nibbled away at some frozen yogurt and fruits.

The dessert-filled cafe has existed at 1706 Sheepshead Bay Road for two-and-a-half years. It was a business co-owner Rovshan Danilov calls a side venture from his fulltime job in finance. Though many of his colleagues thought he was crazy, it didn’t discourage his “love for food and entrepreneurship,” and the shop opened in August 2009.

And now Danilov and his partners are proving just how far they can take the crazy side venture: all the way to Manhattan.

Danilov & Co. are opening another frozen treat venture they call a “spin on Arbuz,” and it will be right in the heart of Greenwich Village.

Named TreatPetite, the new store will carry many of the same products that exist at Arbuz – plus a new signature item: Frozen Kefir.

“Think of it as a liquefied yogurt drink! It is healthy, delicious and very dear to us,” Danilov said. “Kefir was a very popular drink in the former Soviet Union, especially in the Caucasus region republics. It is also gaining a wide popularity here in U.S.”

Danilov also hired a “talented interior designer” to help give TreatPetite its own feel. The plans aren’t finalized yet, but he said, like Arbuz, “it will still have coastal tones. We have chosen a boardwalk for our inspiration for design.”

Currently under construction, TreatPetite will be located at 61 Grove Street, on the corner of 7th Avenue. An update on the construction, and the expected grand opening, is in the works.