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We’ve been receiving an increasing number of complaints recently about the fruit vendors who hawk their goods underneath the subway stations at Sheephead Bay Road and Gravesend Neck Road. The latest, which comes with a photo, is from nolastname. Nolastname saw the vendors abandon their garbage, consisting of both empty boxes and cartons full of…


Yet another trucker learned a lesson in physics today, when his haul got wedged under the subway tracks at Avenue U around 12:45 p.m. Because of construction work being done around the station, the avenue is narrower and the truck is blocking both lanes of traffic. Does anyone else feel like these truckers (not all…


What’s a Sheepshead man to do when he gets on the subway after too many drinks in the city, only to discover that the Q train terminates at Pacific Street, forcing him to stumble through the labyrinthine passageways to another Q train to complete the trip? Well, the answer to that question is that I… er,…


When we heard the following news, we were certain it would be followed by a Notify NYC alert telling us to beware of low-flying pigs arriving from a frozen-over Hell. But no, none of that happened. And we’re happy to say that the Manhattan-bound platforms at Avenue U and Neck Road are now open -…

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A woman is presumed dead after she leaped into the path of a Coney Island-bound Q train at Kings Highway train station yesterday evening. In an apparent suicide attempt, an unidentified woman stepped in front of the train around 6:30 p.m. Onlookers screamed as the train approached. “I saw the jump … and pulled the…


It looks like repairs are getting off the ground for the Manhattan-bound local tracks at Sheepshead Bay train station, where weeds have overtaken the line. The MTA’s Division of Infrastruction Elevated Iron Fabrication crew was seen this morning putting up boards along the railing. A slew of new service announcements now plaster the walls of…


BrooklynQ sent in this photo of the newest art installment at the Gravesend Neck Road train station. Seeing this brings on one of those heartwarming moments where you’re oh-so-happy that they’re raising fares again so they can keep putting in new benches, and providing fresh canvases for Sheepshead Bay’s prolific artists. All righty, people… caption…


Although I’d say drivers should always avoid Sheepshead Bay Road, today there’s an extra reason. National Grid is on the scene just under the train station. They’re doing some minor work to the gas line and should be done relatively quickly, according to a worker. On the upside? Not an illegally parked livery cab in sight.

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