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Cops are looking for neighbors’ help locating two suspects who they say swiped three cell phones from a mobile store on December 19. The two suspects, described only as a male black and female black, pictured above, walked into Neovision Wireless at 1677 East 16th Street just after 3:30pm. While looking around, the two grabbed…

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Judging by the number of e-mails we’ve received this year, package thieves are ruining the Sheepshead Bay holiday season at a higher rate than usual. While most who’ve contacted us have asked for advice (spoiler: file a police report), reader Timur K. snatched a rare clear photo of the man who stole his delivery. For…

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Coppers are on the prowl for a villain of ritz and class who did indeed (allegedly) spy on a little old lady as she used an ATM at Kings Highway’s HSBC Bank, ultimately employing the ill-gotten information to steal $500 – presumably for more fresh threads and fly braids. According to officials, the suspect entered the 1602 Kings Highway bank…

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The chief financial officer of Manhattan-based nonprofit Aish HaTorah, Jacob Fetman, of Midwood, was charged yesterday with embezzling more than $237,000 from the international Jewish outreach organization through another non-profit under his control. According to District Attorney Ken Thompson’s office, Fetman routed the organization’s donations through three separate Aish bank accounts that he controlled. From November 2010…

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Car break-ins remain one of the biggest drivers of crime in the area. Thieves smashing car windows to steal sometimes as little as pennies from a cup holder are one of the reasons for the spike in crime recorded in the latest Compstat report from the 61st Precinct. While motorists should feel comfortable parking their car…

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A 57-year-old blind man walking with a white cane was robbed in broad daylight on Tuesday, and the thief made off with credit cards and approximately $1,000 in cash. The suspect followed the man down Ocean Avenue near Bay Avenue in Midwood, unknowingly passing by security cameras that filmed him pacing the victim while walking…

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