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When Grandpa’s Pizza Cafe opened up less than four months ago at 2224 Avenue U, I believed we had finally seen the end of the curse on a corner that has seen several unsuccessful businesses come and go. It had good reviews, the decor was nice, and there’s nary another pizzeria for several blocks.

Alas, no. I was wrong. Grandpa’s Pizza Cafe is now closed. According to an online listing, the owner held an auction for the equipment on May 14.

Grandpa’s opened in late January, replacing South Brooklyn Pizza, which had served up pies for less than a yearBefore South Brooklyn Pizza, there was Calabrese Pizza & Restaurant, which was also short-lived. Before that, there was Tai Yuan, which was open for only a few weeks. Tai Shan preceded that – again, surviving only a few months.

That brings us to six restaurants in five years. Maybe somebody ought to give to give a good bar a shot? Or we can always fall back on the local standards. Salon and cell phones, anybody?

Grandpa's Pizza Storefront

South Brooklyn Pizza opened in March 2013 and it was so new to the area that most of you probably won’t mourn the passing of the “pizzaiolo.”

A new pizzeria called Grandpa’s Pizza Cafe will take over the 2224 Avenue U storefront, and a sign says it’s “coming soon.”

We’ve wondered before if that corner location is cursed. Before South Brooklyn Pizza, there was Calabrese Pizza & Restaurant, which was also short-lived. Before that, there was Tai Yuan, which was open for only a few weeks. Tai Shan preceded that – again, surviving only a few months. By our count, it’s been five different businesses in as many years.

Thanks to Randy C. for sending us the photo and tip.

Photo by Arthur Borko

Calabrese Pizza & Restaurant is slated to begin serving up brick oven pizza at 2224 Avenue U very soon, it seems. The dough-tossers tossed up their signage just a few days ago.

We’re wishing them the best, because it seems like the storefront may be cursed. Remember Tai Yuan? Well, then you’ve got a good memory for short-lived businesses of total insignificance. They occupied the spot for just a few weeks before shutting down in April. And before that was Tai Shan, which lived a little longer, but still didn’t amount to more than a blip on the local gastronomical scene.

Good luck, Calabrese. The area needs some brick ovens, and hopefully you’ll wrangle a name for yourself as one of the few to service the niche. Then again, we also need some Thai…

It was just two and a half weeks ago that we told you about Tai Yuan replacing Tai Shan at 2224 Avenue U. But, passing by it yesterday, it doesn’t look like business has been going so well. And someone asked last week if they had closed down. Well, could this be the shortest a restaurant has ever existed?

Maybe not. This was tacked onto the gate. If only the missing piece of the puzzle were still there to clue us in.

You may remember Tai Shan, but then again, you may not. The short-lived Thai restaurant at 2224 Avenue U (and East 23rd Street) closed several months back before most people knew it even existed.

Well, fellow Thai lovers, rejoice! Like a phoenix rising from the ashes, only way less spectacular, Tai Yuan has recently opened on the location. With a menu of both Thai and Chinese favorites, the “Aisian” restaurant is aiming for the take-out crowd. We haven’t tried it yet, but we’d love to know if their Thai cuisine is any better than their spelling.