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Reader nolastname spotted this two days ago at Super Stop & Shop (1710 Avenue Y). It appears one of the neighborhood’s worst parking lots is taking another hit to its reputation. Anyone know what the heck happened here?

Super Stop and Shop buckets up.

If you need to make a trip to Super Stop and Shop (Avenue Y and East 18th Street), look out for the buckets and the slippery floors.

There are numerous leaks coming from the ceiling at the large store, prompting workers to place buckets and warning cones in at least four separate spots around the store. The usually unmarred drop ceiling is now marred with stains caused by the leaking water.

Let’s hope that the usually wide, dry aisles are dry again, soon — and that Super Stop and Shop gets the roof repairs done before the next snowstorm pummels us.

Until then, hold onto your egg carton.

stop and shop sidewalk repair sign nov 2009

The sidewalk is being repaired on Avenue Y near the corner of East 18th Street in front of Super Stop and Shop. Continue Reading »


Last week, we told you that management at the Super Stop & Shop supermarket is asking shoppers to let them know if they’ve seen shopping carts that have been removed from their lot and left around the neighborhood.

It seems that the APB sign was the final straw for this cart, because one early morning before the store had opened, this shopping cart was seen running away. It was fast-creeping backward, keeping eyes out for early bird workers who are now on high alert for jail breaks and trying to avoid a bullet in .

You could almost hear the panic in the heavy breathing of this escapee, as he backs away from the supermarket prison he’s called home all the years of his life. So engrossed on chasing freedom without a bullet in his back – while making sure that no one was on his trail – he didn’t notice that he was being photographed. The dawn light of what normally would have been a slow, summer shopping day was just bright enough to avoid a camera flash. When security realizes there’s been an escape, the search will be on.

As he turned around and entered the crosswalk rolling like he never rolled before, he looked up at the dawn sky and started singing the 1976 AC/DC (or was it Thin Lizzy?) song, Jailbreak:

Gonna make a jailbreak
And I’m lookin’ towards the sky
I’m gonna make a jailbreak
Oh, how I wish that I could fly
All in the name of liberty
All in the name of liberty
Got to be free
Jailbreak, let me out of here

When security realizes there’s been an escape, the search will be on. In the meantime, this cart’s rolling toward freedom!

(Lyrics courtesy of

(Photo by Stefanee Rivera)

Alert: We’re taking a break from our regular Shopping Cart Series to bring you this important message: An APB has been issued for all missing shopping carts.

Sheepshead Bay resident, Stefanee Rivera,  sent us this photograph of a sign posted at the Avenue Y Super Stop and Shop store.

The sign is a simple request for shoppers to be on the alert for stray shopping carts belonging to the store.

Photographer, Lisanne Anderson, also posted her signature-style picture of a similar sign on Flickr, with a note implying that the store’s request for people to be on the lookout for stray carts might be possibly due to our Shopping Cart Series.

One store supervisor we spoke with told us that he doesn’t read our blog. So, this sign might have been generated by another member of management simply based on the number of missing shopping carts.

While, we are more than willing to offer up any information about missing, misled, lost, indentured, enslaved, kidnapped (and possibly drugged) shopping carts around our neighborhood — we’re sure not feeling responsible for making Super Stop and Shop feel responsible. It’s more than likely that there really is a problem with our streets being littered with carts that ought to be safe at home, instead.

(Photo by Stefanee Rivera)

This Super Stop & Shop shopping cart was seen two blocks away from its home on Avenue Z and East 17 Street.

The cart has a wheel lock that keeps it from moving freely, so whoever abandoned it here must have had a difficult time getting it this far.

With the proliferation of supermarkets, stray shopping carts all over Sheepshead Bay will have some company while hanging out on the streets.

Correction: The shopping cart was seen on Avenue Y and East 19 Street, not on Avenue Z.

Someone locked this Value City Shopping Cart onto a young tree at the corner of Avenue Y and East 18 Street in front of the Super Stop & Shop supermarket parking lot.

Within the week, the same shopping cart still locked in place, was a dumping ground for an assortment of garbage and recylables. Inside the cart, there was a old school CRT computer monitor, boxes, and general refuse.

It looks like whoever illegally abandoned the shopping cart and whoever dumped the garbage illegally into the shopping cart didn’t feel like walking the extra few feet to the Super Stop & Shop lot to abandon the entire lot.

Aren’t those supposed to be sand barrels for putting out fires? Instead, people are using them to dump all sorts of goods. There was a blue, plastic tarp, bottles, coffee cups, house slippers, and a banana peel amongst the mess.

Value City is a furniture store in New Jersey, but for some reason the produce store on (near the car wash exit by Avenue Y) prefers to have Value City’s name on their carts.

(Photos by Ray Johnson)

It’s been a very busy day in Sheepshead Bay and Coney Island as Gothamist Maps listed the Breaking News. Before heading out to check out the stories, I remember also, seeing a listing that said someone fell onto the subway tracks at one of the Coney Island train stations. By the time, I checked a little later, the listing couldn’t be found, so if anyone has any information about a fatal fall onto the subway, please let us know.

The day seems to have started at about 4:10 a.m. with a water rescue at Emmons Ave & Knapp St, but a quick trip to the spot yielded very little information. So, we’re hoping that whoever got into that frigid water is all warm and dry, by now. If you’re reading this right now, drop us a little line and let us know.

See more about why today was such a busy day in and around Sheepshead Bay.
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