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Police & Fire The Subway location robbed at gunpoint on Feb. 16, 2015.

A Subway restaurant in Sheepshead Bay was robbed at gunpoint last night – but not before the perp got his cookie fix. The suspect entered the Subway location at 2486 Coney Island Avenue at 8:30pm last night and asked for three cookies, cops said. The thug paid for his cookies, but when the cashier opened the register, police say…


Manhattan Beach will be the site of the borough’s first publicly-accessible Subway Cafe, a new upscale concept that blends together a sandwich shop and a coffee bar. Subway’s local franchisee signed a lease for 1613 Oriental Boulevard, the former site of Quick Break Deli just outside the gates of Kingsborough Community College (2001 Oriental Boulevard). The 2,000-square-foot…


Everyone knows that you can lose weight by eating Subway sandwiches. But did you know if you get the right combination of bread, meat, cheese and condiments you can actually travel back in time? It’s true! Here’s the recipe: 9-grain honey oat bread, Monterey cheddar cheese, Black Forest ham, lettuce, LSD, red onions, jalapeños, meth and chipotle sauce. Don’t…