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Photo by Erica Sherman

Gravesend Cat Friends, a Trap Neuter Return (TNR) group working to combat pet over-population and the stray cat problem in Southern Brooklyn, invites you to hear TNR expert Peter Szalaiko of Ferals in Peril deliver a presentation, October 16, 6:30 p.m. at the Kings Highway Library, 2115 Ocean Avenue near the intersection of Avenue P and Kings Highway.

Szalaiko and Gravesend Cats are also inviting neighbors to help trap 25 or more cats.

Perhaps Ned’s cat lady should attend. Or maybe she should be caught and neutered. Whatevs.

To learn more, call Susan Bercaw at (646) 708-3333 or email

Worried about Mercedes, the poor little kitten who was stuck in a car engine on Ocean Parkway a few weeks ago?

The video above shows that Mercedes, who was rescued and adopted by Antonio Rosario, is playing around and enjoying her new home. Life With Cats says that she is  feeling fine.

After the rescue, Rosario took Mercedes to the vet and discovered she had conjunctivitis and some other minor issues. However, she fortunately was not suffering from any serious illnesses. After resting and eating well, Mercedes has recovered and appears to be enjoying her new home.

The video, taken by Rosario, shows Mercedes running around the house, kicking and chasing a small purple ball. Much better than squealing and crying, squished up in a hot car engine don’t you think?


Mercedes and me

The adorable kitten in the picture above was rescued from the engine of a car on Tuesday and adopted by her savior, who made her a star by telling the story over on his blog.

Antonio Rosario, the small kitten’s savior, and his wife Elizabeth were cruising down Ocean Parkway towards Brighton Beach, when Antonio, who was in the passenger’s seat, suddenly heard what he believed to be a cat’s cry. When they stopped at a red light, he heard the the poor little cry again.

“I look out behind me and out the window and in the adjacent lane is see a Mercedes s550 with its left front turn signal light missing from the housing,” Antonio posted on his blog. “In this housing is the little face of a kitten crying.”

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The following is a message from Neighborhood Cats, “the feral cat experts.”

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Cat Murderer On The Loose

Photo by Lisanne Anderson

We were hearing reports all day yesterday about these signs, which went up for several blocks around the Petco at Avenue Y and East 16th Street.

It does appear someone is going after local strays, so if you’ve got a pet cat who likes the outdoors, it might be a good idea to keep it inside for the next couple of weeks.

We’ve also heard all the strays at the former gas station on Avenue Z and East 16th are gone. One person yesterday told us they feared they were all dead, but another reader informed us that a friend of hers had rescued three kittens from the location. A fourth was dead. She is now looking for homes for the kitties, so speak up if you’re interested.

As the sign notes, there is a $2,500 reward for information leading to the arrest of anyone poisoning cats. To file a report, contact the Humane Law Enforcement of the ASPCA at (212) 876-7700 x4450.

A family of stray cats are staking a claim to the garage and attached lot on the corner of Avenue Z and East 16th Street. A group with similar patterns have been seen stalking the grounds, poking through garbage for scraps, and sitting in the sun.

We caught these photos on Tuesday. They’re of two separate cats. They’re pretty handsome, but that doesn’t mean they’re exactly welcome in the neighborhood.

As for the lot – a former garage – it’s been closed for years. It’s a pretty large stretch of space, but we’ve heard whispers that the landlord wants an absurd amount of cash. On top of that, underground fuel tanks have leaked, we’re told, requiring the next owner to clean up before building.

It’s a shame. A bookstore or other business would find that spot purrrfect.

Yeah… I said it.