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Source: David Monniaux via Wikimedia Commons

Fruit, nature’s oldest weapon, struck again yesterday when an enraged customer at the Avenue Y Stop & Shop is accused of hurling avocados at a defenseless employee, according to a report by the New York Daily News.

Joe Testa, the 45-year-old crazed grocery patron, allegedly bruised the face of a female Stop & Shop employee after an intense argument broke out around 3 p.m. He was charged with a misdemeanor assault following his attack.

The employee was taken to Lutheran Medical Center where she was treated for bruising. She was later released.

Now… how do we fit an “Orange you glad he didn’t use a durian fruit?” joke in here?

Source: Simone Weichselbaum via Twitter

What would you do if you encountered a white supremacist in Sheepshead Bay? Would you walk away? Would you pick a fight? Or would you try to engage him and change his mind?

Keep reading to find out what one local did, what business employs a white supremacist and some musings on how to stop the hate.

Source: Feldco Development

The 88,000-square-foot lot that houses Super Stop & Shop (1710 Avenue Y) has sold for $28.5 million, netting the largest price tag for real estate in the history of Sheepshead Bay.

The property was sold by Connecticut-based real estate firm Feldco Development to a Florida-based LLC named Sands Brook, according to a report in The Real Deal.

The property includes the 54,000-square-foot, one story building with an outdoor parking lot.

Those worrying this might mean the end of another local supermarket following the demise of Pathmark on Nostrand Avenue need not worry, as Stop & Shop renewed their lease in 2005, securing its presence until 2030. The supermarket also holds ten 5-year renewal options, extending its presence through 2080. Stop & Shop opened in 1992.

The sale shatters all previous real estate records for the area, including the 23-year reigning record-holder: the Atlantic Towers Apartment Corp. on Avenue Z and East 13th Street, which sold in 1988 for $25 million. It also trumped the latest large-ticket sales in Sheepshead Bay: the 2008 deals for Loehmann’s Seaport Plaza ($24 million) and the proposed Station Plaza site on Sheepshead Bay Road ($20 million).

On a side note, the future Marshalls location across the street was touted as part of the marketing materials for the property, showing the growth of commercial developments in the area. Station Plaza – which appears to have halted development before it even began – was not mentioned.

Clarification: When the supermarket opened in 1992, it was not yet named Stop & Shop. I believe it opened as Finest, which then became Edwards, and finally Stop & Shop. However, for all intents and purposes of identifying the tenant, all three are the same and the name changes were merely casualties of chains swallowing up chains – not different entities.

Just days after the last of the businesses on the lot shuttered, contractors have placed fencing around the future home of a Marshalls department store.

We broke the news back in January that the lot at 1611 Avenue Y, between East 16th Street and East 17th Street, would be swallowed up by the retailer. The developer has plans to construct a 27,292 square foot, one-story department store. The fencing went up last week, but real construction isn’t expected to begin until the summer. We’re told the opening date probably would not be until 2012 or 2013, and they’re hoping to include a rooftop parking lot.

The development means that four local businesses, three of which have been open for decades, shuttered to accommodate the development: Golden Touch Car Wash, Gulf gas station, KR & S Auto Service and the fruit and vegetable market on East 16th Street. The last of the businesses were out as May rolled in.

sheepshead bay marshalls

1611 Avenue Y - The future site of Marshalls' Sheepshead Bay branch.

The rumor mill has been churning for months, but Sheepshead Bites has finally confirmed that Marshalls department store will open near the heart of Sheepshead Bay – but additional traffic could upset neighbors.

The 27,292 square foot, one-story department store will be constructed at 1611 Avenue Y, between East 16th Street and East 17th Street. A source close to the deal told Sheepshead Bites that construction will begin over the summer, but the opening date probably would not be until 2012 or 2013. The source added that the property will likely include a rooftop parking lot.

Four local businesses, three of which have been open for decades, are shuttering to accommodate the development: Golden Touch Car Wash, Gulf gas station, KR & S Auto Service and the fruit and vegetable market on East 16th Street.

Keep reading for more details, reactions from the business owners and see potential traffic problems.

Reader nolastname spotted this two days ago at Super Stop & Shop (1710 Avenue Y). It appears one of the neighborhood’s worst parking lots is taking another hit to its reputation. Anyone know what the heck happened here?

Over on this week’s open thread, Supafly10579 asked how to keep the bottle collectors out of her yard. This, of course, spurred a discussion that’s come up a few times before in the comments – i.e. readers think these people are a nuisance.

Someone linked to the video above, which shows one of these bottle collectors locked in a fierce argument with a customer service employee at Stop & Shop. She is being banned because she places labels from returnable bottles on nonreturnable bottles, bilking the store out of money.

Keep reading for our thoughts on bottle collectors, and weigh in on what you think the authorities should do.

Sidewalks repaired, new tree mulch, garbage remains.

It was back in November when we first told you about the sidewalk repairs being done at Super Stop and Shop on Avenue Y and East 18th Street.

The work seemed to be progressing at a swift pace, but then it kept expanding all the way to the above ground parking entrance ramp. Just when it looked like repairs were finally done, there were at least four sand barrels with leftover caution tape taking up valuable parking space on East 18th Street.

The barrels had become unsightly spots for illegal dumping as you can see from the picture below. The barrels are now removed and the sidewalk construction appears to be done, with the area around the young trees filled in with black mulch cover and some more litter.

See sand barrel, see garbage.