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The restaurant formerly known as W – located at 2812 Ocean Avenue and Avenue X – has changed its name to Le Bouchon. It’s got new owners to boot.

We’re not quite sure why the old owners decided to bail, and calls to the restaurant went unanswered. But from what we can gather with a little online research, the new guys bought into the place at the end of 2009. They kept up with the W brand until just a few weeks ago, when the new sign went up.

Just as W did, they’re pushing French and steakhouse food at upscale prices. Though we haven’t tried the food there, our favorite thing on the new menu is the “Galamâ” – a gussied up spelling of the Brooklynese pronunciation of calamari. Cute.

Thanks to Arthur Borko and BrooklynQ for the tip.

Before the neighborhood had Applebee’s, before we had T.G.I. Fridays, and before Coldstone Creamery, there was Beefsteak Charlie’s.

Over on Facebook, we’ve been reminiscing about the nearly-forgotten metropolitan chain since I brought it up yesterday. For those too young or too new to the area to remember, Beefsteak Charlie’s was a steakhouse across the street from Waldbaum’s on the corner of Shore Parkway and Ocean Avenue. Back then, you could get unlimited salad, unlimited shrimp, bottomless pitchers of beer, and endless platters of ribs for way under $20.00.

For me, it was the go-to restaurant of choice. My three brothers and I ate off the kids menu and gobbled down shrimp from the salad bar. It’s probably the first place I ever had a shrimp, a rib, or a sip of beer.

It shut down in the mid- to late-90s, one of the last of 60+ locations. There are still two locations in Manhattan and one on Long Island, but it’s unknown if they have any relationship to the chain that sprung out of the Manhattan restaurant first opened in 1910.

Here’s to you, Beefsteak…