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Tzipporah Simon being interviewed about her vote by BIT.

The following post is published in partnership with B Civil, Brooklyn Independent Television’s online political portal.

Polls opened at 6:00 a.m. today, and the first round of voters have already pulled the lever at their local voting site.

Poll workers at the St. Mark School poll site (2602 East 19th Street) told Sheepshead Bites that it’s been a quiet morning with few problems – and few voters. As of 10:15 a.m., turnout was beginning to increase.

Tzipporah Simon of Sheepshead Bay was one of the first to pull the lever there this morning.

“I voted for Theresa Scavo. I think that when she was a Community Board leader, she was passionate and remained passionate,” Simon said.

The choice was more difficult in the mayoral elections, Simon said.

“For Mayor, I was kind of undecided. I made a begrudging choice. Mayor is a tough call this year,” she said.

In contrast to the calm scene at St. Mark School, a reader tells us the I.S. 381 (1599 East 22nd Street) polling site in Midwood is chaotic.

“I was sent to the wrong table, there was poll worker confusion,” our reader said. “No superviser was sent to train the workers.”

He said when he finally tried to vote his machine was broken, which spurred an argument with poll workers. Police pulled him aside to calm him down, and moments later a poll worker came over to ask when his break would be.

Please e-mail tips [at] sheepsheadbites [dot] com as you vote and tell us about the conditions at your voting site.

Polls are open until 9:00 p.m. tonight. You can find your polling site here.

This post is published in partnership with B CivilBrooklyn Independent Television’s online political portal. BIT producer Natasha Gaspard will be sending on-the-ground updates to Sheepshead Bites throughout the day from various polling sites in an effort to keep readers informed of polling conditions, and remind them to vote.

It’s with a heavy heart and empty stomach that we’re forced to announce that Grillin’ On The Bay and the Brooklyn Chili Smackdown have been canceled for 2013.

The event, New York City’s only sanctioned barbecue contest, is another unfortunate victim of the ravages of Hurricane Sandy. While we worked hard – specifically, event organizer and Sheepshead Bites business manager Robert Fernandez worked hard – to get the event off the ground with a much shorter planning period than usual, a number of last minute challenges could not be overcome.

Initially, we were very optimistic, and Robert even began planning a number of extra features for the public to enjoy at the event. But the core – the grilling competition itself – confronted unexpected hurdles.

Many teams who have participated in the past were badly affected by the storm and unable to compete this year. In previous years we’ve seen approximately 20 teams coming from as far as Maine and Ohio – but many of these teams lived in areas swallowed up by the waters, winds and ferocity of Hurricane Sandy. We were able to secure less than half of the usual suspects – not enough to justify moving forward.

Furthermore, businesses in the area that supported us in past years are financially unable to do so as they struggle to rebuild. My thoughts and prayers are with them, the teams and our neighbors as we all try to get back to the new normal.

Without the teams, the event was a nonstarter, and the problem was compounded when our host informed us earlier this week of a paperwork problem that stood in the way of obtaining a necessary permit.

We do plan on bringing Grillin’ On The Bay and the Brooklyn Chili Smackdown back next year. We also plan on launching some exciting new features to the event that we had hoped to see this year – including a VIP tasting event and bourbon pairing, cooking demonstrations and more.

Our thanks go to all those in the neighborhood who showed support this year and in previous years, those of you who gave us tremendous feedback and spread the word to friends.

Our thanks also go to Bill Fletcher and Fletcher’s Brooklyn Barbecue for offering to sponsor the event, and for going above and beyond to make the contest happen. Fletcher and his head chef Matt Fisher are producing the best barbecue in New York right now. Please be sure to visit the new restaurant at 433 Third Avenue in the Gowanus section of Brooklyn. It’s worth a trip from anywhere.

Thanks also to the Brooklyn Brewery for their sponsorship of beer, both for the team and the public; and to Breuckelen Distilling for the sponsorship of whiskeys for the event.

Thanks to Michelle, Sandy, Terry, Andy and all the folks at the New England Barbecue Society for all their work supporting Grillin’ On The Bay.

We’ll see you there in 2014, and if there’s anything you’d like to see happen at next year’s contest, please let us know!

It’s back. New York City’s original barbecue and grilling contest is back, and so is the chili!

Come on out to Grillin’ On The Bay and the Brooklyn Chili Smackdown.

Saturday, March 23, 2013, at 10:00 a.m., the gates will open and thousands of hungry Sheepshead Bay residents  to a score of barbecue teams working their meats. Once the teams have got our neighbors salivating, visitors will get to feast on the award-winning barbecue of Three Men And A Baby Back, who just happened to win first place in Grilling at the Jack Daniels Invitational World Championship 2012.

But we’re not stopping there – check out the amazing ribs from Brooklyn’s newest barbecue joint,  Fletcher’s Brooklyn Barbecue!

Still not satisfied?

Join in our People’s Choice Chili Smackdown. For only $10 you can sample and judge from some of the most outrageous chili every offered up in Brooklyn. You choose the winner of this contest!

Need something to wash it all down? What’s a barbecue without beer and bourbon?

Spend some time among the barbecue teams as they vie for cash, prizes, the New England Barbecue Society’s Team of the Year placement and the chance to compete at the world’s biggest and baddest barbecue contest, The World Food Championship in Las Vegas, Nevada! You may even spot a few people you’ve seen on the Food Network!

Don’t forget, Grillin’ On The Bay helps support St. Mark School in our own Sheepshead Bay.  Help one of our neighborhood’s oldest institutions recover after Superstorm Sandy! The event is free, but do a little shopping with our vendors and buy some food! And there will be many, many other surprises. Check it out.

Grillin’ On The Bay and the Brooklyn Chili Smackdown – Saturday, March 23, 2013 – Corner of Avenue Z and East 18th Street – rain or shine.

Pictured with City Councilman Domenic Recchia (second from right) are, from left, Genesis Lodge members Lewis, Allan Greenberg, David Stanger, and Jeffrey Freese.

We received a post-“Shake A Can” update from our friend Errol Lewis, Past Chancellor from the Genesis Lodge of the Knights of Pythias, who informs us that the event they held benefiting victims of Hurricane Sandy was a success.

The Pythians collected food, money, clothing, and more at the Pathmark Supermarket, 2965 Cropsey Avenue off of the Belt Parkway, to help out the people and communities that were impacted by Hurricane Sandy.

The Genesis Lodge, affiliated with the largest and oldest non-sectarian fraternal organization in the world, meets on the second and fourth Wednesday of every month at the St. Mark School, 2602 East 19th Street.

For further information, contact Lewis at (718) 375-9229 or via email at

Source: Squidoo

The Genesis Lodge of the Knights of Pythias is holding a “Shake A Can” event this Saturday, November 10 from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. at the Pathmark Supermarket, 2965 Cropsey Avenue off of the Belt Parkway (situated directly behind the Parkside Diner).

The lodge, affiliated with the largest and oldest non-sectarian fraternal organization in the world, will be collecting food, money, clothing, and more to help out the people and communities that are in need.

The group meets on the second and fourth Wednesday of every month at the St. Mark School, 2602 East 19th Street.

For further information, contact Genesis Lodge Past Chancellor Errol Lewis (not related in any way to the host of Inside City Hall, Errol Louis) at (718) 375-9229 or via email at

My voting station was busier than I’ve ever seen it at my usual mid-day voting time – a time I choose to go because it’s usually empty.

Not so today; voters were lined up inside St. Mark School’s gymnasium (East 18th Street and Avenue Z), where many voters from blocks hard hit by the flooding near Sheepshead Bay Road are assigned to cast their ballot.

A poll worker told us that turnout has so far been great – all things considered – and that it has been an uneventful day in terms of complications.

Reader Auxil B. noted the same at his polling site:

I voted a while ago at the Kings Bay Y and it was active but uneventful. Everyone and everything was working well and the wait period was very brief to get a privacy booth. There was no wait for scanning. I was voter 100, which is well above the number I register in some off year primarites but I think a tad lower than in the Turner vs. Weprin special election a while ago.

Another reader, Celeste L., reports the same, though we’re waiting to hear back on which polling site she was assigned to:

I voted at 6:10 AM and was the first in my district. I saw no problems but the turnout was not yet heavy.

How has your voting experience been today? We especially want to hear from you if you were in a relocated site due to Hurricane Sandy?

Although much attention has been paid locally to the problems in Gerritsen Beach and Coney Island/Seagate, few initiatives have kicked off to help those in that hard hit stretches of Sheepshead Bay, Plumb Beach, Brighton Beach and Manhattan Beach.

Now, though, new collection points, recovery funds and housing initiatives have surfaced in those neighborhoods, and they’re looking for your help in helping neighbors in need:

  • St. Mark Roman Catholic School: The school has kicked off a collection drive for congregants, families of students, and those who live around the institution at 2602 East 19th Street, off of Avenue Z. A list of needs can be found here. Call (718) 332-9304 for more information. (Also, school remains closed as they continue to grapple with power and heat issues.)
  • Congregation Israel of Kings Bay: The synagogue is accepting donations for victims of Hurricane Sandy that are members of or live near the institution. They’re primarily seeking financial assistance.  You may bring in and/or mail checks made to: Cong Israel of Kings Bay, 3903 Nostrand Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11235. Please write “Hurricane Fund” on the memo line. For more information, call Rabbi Winner at (718) 934-5176 or e-mail In addition to financial donations, other needs include sump pumps, mops, handymen, and those willing to open their homes to victims who’ve lost their houses, or are without heat and hot water.
  • Flatbush Shomrim: In addition to extensive recovery efforts throughout Sheepshead Bay, Manhattan Beach and Brighton Beach, the shomrim is organizing a clothing drive at 2294 Nostrand Avenue. Call (917) 710-5112. The group is also looking for people with heat and hot water to open their homes to those who do not have heat as the cold weather moves in. If you’re willing to do so, e-mail, and include how much space you have available.
  • Millennium Development/Bergen Beach Youth Organization - Okay, it’s not Sheepshead Bay, but it is serving as one of few nearby warming centers for those without heat. The group is currently sorting items and distributing them as they hear of needs for specific sizes and items. Drop offs for those giving, or pick ups for those in need can go to the JM Community Center at 2335 Bergen Avenue. If you need more information, or want to make a request for assistance, call  (718) 444-0101 x 115.

We’re still waiting to hear details on other efforts, so please check back often. And, if you know of a place collecting donations or providing assistance, please leave details in the comments.

Photo: Crab and Brisket Burger by Smoke in da Eye

They tell me  you could smell the smoke from Grillin’ on the Bay at the train station on Saturday. I still smell like smoke; mixing and mingling with barbecue teams will do that to you. I like it.

Saturday’s Grillin’ on the Bay proved to be another great neighborhood event. About 1,500 people showed up to sample ribs, pulled pork parfaits, grilled burgers and hot dogs and imbibe some hops while cheering on the cooks.

Navigating the schoolyard with its vendors and teams proved to be an interesting experience. Three Men and a Baby Back were selling ribs,  pulled pork sandwiches, corn bread and soda. The school itself was selling hamburgers, hot dogs, pickles, snacks and soda. Befriend the teams and be in the right place at the right time and you could have eaten free. Timing is everything in life.

By mid-afternoon, the schoolyard was packed with teams and people poking around to taste the “left overs” as teams handed out tastes of their “rejects”, or the food not good enough to submit to the judges. One team, The Smoke’n Pit put out full trays of ribs and chicken wings for the public to sample. More than one person exclaimed in delight and wonderment, “If these are rejects, imagine what the judges are eating!”

Find out more about the event, and view the photo gallery of all the scrumptious foods!

Bayback Ribs - GOTB 2011 - Source: James Boo/

It’s back! On Saturday, March 24, NYC’s only BBQ contest, Grillin’ On The Bay returns to Sheepshead Bay. Twenty barbecue teams will fight for the title of NYC’s best barbecuer. Chili cooks will battle it out in the Brooklyn Chili Smack Down, a people’s choice event.

We heard your cry – THERE WILL BE BARBECUE FOR SALE!!! I’m being told that the award winning team of Three Men and a Babyback, (Babyback? Get it? Babybacks are a type of pork ribs), will be selling pork ribs, pulled pork sandwiches and returning with the pulled pork parfaits that were so popular last year. The three men will start serving at 11:00 am.

BBQ too heavy for you? The school will be grilling up hamburgers, hot dogs and maybe a few surprises.

The Brooklyn Chili Smack Down kicks off at 1:00 pm. Last year we had 25 different chili’s for you to try.  For only $10, you, yes you, the people of Brooklyn, get to try it all and choose the winner of the The Brooklyn Chili Smack Down.  This is democracy at its finest.

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From our friends at the Bay Improvement Group:

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