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Marine J & L Pizzeria opened recently at 3033 Avenue V, replacing what was the second location of Sofia Pizza, which opened in late 2010.

We’re not quite sure how long this has been open, having just been spotted by reader nolastname. However, the Health Department inspected the place in March, so the new owners have been operating the location since then at the very least.

Business must be going well at Sofia Pizza Restaurant (2822 Coney Island Avenue), which we deemed a serious competitor to local stalwarts like Del Mar Pizzeria and Bay Pizzeria shortly after they opened.

The year-old pizza joint is opening a second location, aptly named Sofia Pizza II, at 3033 Avenue V. Employees of the original location said that the owners are waiting for some paperwork to clear before they can open, and it could be anywhere from a few days to weeks.

We’ll call it the Bites Bump (Eat your heart out, Colbert!).

Thanks to Arthur Borko for the photo and tip.