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Roy’s Sheepshead Bicycle Shop (2679 Coney Island Avenue) is expanding, having taken over their next door neighbor’s storefront.

The new wing will open in early May, the business’ owner told us, and will be a showroom exclusively for Cannondale Bicycles equipment and merchandise. Cannondale helped pay for the expansion and set up of the new location.

The owner tells us that by securing the new location and moving all their Cannondale products there, they’ll be able to expand their lineup of other manufacturers’ products in the main store.

Congrats to Roy’s Sheepshead Bicycle Shop, one of the city’s oldest and most respected cycling establishments.

It took just hours after State Senator Carl Kruger resigned for his name to be scrubbed from signage on his district office at 2201 Avenue U, and now, two and a half months later, the sign fixtures themselves have been stripped from the building.

A crew of workers arrived on the scene today taking down what little remained: a blanked-out sign with the State Senate seal, address and a small line that marked it as a community office of the State Senate. The office, though, is still open with staffers on hand to provide assistance to neighbors.

The workers also hit the Friends of Carl campaign office around the corner, leaving quite the desolate sight:

The following is a press release from the offices of State Senator Marty Golden:

State Senator Martin J. Golden (R-C-I, Brooklyn) today is announcing that the Department of Transportation is giving attention to two areas of concern related to parking signs in Gerritsen Beach.

Senator Golden has received notification that through his bringing it to the attention of the Department of Transportation, a No Standing Anytime sign, outside a closed physical therapist has been removed. The sign, which has now been removed from in front of 2408 Gerritsen Avenue, was causing the issuance of wrongful parking summonses. The sign was originally requested for the purposes of ambulance and ambulette transport to and from the physical therapist which closed in 2008.

Senator Golden has also received notice from the Department of Transportation that they will be replacing No Standing Anytime signs across from the Gerritsen Beach Volunteer Fire Department, located at 52 Seba Avenue, in an effort to provide access and parking for the Department’s fire truck and ambulance. Since the signs were incorrectly removed and cars have parked there, the emergency vehicles have had a difficult time getting into and out of the garage when responding to calls. The signs will be replaced by the end of March.

Senator Marty Golden stated, “I thank the Department of Transportation for their attention to both of these matters. It is important that we make sure that our parking signs are up to date so to guarantee a greater quality of life for all residents of Gerritsen Beach.”


The restaurant at 1705 Sheepshead Bay Road formerly known as Wheeler’s and then became Wheelers is now once again Wheeler’s!

Ah, Wheelers, we hardly knew ye. I mean, you only existed for three months. And, mom was probably afraid to tell you this, but you were totally an accident.

When Wheelers – er, Wheeler’s? – upgraded to a new sign and awning in November, a little snafu caused the apostrophe, which indicates this bar is the property of Wheeler and not just named Wheelers, got lost in the mix. After three months of looking for it – bam! Found it! – it was mounted yesterday, bringing us back to the name we’ve been familiar with since 1979.

Readers of Sheepshead Bites might be surprised to learn that some people still pay for news. Not only that, this news is actually printed (yes, printed!) on sheets of pulped, chemical-laden murdered trees! They kill trees to produce news for you to pay for! Injustice!

Well, one such place that sells these antique news delivery systems is Just In Time Pharmacy at 2126 Knapp Street. And the buggers have found that a bunch of fools who think paper grows on trees (wait, huh?) are just taking them! Without paying for them! Paying for the news! They didn’t pay for the news!

Be still, my beating heart. Though nothing could be so tragic as the idea that citizens could be coerced  to pay – to pay for news! – through tricks originating from the most deviant, obscene recesses of a publisher’s dark, insipid mind – yes, though all of this may be true in its own sick, twisted way – we take comfort. We take comfort in the fact that a lone hero stands on the side of citizens and democracy, providing information daily and for free. Yes, a hero, a media messiah, if you will, which may one day perish for all publishers’ sins (and they, believe it, are many), for now rides high on the horizon, casting the warm, comforting glow of knowledge upon its unappreciative public at no charge.

And, yet, there are scoundrels who steal by forcing those to pay – to pay for news! – and then there are those scoundrels, in turn, thieving from the thieves. Who here is the greater villain? Who is the douchiest douche of them all?

Oh, right, the dog walkers and bicyclists who are stealing from a locally-owned small business. That’s pretty douchey.

Photo and tip courtesy of Rob S.

Finally, a commercial tenant in the perennially plagued building at 1702 Avenue Z!

Studio 21 has opened on the second floor of the mixed-use structure, and the sign was placed last week, adding some much needed color to its otherwise cold facade.

Wondering what Studio 21 is? We were, too. We thought maybe it was the new name for the building, which would’ve been pretty damn funny because of how tacky – and how Sheepshead Bay – that would’ve been.

But, no, instead it’s an interior design and imported furniture business. They’ve been around for 17 years, according to their website, and Google lists their old address in Sunset Park.

Welcome to the neighborhood, guys, and best of luck. You’ll need it, considering your new home is managed by the same people selling “professional suits,” forgetting to install garages, locking people in during their open houses, and, generally, just scaring off other potential commercial tenants.


This sign has been laying on the Avenue Z sidewalk – between East 14th Street and East 15th Street – for more than two weeks. We don’t know what caused it to fall, but we are trying to figure out what the hold-up in repairing it is. Any ideas? Know of any other signs in need of repair?

Capella Salon at 1660 Sheepshead Bay Road got a new sign today. The old sign, which was taken down last week, said Capella Salon & Day Spa. Does that mean no more spa?

Photo and tip by ShadowLock.

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Longtime readers of Sheepshead Bites should know that I love – LOVE! – the sort of marketing that relies almost exclusively on superlatives, especially when the words used stand in stark contrast to reality.

Take, for example, the “most luxurious day care center” that, unfortunately, never bothered with the luxury of getting its employees proper background checks or certification. Or the luxury condos built right across the street from one of the city’s worst housing projects. Or the medical offices best suited for Dr. James Bond (actually, that one was pretty luxurious), or the “Imperial” class seating on Transaero flights that led us to ask if this kind of marketing is specifically targeted to Russians, and why.

We may never know the answer to that last question, but there’s no doubt that there’s an obsession in our neighborhood with marketing things as luxurious, gourmet or deluxe. And, occasionally, you get one that just jams a bunch of words together, like the marketing for 2409 Avenue Z, the old Tre Fratelli space.

Yes, “Super luxury oversized condos” are for sale there, with such amenities as, um, balconies, and, er, “automatic parking” – whatever that means.

In reality, the space is kind of small. It’s a triangular three-story building, with the first floor used for retail and parking (the “automatic parking” appears to be a car elevator, which actually seems more obnoxious than opulent). And, unless the plans have changed since we first reported on it in July 2010, those two floors of residential are broken up into five units.

So… what’s so Super Luxury Oversized about that? Well, I guess it sounds better than “Glorified Closet-Sized Apartments of Mediocrity .”

In totally unrelated news, Sheepshead Bites is proud to announce that we have eliminated our advertising and sponsorship packages and are now offering “Uber Luxurious, Premier Deluxe-ified Grand Gourmet Advertising Opportunities on our Palatial Webmansion, Paired with Sensual, Posh Sponsorship Opportunities.” Click here for details.

Opulance. We has it.

What was once Wheeler’s is now Wheelers, reflecting America’s disillusionment with apostrophes. Sorry, I meant to say “Americas disillusionment…”

The venerable bar and grill at 1705 Sheepshead Bay Road took down their rather defeated-looking sign last week, replacing it with a classy black sign with gold-embossed lettering, a new awning, and a fresh paint job along the front.

Looking good, Wheeler’s – er, Wheelers. Looking good…

Photos by Eli.

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