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More Street Sales Tomorrow!

When I posted yesterday’s piece about the Ford Street yard/garage sale, I had this nagging feeling that I was forgetting something. In addition to the Ford Street sale, there’s going to be an Oxford Street sale – also a block long – and a sidewalk sale.

On Saturday, May 15, residents a throwing a street wide garage sale on Oxford Street in Manhattan Beach. All are invited to sample wares, compare prices and buy stuff.

In addition to the two yard sales, Sheepshead Bay fixture The Learning Wheel is having their annual sidewalk sale. From test prep materials to toys and games, The Learning Wheel is offering up steep discounts. Located at 1514 Avenue Z, the sale is both Saturday and Sunday from noon to 4 p.m.

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The original title for this post was, Secret Sheepshead Bay Road Flea Market Exposed — but, that would have left you all saying, “There’s no flea market on Sheepshead Bay Road.”

Actually, there is a flea market on Sheepshead Bay Road — just that it’s also nearer to Coney Island than it is to Sheepshead Bay. Yes, folks, Sheepshead Bay Road is a cut-up road, with one piece of it way over by the Department of Motor Vehicles, near the McDonald’s fast food restaurant.

The flea market is run by Metro Festival Productions and it is just that — quite a production — with sales in five locations in Brooklyn and a few in Manhattan. This whole production is put on so that Southern Brooklynites who don’t want to trudge up and down on the subways with their purchases, can find some real goodies right in their own neighborhood. Continue Reading »