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Photos by Erica Sherman

Now bereft of my local Pathmark supermarket since April 15, and having to travel a mile on public transportation to get to Waldbaum’s, or be a lazybutt and order groceries from the wildly expensive Fresh Direct, this photo I shot last week reminds me of the almost prophetic words of Councilman Lew Fidler who, in February, after it was announced that the store at 3785 Nostrand Avenue would shutter, remarked: “I want you to picture for a second what Nostrand Avenue would look like if that Pathmark was gone.”

Let us pause as we take it all in.

While Nostrand Avenue between Avenue Y and Avenue Z pretty much looks as it always does, it is impossible to ignore the elephant in the room — the vacant, decaying monstrosity from where I used to purchase my food, whose windows across the street I now feel boring holes into my conscience, like the desperate, longing eyes of a Somalian child, whenever I pass by. There were days when I went shopping that that Pathmark’s aisles were so bustling, lines at the cashier so jammed, that a flash mob could have easily coalesced to recreate Cecille B. DeMille’s Battle of Actium scene in Cleopatra. And now this big, empty place is nothing more than a shell, whose entryway is pathetically littered with discarded trash and errant piles of circulars.

Keep reading Erica’s homage to Pathmark, and view more of her stunning photos of the vacant storefront.

Sporty cart. (Photo by Ray Johnson)

They said they would take me to Edward R. Murrow High School (1600 Avenue L). They got me all excited about the fancy ballfield across the street.

I was thinking I could get involved with some sports and other extracurricular activities, in between my academic activities. They were thinking they would use me to cart all these bats and sports equipment. The only activity I get is when the coach rolls me from the locked room behind the gym across the street to the playfield. That brings a whole new meaning to the phrase “honor roll”.

Sometimes, they bring out my other shopping cart friends (sorry, no pic, ‘cuz the coach wouldn’t allow it) and all three of us cart the equipment out. Those two other schleps said that they were told they were going to participate in PSAL, but, there’s no PSAL sports, here!

So, we just keep goin’ on ‘dis honor roll’ and try to be good sports about it.

shopping cart manh bch display window

This stray shopping cart (look on the left) is junior-sized, like the ones usually seen at variety and convenience stores. At first, we could barely see it, hiding in the corner by the wall of this glass-enclosed atrium.

No, it’s not a display in the American Museum of Natural History. It’ not a zoo exhibit, either. This interesting enclave of nature was found in Manhattan Beach in an apartment building’s main entrance on West End Avenue.

Hey, if you were a young, scared runaway cart, isn’t that where you would want to hide out?

shopping cart may09 e19st

This stray shopping cart was caught driving on the grass, as if it knows it’s in the wrong, thinking, “Hey, I’m gray. That car’s gray. Maybe, if I stay still, I’ll be camouflaged and they won’t notice me. Oh, no. That circular’s gonna be the death of me.” Then, in a final realization and breaking down in tears, “Do whatever want to me, just don’t take me back to Waldbaum’s…”

This Super Stop & Shop shopping cart was seen two blocks away from its home on Avenue Z and East 17 Street.

The cart has a wheel lock that keeps it from moving freely, so whoever abandoned it here must have had a difficult time getting it this far.

With the proliferation of supermarkets, stray shopping carts all over Sheepshead Bay will have some company while hanging out on the streets.

Correction: The shopping cart was seen on Avenue Y and East 19 Street, not on Avenue Z.

Someone locked this Value City Shopping Cart onto a young tree at the corner of Avenue Y and East 18 Street in front of the Super Stop & Shop supermarket parking lot.

Within the week, the same shopping cart still locked in place, was a dumping ground for an assortment of garbage and recylables. Inside the cart, there was a old school CRT computer monitor, boxes, and general refuse.

It looks like whoever illegally abandoned the shopping cart and whoever dumped the garbage illegally into the shopping cart didn’t feel like walking the extra few feet to the Super Stop & Shop lot to abandon the entire lot.

Aren’t those supposed to be sand barrels for putting out fires? Instead, people are using them to dump all sorts of goods. There was a blue, plastic tarp, bottles, coffee cups, house slippers, and a banana peel amongst the mess.

Value City is a furniture store in New Jersey, but for some reason the produce store on (near the car wash exit by Avenue Y) prefers to have Value City’s name on their carts.

This Home Depot Shopping cart was seen in this odd position a little while ago near the B49 bus stop in front of WaMu bank.

The Mill Basin Home Depot, at 5700 Avenue U near the Kings Plaza Shopping Center, is in Marine Park. That’s 3 1/2 miles away from here.

So how did it make its way all the way here to Sheepshead Bay Road & East 16 Street? Does anyone have any idea?

With all of the supermarkets and wayward shopping carts in Sheepshead Bay and nearby, we might have to set up a Shopping Cart Relocation Task Force.

We’re calling this a “series”, because of the proliferation of stray shopping carts around the neighborhood. Let’s hope it’s a very short series and that business owners remove these carts as quickly as they are abandoned.