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Royal Flush Entertainment & Soundwave, who brought you the Bang on the Bay New Year’s Eve Cruise, is at again with another party sailing from Sheepshead Bay.

For those of you who are not into all that sappy candlelight and huge Valentine’s day markups, you can head on over to Pier 8 for a Reggae, Soca, Hip Hop, R & B, and Old Skool dance cruise.

Next Saturday, February 14, the Sheryll Princess Yacht will be dubbed the The Love Boat and head out for “The Valentine’s Midnight Cruise”. With the amount of promotion these events get, it ought to be called the Black and White and Read edition.

Although the organizer of this event, Legaci, specifically told me that the upscale partygoers (as opposed to Booze Cruise Lovers) on his exclusive cruises do not pollute, this advice can be useful for anyone: This Valentine’s Day, show a little love for Sheepshead Bay, keep our streets clean.

Here are the details from the promoters:
THE LOVE BOAT — “The Valentine’s Midnight Cruise”

Red, White & Black Edition
Saturday February 14th 2009

Aboard the Sheryll Princess
Pier 8, Emmons Ave. & East 21 St
Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn, NY 11235

Boarding time starts @ 11:00PM (Feb. 14)
Boat departs @ 12:30AM SHARP!
Cruise the seas of NYC from 12:30 a.m. – UNTIL

(See Declan McCullagh’s image of the Capitol Building before Sheepshead Bay was added to it at his website.)

I had wanted to “answer” our reader, ‘z’, — who sent us a cryptic comment to our Bang on The Bay New Year’s Eve Cruise post — much earlier, but was almost dumbfounded at how to respond.

After so much concentration on race for the past few years — both Presidential and ethnicity — and now that America’s historic and great (especially because of its inclusiveness) Presidential Inauguration day is here, this seems the appropriate time to acknowledge ‘z’s comment.

Here’s a little background. I had written a post announcing a New Year’s Eve party cruise leaving from Sheepshead Bay, thinking that our readers might like to know about the celebration. ‘Z’ wrote in letting us know who the party was for with a comment saying that “it’s a black oriented party, just an fyi…”.

I really don’t want to be the one to assume what our commenter was trying to tell us. But something about the way that ‘z’ approached the subject of a party in Sheepshead Bay by talking about race — couldn’t sit well with me. While it may be possible that people of all colors and creeds were welcome at the party cruise and ‘z’ may not have meant to exclude any one particular race from the party, it did leave me puzzled about reader’s perceptions of Sheepshead Bay and Sheepshead Bites.

Do visitors who come to our site get the impression that we represent a particular race? If so, which one and why? Was ‘z’ under the wrong impression that the population of Sheepshead Bay is of a certain race? Was the comment placed as a way to welcome people of all creeds to the party or as a way of keeping certain people away?

Please feel welcome to participate in this dialogue, because we’re not oriented in any leave-you-out kind of way. Until we hear from you, Sheepshead Bites has just this to say for now about our blackness, whiteness, and colorness in general: We are colorful, colorless, color-safe, and color-neutral all at once.

We’re honored and humbled to share 2008 — the year we had our start — with Barack Obama. As he is about to be sworn in as our next President, we all stand proud together.

It is in the spirit of change and hope — just as President (if you’re reading this after he’s taken the oath) Obama has united us in this message — that we welcome all of Sheepshead Bay to put aside unfair prejudices and negativities.

The Everyone-Oriented music of unity is calling you to our community dance floor and it feels so good that not even our friend ‘z’ will want to stay away.

(Flyer and information for Bang on the Bay New Year’s Eve Party)

A Bang on the Bay Party cruise is leaving from Sheepshead Bay and headed to New York City for some fireworks to bring in 2009.

The event is organized and arranged by Soundwave Entertainment and Royal Flush Entertainment and is sure to be lots of fun.

Here are some the details from the flyer:
Bang on the Bay: The New Year’s Eve Cruise
Wednesday, December 31, 2008
Boarding begins at 7 p.m. with departure at 9 p.m. (Sharp!)
Yacht: Sheryll Princess
Departing from: Pier 8 at Emmons Avenue
Check the flyer or link for more information about pricing and tickets.

Remember that the Sheepshead Bay Piers are part of the NYC Parks Department and visitors are asked to conduct themselves in the same way they would in their favorite park. In order to preserve the beauty of Sheepshead Bay and to avoid noted party cruise problems, we would like to request all partygoers to dispose of litter responsibly, carpool or take public transportation, and please don’t drink and drive.

Thank you and we wish everyone a safe and healthy new year!

Party Boat
(Photo by Ray Johnson)

What are those hundreds of nurses and military personnel doing embarking and disembarking at the Bay piers? Well, just because people dress in all white or in battle dress uniform doesn’t mean they work in a hospital or serve in the military. So, just who are our theme-dressing visitors? Friends, they are our cruise-party whiner-uppers. No, I didn’t say whino-uppers. Although, if any of you have seen our visitors upon disembarking, I would completely understand if that’s what you thought I said.
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