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Weiner For Mayor!

Remember when? The above commercial is on Weiner for Mayor page from when Anthony’s future seemed bright and unlimited. What a difference 6 years makes. One thing that hasn’t changed; he’s maintained his “magnificent physique.”

Congressman Anthony Wiener is scheduled to speak from his Sheepshead Bay office this afternoon at 2:00pm. All indications are that he is announing his resignation from office. But – at 1:50 this afternoon – 1010 Wins radio is reporting that Congressman Wiener and his wife are still in thier Forest Hills, Queens aparment.

So, will he or won’t he? Does Wiener have a new surprise left in his pants? Time will tell.

UPDATE: The NY Times live blog reports: Around 1:30 p.m., Mr. Weiner was spotted leaving his home in Queens for the event — without his wife, Huma Abedin.

UPDATE: Anthony Weiner has resigned. Stay tuned for the full story.

Source: AP

Sheepshead Bay will officially be devoid of representation from its Congressman Anthony Weiner, who will announce today that he is stepping down after the infamous May 27 mis-Tweet, seen by 40,000+ followers of the doomed pol, ignited a media hailstorm.

What does this mean for us, his constituents, who have watched crime in Sheepshead Bay spike at an alarming never-before-seen zenith, topping all of New York City with a 450 percent increase in murders since this time last year? What about the issues important to the residents of his district, including finding a replacement for the Pathmark supermarket, which Weiner vowed to do, and fighting for repairs to the heavily-eroded Plumb Beach?

What will happen to Weiner’s Congressional seat? Who will represent us?

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Congressman Anthony Weiner will announce his resignation from his seat in Congress at a press conference later today. We’ve heard that the press conference will take place in Sheepshead Bay, where Weiner first began his career as an elected official when he snagged the City Council seat currently occupied by Michael Nelson.

From Politico:

Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-N.Y.) will resign from his seat in Congress, heeding calls from President Barack Obama, House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio), House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) and dozens of other congressional Democrats, sources confirm to POLITICO. The resignation ends nearly three weeks of tumultuous political controversy since the New York congressman sent a lewd picture of himself over Twitter which he claimed at first was a result of a hack, and later admitted he had sent himself.

According to two sources, Weiner made up his mind to resign Wednesday night, and shortly after began making calls to inform them of his decision. Weiner called DCCC chair Steve Israel — who had also called for his resignation — on Wednesday night at the White House picnic to inform him and Pelosi that he had decided to resign on Thursday.

House Democrats were set to strip Weiner of his committee assignments on Thursday morning, though they were not officially informed before a meeting in the Capitol Thursday morning with a White House liaison. But the news spread quickly following media reports.

… Weiner’s resignation comes after his wife Huma Abedin, an aide to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, returned from a week-long trip to Africa with her boss. Weiner had said he would wait until Abedin returned before making a final decision on his plans. She returned home early Wednesday.


Source: REUTERS / Brendan McDermid for

I, as I am sure most of you are, am emotionally depleted from the mention of Congressman Anthony Weiner’s name, a name that I’ve known of, under more normal, pre-Internet circumstances, since I was in high school. The steady assault of “Weiner” jokes for the past two weeks (it feels like two years!) are old and tired, and a personal adversity is nothing to laugh at. But news is news, and even the not-so-fun stuff’s got to be reported upon… I guess.

So what are you waiting for? Read our report already!

While Congressman Anthony Weiner finally lays low following the revelation of Twitter romances – and the lies that preceded his eventual confession – at least one civic group publicly expressed its support and gratitude for the embattled politician.

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We found this note posted to the window at Congressman Anthony Weiner’s satellite office at 1800 Sheepshead Bay Road.

The office is used primarily as Assemblyman Steven Cymbrowitz’s district office, but the congressman has a desk there to meet with constituents on an appointment basis. He hasn’t been there in a while, so he might not have gotten the message. Oh, except the Daily News might have tipped him off (as they did us).

Cymbrowitz’s staff said they didn’t know who posted it or when, just that it wasn’t there when they opened in the morning.


It was the shot seen ’round the world.

As we all know by now, Congressman Anthony Weiner confirmed yesterday during a teary-eyed press conference that the crotch shot published to his Twitter account was not the result of hacking, but of his own virtual trysts with female fans accidentally made public. The questions lingering in the wake of his announcement are whether he’ll resign (he said he won’t), whether he used public funds or government resources in his relationships with these women or in the ensuing cover-up (he said he didn’t), and whether his wife will leave him (he said she won’t).

But enough about what Weiner said about Weiner. What does he know, anyway? What are other people not at all connected to the situation saying?


Keep reading for reactions from around the web, and to weigh in.

The dust hasn’t come close to settling and reporters are already guessing at who might take State Senator Carl Kruger’s place if he resigns. The New York Observer is saying that City Councilman Lew Fidler is a likely choice, as is Brooklyn Borough President Community Liaison Igor Oberman, and Russian-American defense attorney David Storobin is saying he’s shooting for a spot on the Republican ticket.

Read about the possible contendors

From the Daily News:

Freshman Bronx state Sen. Gustavo Rivera – who ran on an anti-corruption platform when he defeated scandal-scarred Sen. Pedro Espada, Jr. last year – has become the first legislator to announce he’s returning giving away donations from just-indicted Brooklyn Sen. Carl Kruger.

“Sen. Rivera is returning $2,500 that was given to him by Sen. Kruger,” Rivera Communications Director Conchita Cruz told the Daily News. “These accusations cut at the very heart of what New Yorkers hate about Albany — backroom deals, pay-to-play and corruption scandals,” she said.

State Senator Carl Kruger was a Democratic Party heavyweight who political observers say doled out money and influence. He contributed to a number of political campaigns and, allegedly, pulled strings behind the scenes to prevent challengers to his own seat, and to install preferred candidates in other positions.

Will it end at Rivera? Or will those who’ve benefited from Kruger’s alleged corruption also dump the money?

We’ll make it easier for you. If you’re a politician looking to donate funds obtained from Kruger, click here.

UPDATED (2:42 p.m.):

More from the Daily News:

The Democratic Senate Campaign Committee says it won’t give back money it received from Kruger, partly because the money’s already been spent (and, we might note, because they’re already in debt and there’s not much to pay it back with.)

NYPIRG’s Bill Mahoney doped up a spreadsheet of Kruger spending, and Blain counts $475,000 to the DSCC over the past five years. Overall, his campaign shelled out $886,500 in contributions to various groups and candidates during that period.

According to Mahoney, state Sens. Mike Gianaris (the new head of the DSCC, incidentally) and Liz Krueger (who will reportedly replace Kruger as minority ranker on Finance) are the only Senate Democrats who have NOT received any dough from him.

Update: Members of the Senate Independent Democratic Conference say that like Rivera, they will donate any contributions they received from Kruger to charity.

The caucus members — Sens. Jeffrey Klein, Diane Savino, David Valesky, and David Carlucci — received a combined $8,000 from Kruger in the last election cycle.


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