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Our columnist, Neil Friedman, engages in some “armchair politics.” What armchair would be more appropriate than Archie Bunker’s? Source: ttarasiuk / Flickr

BETWEEN THE LINES: After watching portions of the Republican and Democratic conventions, here are some observations:

Now I can sleep soundly, knowing the incumbents, their opponents and their respective spouses are ensconced in lovey-dovey relationships. Not a vital issue, but we certainly don’t need another candidate like John Edwards.

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(Photo courtesy of Paint and Alaska Seafood)

Last week, Sarah Palin visited the Big Apple to meet with some of the world’s major political leaders. Amongst others, she met with Afghanistani President Hamid Karzai and Colombian President Alvaro Uribe who were attending the United Nations General Assembly. I may or may not have sent her an invitation to visit us here in Sheepshead Bay, but I read in Time magazine that the governor’s personal e-mail account had been hacked. That may or may not explain why she went to visit Henry Kissinger in the same time that I slotted for her to come to Sheepshead Bay.

A visit to Sheepshead Bay would have been just the thing that Sarah Palin needed to bolster her image in New York. She enjoys fishing and her husband is a commercial fisherman, so I could just see her smiling from ear-to-ear with her catch while on the Sea Queen VII half-day fishing vessel, while her husband talks to the local fishermen about how to help revitalize the Sheepshead Bay fishing industry.

There are practically no Republicans left here in Sheepshead Bay, but there are still people who love fishing. According to Swamp Politics, fishermen have been a key supporter of her campaign and I’m sure that, had she visited Sheepshead, it would have been quite the bait she needed to reel in the dollars.

Governor Palin, another thing you would be would be glad about, here, in Sheepshead Bay, is our close proximity to Russia, so to speak. While we can’t really see Russia from our Sheepshead Bay Atlantic shore (thanks to Erik Rasmussen, of Erik’s Blog, we know you were just kidding), we don’t need to – with all of our Russian residents, it’s practically like traveling to Russia – and the best part is you won’t even have to mess up that brand new passport with any visa stamps. I’m sure that interacting with all of our Russian immigrants will help you with foreign policy relations.
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