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It looks like Emmons Avenue is about to get a new beauty salon, with Pearl Beauty Salon and Spa slated to open inside Loehmann’s Seaport Plaza.

Signs went up in the last few weeks, but the windows at the 2027 Emmons Avenue storefront remain papered over.

When it opens, it will leave just one vacant storefront on the basement level of the plaza, being the spot previously occupied by Sweika. The basement level was devastated during Superstorm Sandy, with water left sitting in the below-street-level space for days after the storm. The owner of the plaza is looking to add an additional floor of office space, saying he needs the extra revenue to compensate for losses during the storm.

Welcome to the neighborhood, Pearl, and best of luck!


Salon Evolution, one of the corridor’s handful of high-end salons and spas, is adding to the Sheepshead Bay Road business exodus and is set to leave the 1722 Sheepshead Bay Road storefront on January 1.

The business has announced that it is relocating way down to the other end of the waterfront, at 3075 Emmons Avenue, near the corner of Brown Street.

While the store’s management and clientele might be moving, the salon’s equipment and storefront are for sale. This listing shows that they’re asking for $100,000 for a full turn-key salon business, with all the equipment included. Rent is $9,000 a month.

That’s a lot of split ends, ain’t it?


Work has been going on at 1660 Sheepshead Bay Road for at least a month, and recently the sign went up letting passersby know what’s headed for the commercial strip: Maka Salon Spa.

The storefront was occupied by Capella Salon and Spa until Superstorm Sandy swept through. A sign went up in the window shortly after saying that the staff had moved in with another location on Jerome Avenue.

We’re not sure if Maka is a return of the same owners and staff, but, regardless, we’re glad to see the last of the Sandy-ravaged storefronts getting filled again.

One contractor on the scene said hair salon. Another said barber. We’ll just say tonsorial artist.

Whatever you want to call it, it’s coming soon to 1618 Sheepshead Bay Road. Contractors have been working on the site for a few weeks, and, today, it looks like the storefront windows are just about ready to go.

The location was, until recently, a Quintex Wireless location, an authorized T-Mobile dealer. In fact, we think this was one of the very first cell phone and beeper (remember beepers?!) businesses on Sheepshead Bay Road.

Welcome to the neighborhood!

It seems the city is looking for money wherever they can get it, and that means that hair and nail salons and barbershops better watch out: authorities are fining establishments for common sense pricing practices prevalent throughout the neighborhood.

The city has issued fines ranging from $50 to $500 to at least 138 businesses so far this year – mostly salons and barbershops – for charging different prices to different genders. Business owners say the fines are ridiculous, and that the law ignores basic inherent differences between the sexes.

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A+ Nail Spa has opened at 1326 Sheepshead Bay Road.

The business represents a full circle for this Sheepshead Bay Road storefront, having previously been occupied by Green Leaf Smokes, a roll your own cigarette place that was shuttered under pressure from a city lawsuit, and, before that, another nail salon.

Glad to see things are back to the status quo…

The building shortly after Halikarnas closed.

Contractors have been revamping 3075 Emmons Avenue, the former site of Halikarnas Restaurant, with a new facade and gutted interior.

Halikarnas closed up shop in late 2010 and the property promptly hit the market. It was picked up in March 2011 for $500,000 – almost half the asking price of $995,000 – by Murat Tanriverdi, the owner of Salon Evolution a 1722 Sheepshead Bay Road.

We look forward to seeing what comes to the new storefront!

Capella Salon at 1660 Sheepshead Bay Road got a new sign today. The old sign, which was taken down last week, said Capella Salon & Day Spa. Does that mean no more spa?

Photo and tip by ShadowLock.

Arthur Borko snapped this photo of the soon-to-open Dream Catchers Beauty Salon, the latest entry to debut at the otherwise bleak “Ave U Plaza” at 3102 Avenue U.

We hope we’re wrong when we say it’s not such a good spot, but the history of the plaza has not been a pretty one. Since completing construction some time in 2009, stores have opened and shuttered many times, including – but not limited to - True Perfection Kitchen & Bath Designs, Rosco’s Doggy Day Care, and It’s All About Me Now.

It looks like the only place that’s managed to stick around that strip mall is the Wine & Spirits shop. Perhaps they’re fueled by the shattered dreams of would-be small business owners…

Regardless, we sincerely do hope we’re wrong, and look forward to welcoming Dream Catchers to the neighborhood.

Boo! Traiters! Deserters! Turncoats! Boo!

Platinum Styles, one of the barbershops Sheepshead Bites’ readers named among the neighborhoods’ best, has left the neighborhood. Sure, they were really part of Marine Park anyway, at 3032 Avenue U, and who needs them? Not us. We’ve still got a bunch of others to go to, especially in that neck of the woods where we’ve just learned about Joe & Bart’s a few blocks away.

Regardless, reader Howard S. sent in the above photo, letting us know that the writing is on the wall. Or, rather, the glass window, where the owners wrote that they’ve moved to 6001 Strickland Avenue in, blegh, Mill Basin. Mill Blegh-sin. Blegh.

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