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This is NOT the person in the story. This is how a real pimp does it.

Yo! What a pimp gon’ do if his main girl is wit a ‘nother pimp?

That’s the same question (not word-for-word) Salah Youssef asked himself, according to prosecutors. Youssef was allegedly in charge of his own Gravesend-based prostitution ring when he found out his girlfriend was working for a rival prostitution ring.

Not only working for the rival, but, you know… workin’ the rival. Youssef was convinced that his girlfriend, Nelly, was having an affair with the other prostitution ring’s old and bald owner, Boris (who happened to be an FBI informant). He harassed his girlfriend through hundreds of phone calls and text message at the same time plotting multiple ways of ruining Boris’ life, according to New York Times’ coverage of the trial.

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