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Source: Darny via Flickr

If you’ve noticed a heap o’ work being done around the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge, it’s because the one-time title-holder of longest suspension bridge in the world is getting a few new coats of paint.

According to Courier Life, the $19-million paint job will take two years. To start, they’re covering the stanchions before sandblasting rust and lead paint off of the structure. The covering will prevent the lead from hitting the water. Then they’ll fix any damage to the steel structure before covering it with three new coats of paint.

The contractor is bringing barges to station around the bridge’s towers, not far from where the U.S. Coast Guard has created a 110-yard safety zone after local diver Gene Ritter found a stash of more than 1,500 sunken munitions.

Are you a local boater? Will the work on the Verrazano, combined with the Coast Guard’s “safety zone” be an obstacle in your trips through the narrows?

Source: New York Daily News

One of the meaningless mental notes I’ve made during my life is, while watching old war movies that take place on ships or submarines, I have noticed that there’s almost always some endearing and lovable tough guy aboard the vessel endowed with a thick Brooklyn accent (John Garfield and Dane Clark in “Destination Tokyo” come to mind).

I mention it only because, as a massive convoy of Sailors, Marines and Coast Guardsmen sails triumphantly into New York City today in anticipation of Fleet Week, May 26 to 31, the annual celebration of all things maritime, the impressive week-long roster of activities features but one measly two-hour event in Brooklyn, with dozens being held all over Manhattan, Long Island and New Rochelle. Where’s the love?

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The Miramar Yacht Club at 3050 Emmons Avenue has released their Sailing Basics programs for this spring and summer.

There will be an opportunity to explore sailing on Sunday May 1, at 11 a.m. There is also a free seek and sail event on June 18.

Prices for the program are $75 for students and $120 for couples who register together. To register email or call (718)743-5823.

We’re hearing that a sailboat snapped free of its moorings and drifted out towards the Ocean Avenue footbridge, where it’s now stuck. Firemen are on the scene. We’re trying to get you a photo, and will let you know if any damage was caused to the historic footbridge.

This is a breaking news report and is subject to change as more information becomes available.

Yesterday we posted about how the 77-year-old roundhouse that sits just off the tip of the Manhattan Beach peninsula is going to be removed. The roundhouse has been a navigational aid that longtime sailors in our area have relied on. The mariners in our community are very against its removal.

Sailor and community activist Stan Kaplan e-mailed us yesterday to elaborate on why keeping the roundhouse is imperative.

I am advocating for keeping the Roundhouse. As my point of view has been published, I am attaching The US Coast Guard’s current “Notice to Mariners.”

On page 5 at the top, it suggests that using floating aids to navigation can have “varying degrees of reliability.” It also suggests to “utilize bearings from fixed objects and aids to navigation on shore” is much more reliable.

It is my understanding that the Roundhouse is in shallow water. To make safe passage, it will have to be dredged. As it has been suggested, a floating aid to navigation, a.k.a. a BUOY, will have varying degrees of reliability. It would be prudent for the Corp of Army Engineers to put a tower as a replacement. The Roundhouse is a large masonry structure that boats will avoid. This structure has been there for over 70 years, and it will probably last another 70.

View the Coast Guard’s Notice to Mariners [pdf].

Photo by Michael Comeau

Longtime sailors in our area aren’t too thrilled about the city’s plan to get rid of a 77-year-old concrete roundhouse, a part of Coney Island’s Wastewater Treatment Plant’s system that currently discharges treated sewer water into Jamaica Bay.

The roundhouse structure is a diffuser that pushes treated wastewater in various directions, and it sits just off the tip of the Manhattan Beach peninsula. The Army Corps, in conjunction with Department of Environmental Protection, will be replacing pipes that lead to it as part of an 18-month repair job, and installing new underwater diffusers that will render the roundhouse unnecessary. DEP reps said the cost of maintaining the structure outweighs the benefits to boaters as a navigational aid.

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Aww, what a perty photo. It makes me feel nice and peaceful inside. There’s no other reason I chose it, other than after this crazy weekend (actually, it was all of May), I needed something tranquil to calm my nerves.

Thanks to l_ameerrante of Flickr for adding this to her stream. This is the second photo from her that we’ve featured; the first was last September. I recommend flipping through her Flickr collection – she’s got a number of choice photos.

miramar yc sailing day

The last time I wrote to you about the Miramar Yacht Club it was because I had attended the first night of a sailing class taught by their excellent instructors.

At that time, I proudly claimed to have been awarded new sea legs; when, in actuality, it was just the first of four classes, three land-based, and one on the water.

Due to some scheduling conflicts on the Friday evenings of the second two classes in the series, I was prevented from attending the full course. So, I was determined to do the sail that was included in the course. But with the June bad weather, it looked like the boat would never sail. On June 27, when the sun was shining and the temperature was just perfect, the deck shoes had to come on.

To tell the truth, even though I live so near the water, I (and apparently, the better half of Sheepshead Bites) live a landlocked life — practically touching water only to do routine cleaning of dishes, body, and clothes (here, I can’t speak for the better half).
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summer sailstice 2009 2

This comes to us from the Deep Creek Yacht Club:

The Deep Creek Yacht Club will attend the 6th annual raft-up in Dead Horse Bay in Brooklyn, NY on Saturday, June 20th and celebrate Sailstice 2009. The raft up forms at 2pm and is open to all SAIL and POWER boats. Share food and drink with your fellow boaters and “ring in” the summer solstice at the 4pm Bells & Whistles celebration. Pot Luck dinner after the celebration:


This is New York event of the international celebration of the summer sailing and boating season. By signing up at you will be eligible for prizes ranging from West Marine gift certificates to Caribbean vacations. It’s all free and all boaters are welcome. All boats participating will receive a free memento of the day from the Deep Creek Yacht Club.

Bring friends and family for this unique way to start the summer fun.

Please see the Summer Sailstice and Deep Creek Yacht Club websites for disclaimer and VHF, MMSI, and Cell phone number.

(Miramar Yacht Club trophy case)

Tonight I attended the Miramar Yacht Club (MYC) Sailing Course and I feel as if I’m sailing off into a new phase in my life. It’s hard to believe that all this leisure sailing has been going on, practically in my backyard, and I never had a part of it.

Anyone can take this class and everyone should. In just three short sessions, you can learn how to talk like a sailor — and I don’t mean swearing. By the first sail date in June, you’ll probably be able to rig up the spinnaker.

Accompanied by the computerized presentation, the well-worn, waterborne teachers went through the information as smoothly as a sailboat going downstream. Those who paid for the course received the book, “Start Sailing Right” by Derrick Fries of The United States Sailing Association. Members of the press will have to buy a copy for $15 at MYC or online.

Read more about the sailing course after the jump.
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