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Roy’s Sheepshead Bicycle Shop (2679 Coney Island Avenue) is expanding, having taken over their next door neighbor’s storefront.

The new wing will open in early May, the business’ owner told us, and will be a showroom exclusively for Cannondale Bicycles equipment and merchandise. Cannondale helped pay for the expansion and set up of the new location.

The owner tells us that by securing the new location and moving all their Cannondale products there, they’ll be able to expand their lineup of other manufacturers’ products in the main store.

Congrats to Roy’s Sheepshead Bicycle Shop, one of the city’s oldest and most respected cycling establishments.

The old sign.

Roy’s Sheepshead Bicycle Shop (2679 Coney Island Avenue) put up a new sign recently, giving a more modern look to the longtime storefront, which first opened in 1931.

News like this is always mixed in my book. On the one hand, investments like this mean the business owner is looking to stay around a while longer – and with a staple like Roy’s, that’s a great thing. On the other hand, Roy’s old sign was an awesome relic of a bygone era, and had a lot of kitsch value.

Regardless, with bike lanes installed and public attitudes shifting, we stand at the dawn of a new bicycle era, and Roy’s Sheepshead Bicycle Shop – one of the city’s oldest and most respected cycling establishments – is retooling to fit the times. Good for them.

By the way, Robert Fernandez, who took the photo, pointed out that some of the trappings of the old school Roy’s remains. And we hope they keep it that way.

Roy’s Cycle Shop On Fire

Brooklyn’s oldest bicycle shop, Roy’s Sheepshead Cycle, was aflame at 4:00 a.m. today, with a fire that started in the shop’s mechanical repair area. Located at 2679 Coney Island Ave. the store has been a community fixture since its establishment in 1931. Luckily, the fire did not hinder the shop’s ability to serve the neighborhood: despite the fire, the store remains open, and though the service area (located in a garage towards the back of the establishment) has been shut down, Roy’s mechanics packed up and moved into an empty storefront two doors down, according to Ilya Nikhamin, who works in sales. Nikhamin added that he expects the store to be “fully operational – 100%” within two weeks. Fire marshals have not yet discovered the cause of the fire.

-Thanks to “local broker” for the tip.