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CBS’s crime drama Person of Interest will be shooting in the Bay tomorrow, meaning no parking around the location beginning tonight at 10:00 p.m.

Signs showed up on meters and telephone polls around Roll-N-Roaster late last week, letting residents know that parking will be off-limits for the time being. The area includes the most of the north side of Emmons Avenue from Nostrand Avenue to East 28th Street, as well as up East 29th Street and part of Shore Parkway. We assume the less scenic areas are where they’ll put the trailers, crews and lunch buffet. Never forget the lunch buffet.

The series is shooting its second season and stars that guy who played Jesus in that snuff film Jim Caviezel as a former CIA agent who runs around New York City stopping violent crimes.

Let me help you out, Jim. The Roll-N-Roaster roast beef did indeed kick the crap out of Burger King.

Source: Eater NY

Has anyone else seen Urban Spoon’s list of “The Best American Restaurants in Sheepshead Bay?” The restaurants are, in order:

  1. Brennan & Carr
  2. Paradise Garden
  3. T.G.I. Friday’s
  4. Buckley’s
  5. Cherry Hill Gourmet
  6. Applebee’s
  7. Restaurant Sabor Latino
  8. McDonald’s
  9. McDonald’s

Anyone else find it to be just a trifle… off?

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Comptroller John Liu stopped by the Community Board 15 meeting last night (more on that later), and then swung by Roll-N-Roaster to grab a bite to eat.

Apparently, the city’s auditor-in-chief is a big fan of the “juicy” roast beef sandwich. He said it’s the best perk of coming to the area (one of his security guys hails from the hood).

We’d say it was very gracious of Liu to allow us to photograph him chowing down (and, really, we were pretty annoying about it), but I think it all fell into place when we said the fastest way to get voters in Sheepshead Bay is to be seen eating at Roll-N-Roaster.

You paying attention Brennan & Carr? Because, very soon, Liu might “audit” your roast beef.


Serious Eats included both Roll-N-Roaster’s (2901 Emmons Avenue) and Brennan & Carr’s (3432 Nostrand Avenue) roast beef sandwiches in their roundup of the city’s 26 best sandwiches.

Our reaction? Duh.

For years, the duo have been duking it out for the title of Best Roast Beef Sandwich, and are regularly highlighted as amongst the top in the city.

But I’m getting tired of it. Serious Eats’ list was created for that holiest of holidays: National Sandwich Day. Having two local places included in the list is an honor – no doubt – but I want to start hearing about Sheepshead Bay’s other great sandwiches.

How about a hot sub from Bassett Deli (1404 Avenue X)? A lamb gyro from Anatolian Gyro Restaurant (1605 Sheepshead Bay Road)? A chicken sandwich on a sweet bun from one of the Chinese bakeries?

How ’bout a new place, one no one’s heard about, your secret go-to joint during a lunch break?

National Sandwich Day may have passed, but help us make a belated list of the must-try sandwiches in Sheepshead Bay. Where do you eat?

Anyone who has stopped by Roll-N-Roaster this week probably got accosted by four or five people trying to jam cake, champagne and orange juice down their throat. And at least two kids we saw were horrified by an employee’s attempt to make them balloon animals. But it’s all in the name of fun.

Why fun? Roll-N-Roaster is celebrating its 40th Anniversary. And in addition to the week-long giveaways, they’re throwing a party this weekend and offering some “buy one, get one” roast beef specials. Borough President Marty Markowitz himself is getting in on the action by proclaiming July 17 “Roll-N-Roaster Day.”

On July 17 and 18, the store will have face painting, magic, balloons, cotton candy, anniversary cake, cocktails and “roses for the ladies.”

Check the details and the flier after the jump:

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Photo courtesy of irockiroll via Flickr

Photo courtesy of irockiroll via Flickr

There’s no shortage of accolades for Roll-N-Roaster’s (2901 Emmons Avenue) classic roast beef, kaiser roll and cheeeeeez. But now its sister, the hot turkey sandwich, is also getting a claim to fame. Grub Street published a list of the 101 top sandwiches in New York City, and the turkey sandwich at Roll-N-Roaster was ranked 96. Sure, it’s a long way to number one, but considering how many sandwiches we’ve got in this gastronomic Gotham of ours, that’s pretty flattering. Here’s what they had to say:

Warm slices of fresh-roasted turkey piled on a soft, gravy-dipped kaiser bun nails that Thanksgiving flavor, especially with a brown-sugared sweet potato on the side.

I’ve never had the turkey sandwich, but they make it sound so scrumptious that it’ll be my order next time I’m there.

Nevermind roast beef, though. Nevermind Roll-N-Roaster, even. What do you think is the best sandwich in Sheepshead Bay?

So you know how you’ve lived in New York City most or all of your life, and there’s all those things you never did until someone came to visit? (See: Statue of Liberty, Empire State Building, walking the Brooklyn Bridge, etc.)

Well, how about on a really local level? Are there Sheepshead Bay attractions that everyone talks about but you’ve never gone to? I know people who haven’t been to Randazzo’s or Roll-N-Roaster – and, gulp, I’ve never been on a fishing boat.

Well, for those of you with kids who’ve never really found the time to show them the neighborhood, Time Out New York Kids put together a good roundup of attractions that’ll get you to those sights and keep the kids entertained.

The guide breaks down the day by hours, from 8:00 a.m. to 6:30 p.m., taking you and the kiddos to some neighborhood staples that, yes, include a fishing boat, Randazzo’s and Roll-N-Roaster. It also has some free and neat activities like a walk through the Holocaust Park, to Manhattan Beach’s impressive architecture, and creating crayon rubbings from the fish engravings along the piers. And a really cool twist is that it doesn’t just focus on the old school landmarks (they never mention Lundy’s); they throw in newer establishments that would be a big hit with kids – like Arbuz Frozen Treats on Sheepshead Bay Road.

Check out the article here.

Courtesy of Village Voice

Mmm… doesn’t that roast beef look delicious? Well, it ain’t from Sheepshead Bay – home of the two best roast beef joints in the nation. It’s from a new Bay Ridge eatery called Ziggy’s. In terms of style, they seem to be more along the lines of Roll-N-Roaster‘s (2901 Emmons Avenue) not-so-fast fast food, as opposed to Brennan & Carr‘s (3432 Nostrand Avenue) more cultivated sit down joint. But they’re a bit jacked up on price compared to Roll-N-Roaster ($5.25/sandwich + $0.50 for cheese). They’ve got more variety in cheeses, and their specialty is cheez whiz. How does it compare, though? Well, Village Voice’s food critic Robert Sietsema says they beat Roll-N-Roaster in terms of quantity and moistness, but gives the nod to the Sheepshead Bay establishment’s larger menu. Have you tried Ziggy’s? How does it compare? Should Sheepshead fret?

Val-Pak coupons retrieved from the paper recycling bin. (Photo by Ray Johnson)

Knowing how this starving writer is always searching for sustenance, Ned Berke, the editor of this news blog, alerted me to the coupon for a free roast beef sandwich in the latest Val-Pak envelope.

I told him that either it is a mistake or the coupon is expired – because I just checked the envelope that same morning. We both checked the free coupon and it does say 3/2010. After rifling through the discarded coupons in the paper recycling bag, there was no Roll-n-Roaster (2901 Emmons Avenue) coupon.

Now, I find myself pondering the age-old question: How many of our readers in Sheepshead Bay have not received their free coupon? Does Val-Pak send different coupons to some households or does the missing coupon reflect a glitch in the automated envelope-filling system? Will Ned hand over his coupon to me? After all, everyone knows real men don’t use coupons.

Some of these, and other amazing questions, will soon be answered by Mr. Dave Rose as he did in one of our last posts about a similar subject.

Note: Although I mention Val-Pak (and Roll-n-Roaster) every now and then and have even included links to their site, it is just because the coupons have come in handy once in a while.

Note to Mom: This coupon is not for me. It will be used to treat (for once) a beef-eating friend to a meal.

Brennan & Carr (3432 Nostrand Avenue) seem to really love their Facebook page, using it to connect with fans and pump up the rivalry with Roll-N-Roaster. Now, they’re musing on a second location. They asked, “If another B&C was to open up, where would an ideal location be?”

Here’s a screenshot of the status update:

Seems like they’re looking to expand and open a new location outside Sheepshead Bay. A lot of commenters begged for an opening on Long Island or Staten Island, where the residents of Sheepshead past have moved to. A number of them are also saying Florida. As for us, we want to see it across the street from Roll-N-Roaster. That’d really throw some beef on the simmering feud.

But wait, don’t get too excited. We called Brennan & Carr and an employee there told us they have no plans for such an expansion. Despite the extreme popularity of their Facebook page, and the professional feel of it, they told us they have no affiliation with the page and don’t know who runs it. But can’t a boy dream?

If Brennan & Carr opens a second location, where do you think it should be? Should it be nearby, or far away? How about a small location at Coney Island? Maybe a swanky new pad in Park Slope? The city? Out of state even? Let your voice be heard!

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