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Food & Nightlife Cats on the Bay oysters.

There are few seafood treats better at beating the summer heat than raw oysters. The ice-cold, briny shellfish can be incredibly refreshing, spiked with lemon, vinegar, or horseradish for an extra kick. They’re the perfect savory summer snack. Now that July is in full bloom, I decided to find out where you can order fresh oysters along…

Business Photo by Megan McGibney

by Megan McGibney Walk into the newly opened restaurant, Next Door, and one may immediately notice something different about this upscale pizza restaurant at 2005 Emmons Avenue. It might be the stone oven flame burning brightly in full view in the back, or the Manhattan style décor. Either way, Next Door has been providing a unique…

Events 20140123-DSC_0176

There’s less than one week left for tickets to Sheepshead Bay’s biggest food event, The BITE: Sheepshead, featuring more than 50 dishes from 20-plus restaurants, on Thursday, May 28 at 3000 Emmons Avenue (Baron Dekalb Knights of Columbus) at 7pm. Have you bought your ticket yet? It’s not too late. You can still enjoy tasty…

Events fish at Liman in Sheepshead Bay

On Thursday, May 28, Sheepshead Bites and our publisher, Corner Media Group, are hosting The BITE 2015: Sheepshead, where more than 20 restaurants, cafes, bakeries, and markets will be serving up 50-plus dishes that showcase the wide variety of cuisines available in the area. Curious about what the neighborhood on the water has to offer? Well,…

Food & Nightlife The mixed grill platter, to go, from Rocca Cafe-Lounge.

by Lisa Willner THE BITE: While I haven’t traveled to Turkey just yet, the food at Rocca Café-Lounge whets my appetite for a visit. I first ventured to Rocca (2712 Emmons Avenue) this past summer, shortly after it opened. The seaside gem boasts huge windows both inside and out for dining on the water. It was an outdoor summer…

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