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This is NOT the person in the story. This is how a real pimp does it.

Yo! What a pimp gon’ do if his main girl is wit a ‘nother pimp?

That’s the same question (not word-for-word) Salah Youssef asked himself, according to prosecutors. Youssef was allegedly in charge of his own Gravesend-based prostitution ring when he found out his girlfriend was working for a rival prostitution ring.

Not only working for the rival, but, you know… workin’ the rival. Youssef was convinced that his girlfriend, Nelly, was having an affair with the other prostitution ring’s old and bald owner, Boris (who happened to be an FBI informant). He harassed his girlfriend through hundreds of phone calls and text message at the same time plotting multiple ways of ruining Boris’ life, according to New York Times’ coverage of the trial.

Check out the ins-and-outs-and-ins-again of this story.

High Class NY's website is still operational, but the phone line is out of service.

Prosecutors unveiled a slew of charges today against a prostitution network named High Class NY, operating along the Sheepshead Bay-Midwood border, and run by a husband, wife, son and step-son.

High Class NY charged between $400 per hour to $3,600 per hour, with clients often spending more than $10,000 in one night, the indictment alleges. In the three years it has been operating, it earned more than $7 million, using billing techniques to mask the nature of their clients’ purchases on credit card statements.

In a press conference this morning, Brooklyn District Attorney Charles Hynes slammed the high-price ring as a low-class venture.

“There is no such thing as a high-class pimp, and as we do with all other pimps, my office will prosecute these defendants and seek the maximum sentences available under the law,” said Hynes.

Read details from the case, including a list of charges and names of some of those involved.

(UPDATED: Sheepshead Bay Prostitution Ring Busted; Family-Run Service Earned $7 Million)

A Sheepshead Bay-based prostitution and drug ring that brought in more than $2 million annually has been busted, sparking the indictment of 17 individuals and five corporations.

Brooklyn District Attorney Charles Hynes unveiled the 144-count indictment of the high-priced “escort service” at a press conference this morning. The individuals involved are charged with operating several websites that provided sex services to clients, and also for selling cocaine and other controlled substances.

With the criminal complaint still under wraps, details about the ring and the individuals are still vague, but prosecutors allege that clients often spent more than $10,000 a night.

More information will be posted as it becomes available.

I spotted this poster last week at the bus shelter on Emmons Avenue and East 26th Street, right in front of Applebee’s. The advertisement is a “call to end human trafficking.”

The location is no coincidence. The hotels on Emmons Avenue have been known for years as hooker hotels. Whether that’s true or not, the stigma persists. And numerous young Eastern European women have been brought to the states in much the same way described on the poster, especially in the 1990s.

But it’s not really something most of us think about in our neighborhood. Sheepshead Bay isn’t exactly the kind of place where you’re frequently accosted by hookers and pimps, or see the violence or skeeziness it draws. You don’t see the cars pulling up and the girls leaning in. It ain’t Times Square in the 70s.

But it is a problem in our neighborhood. After all, it was just in May that vigilant internet folk kept a pair of Russian girls from being duped into a sex ring based out of a Sheepshead Bay-area nightclub. Every one of us should similarly be on guard.