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Food & Drink Midwood Food Tour: Clara & Di Fara Pizza

One of the best ways to get to know a neighborhood is through its food. The Midwood Development Corporation understands this all too well, so now, twice a year, they host a tour of local cafes, restaurants, bakeries, and specialty stores, giving people new to the area — and those who may not have explored their own…

Food & Drink

Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin “Bibi” Netanyahu came to visit New York this past weekend and seems to have had a major craving for the Eastern European kosher fare from Midwood’s Pomegranate supermarket. While staying in a Manhattan hotel, he ordered every single item from the 1507 Coney Island Avenue supermarket’s “to go” menu, according to the Jewish…


We’re all workers, here, at the Pomegranate Supermarket in Midwood (1507 Coney Island Avenue). When the store first opened up to critical acclaim, the first customers lamented about the high prices, the lack of cheddar cheese, and no place to park their cars. Less than a year later, at the Brooklyn Blogfest, reported that…