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Midwood Food Tour: Clara & Di Fara Pizza

One of the best ways to get to know a neighborhood is through its food. The Midwood Development Corporation understands this all too well, so now, twice a year, they host a tour of local cafes, restaurants, bakeries, and specialty stores, giving people new to the area — and those who may not have explored their own backyard — a chance to take a bite (many, many bites) out of the best it has to offer.

Midwood Food Tour: International Food, Ave J

The fall tour took place this past Sunday, and about a dozen hungry visitors sampled food from spots along Avenue J and Coney Island Avenue. Leading the group was Rich Sanders, aka Ethnojunkie, a Brooklyn-based food writer who specializes in ethnic eats.

Even so, Sanders says that when the MDC first contacted him five years ago about doing the tour, he asked locals for recommendations, and the suggestions he got were all great, but all the exact same kind of thing.

“I said wait, there must be something other than kosher bakeries in Midwood, what else is there? So I looked around and found quite a bit.”

To eat your way through them all could take a lifetime (or, at least longer than a Sunday afternoon), so he shared just a few favorites. If you want to explore a bit before the next tour in the spring, this is a pretty excellent guide to some of the foods you’ll find.

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Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin “Bibi” Netanyahu came to visit New York this past weekend and seems to have had a major craving for the Eastern European kosher fare from Midwood’s Pomegranate supermarket.

While staying in a Manhattan hotel, he ordered every single item from the 1507 Coney Island Avenue supermarket’s “to go” menu, according to the Jewish Press. The list includes staples like gefilte fish, cholent and kugel.

The order was placed on Friday, right before the start of Shabbat. The senior chef at Pomegranate worked double-time to ensure the food was ready and delivered before the Sabbath. Bibi’s total tab was about $1,800.

As a side note, the store is owned by Abraham Banda, a Satmar Chassid. While various interpretations exist, Satmar politics normally dictate that the State of Israel is a violation of Jewish teachings. Whether or not this plays into Bibi’s dining choice may not matter, as everyone knows that a good cholent can bridge any opposing political ideologies.

Here’s to peace in the Middle East.

shopping carts sidewalk pomegranate store 2009

We’re all workers, here, at the Pomegranate Supermarket in Midwood (1507 Coney Island Avenue).

When the store first opened up to critical acclaim, the first customers lamented about the high prices, the lack of cheddar cheese, and no place to park their cars.

Less than a year later, at the Brooklyn Blogfest, reported that Pomegranate Market was one of the most searched terms in the local cybersphere. We’re really not sure why everyone was so interested in our workplace. Yeah, sure they have nice, smooth floors, but everything else is just like Super Stop and Shop over in Sheepshead Bay, except it’s all kosher.

When the parking lot was not ready for the many moneyed folks who just could not see themselves pushing one of those pedestrian carts with their groceries piled high, many stayed away due to the lack of street parking. Now, well-dressed Pomegranate customers arrive in their large, shiny cars, stop at the gate, with traffic all backed up, and hand over their keys to the valet. Yes, you heard me right. The valet!

So, this is what makes Pomegranate Supermarket a cut above the rest, not the food, the service, or the way the treat their shopping carts — it’s the valet parking lot!

The parking lot is too small to hold us humble, unengined 4-wheelers, so when the fancy customers unload their goods and get into their cars, they discard us shopping carts anywhere they so desire. Just the other day, I nearly had a heart attack when the most loyal  shopping cart friend I’ve ever known, “Good Gray”, was left out on the street and he got hit by a minivan.

We all stood vigil for “Good Gray”, hoping and praying that he would make it through. That night all of us vowed that whatever happens, we would hold them all responsible for our poor friend’s demise.

The next morning, when “Good Gray” opened his eyes and said his first words, “I’m telling you, I crossed over to the other side. I kept seeing the light of two silverly moons. That’s what kept me going.” We were so happy just to see him conscious, we didn’t have the heart to tell him that the light he saw was just his double vision of the lamppost. But, who are we to say, anyway? The poor cart crossed over to the other side and made his way back.

So, we just have one thing to say to you, Pomegranate Supermarket: the next time you see scratches on those cars in your valet parking lot, remember the story of “Good Gray”. Maybe, then, you’ll remember that the sidewalks are for people to walk on, not for risking the lives of shopping carts.