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DailyDOCUMERICA recently dug up this old photo of Plum Beach, taken in May 1973 by Coney Island native Arthur Tress. It looks to be a part of the same Tress series as the Plumb Beach photo we showed you – also from DailyDOCUMERICA – in early July. Looks like they’re having fun, but considering they’re fishing…


Army Corps of Engineers officials presented the plans for restoring Plumb Beach and solving long-term erosion issues at a hearing last Thursday, and the good news is that everyone appears to be on the same page: residents want the most extreme steps taken – including the construction of groins and breakwaters – and the Army…


Plumb Beach is named as it is because of the beach plumbs that grow there, ripening in August. But we’re wondering if it should be named after another kind of vegetation growing wild there. Just check out the photo (one of several), taken by a reader walking along the paths: Last year, reader complaints hit…

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These two make me feel like I’m thinking, even though I’m not. Believe me, I’m definitely not thinking. Snapped by freelance photographer Darius Vick, and he has a couple more Plumb Beach photos here. You can find out more about him and his work by visiting his website.


A former NYPD detective is battling charges that he publicly fondled himself on Plumb Beach last August, saying there was no way the arresting officer could have seen him since bushes were in the way, and – hey – he was peeing anyway. Retired Detective Joseph Tesoriere was arrested after he allegedly requested an undercover…


In comments to Courier-Life reporters, a spokesperson for Gateway National Park said that the United Stated Park Police did not arrest anywhere near the number alleged by a law student working on the case. According to the student’s allegations, 76 arrests were made on Plumb Beach in August 2009 as part of sting operations to…


The silver lining in the recent devastation of Plumb Beach is that community leaders, and city, state, and federal agencies are finally considering long term solutions to erosion issues at Plumb Beach. Congressman Anthony Weiner once again brought together officials from Department of Transportation, Parks Department, National Parks Service, Community Board 15, and Sheepshead Bay/Plumb…

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