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Andrew Goodman (via NY Post)

Assemblyman Steven Cymbrowitz is demanding a tough sentencing of a confessed Midwood child molester a judge plans to put back on the streets just in time for the school season to start.

Cymbrowitz sent a letter to the judge overseeing the case of Andrew Goodman asking that he dole out a seven-year sentence during proceedings today to the admitted child sex offender instead of a rumored two-year sentence with time served – which would have Goodman back in the pol’s district by September.

Goodman pleaded guilty to two counts of child molestation in June, and has been in jail for two years after failing to post a $1 million bail.

“When you impose punishment for Andrew Goodman’s unspeakable crimes, you have the opportunity to send a clear message not just to the defendant but to his victims, their families and the entire community,” Cymbrowitz wrote to the judge. “Your judgment can provide some degree of closure to this terrible episode, or it can leave a raw, open wound from which the victims may never heal. Your judgment can demonstrate an unshakable commitment to protect the rights of victims, especially the most vulnerable, or it can extend mercy to an offender whose heinous acts are, frankly, beyond our comprehension.”

The seven-year sentence was recommended by the Brooklyn District Attorney’s office.

Goodman, 27, became the poster boy for child molestation in the Orthodox Jewish community after the New York Post published his name and photo when he was busted by the Brooklyn DA’s office in a three-year initiative called Kol Tzedek, Hebrew for “voice of justice.” The sweep netted 85 members of the community charged with molesting 117 predominantly male children over three years.

Goodman faced a 144-count indictment for molesting, filming and threatening young boys in the neighborhood. According to court documents reported by the New York Post last year, Goodman held booze-fueled parties in his home while screening child porn, and also “threatened the life” of a boy who reported him to authorities.

According to the Post, Goodman was caught on camera inviting teens into his home – after his indictment in 2010.

“Andrew Goodman’s victims aren’t yet free of the burden of his crimes. It seems just and reasonable that he shouldn’t be free anytime soon, either,” Cymbrowitz said.

Madison H.S. (Source:

A 36-year-old Madison High School teacher stands accused of having sex with a 16-year-old pupil on and off school grounds, as well as sharing marijuana with the youth.

The charges were revealed yesterday when a lawyer for the student’s family filed a $10 million notice of claim, charging that teacher Erin Sayar had sex with a 16-year-old she privately tutored between eight and 12 times last year, and also offered him pot from a stash kept on school grounds.

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Marine Park resident Michael Sabo, 38, was sentenced to 20 years-to-life, after admitting to sexually abusing two children over the course of several years.

The plea deal came just as Sabo was to go to trial, and it spared the two kids the painful ordeal of having to relive the experience through testimony on the stand.

Here’s the Daily News’ take:

He could have faced an “almost incalculable” sentence of up to hundreds of years if convicted by a jury for nine sex abuse and 120 child pornography charges, Justice Vincent Del Giudice told him.

The father of four, who used to work as a registered nurse, then finally copped.

He pleaded guilty to molesting a 5-year-old boy for five years starting in 2001 and to repeatedly forcing a little girl to engage in sex acts when she was between the ages 6 and 9.

“I had her perform oral sex on me,” Sabo, speaking almost inaudibly and leaning on the defense table, told the judge.

“One can argue that he is a victim himself,” said defense lawyer Jeffrey Schwartz, arguing that Sabo was likely a victim of sex abuse as a child.

The sordid case came to light a number of years ago, when someone saw a picture of the boy victim – clothed but tied up – on a Russian porn site and shared it with a rabbi. It took the rabbi two years to locate the child’s family and they eventually identified the second victim, a source said.

In the photo, Sabo’s hand is visible as well as the background of his Marine Park home. A search warrant unearthed some 120 child pornography images, about half of them videos.

Sabo lived on Burnett Street, one block from two different yeshivas. When the story first broke and Sabo was released on bail, local Jewish publications expressed the community’s outrage. They also noted that Sabo had attended a Jewish school made infamous by the deeds of a pedophile teacher. They wrote:

Sabo attended Yeshiva Torah Temimah in Brooklyn. The school was made infamous when its owner, Lipa Margulies, deflected investigations of a longtime teacher, Yehuda Kolko, who last yearpleaded guilty to multiple counts of child endangerment and who is suspected of widespread sexual abuse. Sabo said he could not recall if he had been a victim of sexual abuse by Kolko.

“My therapist says it’s repressed, right now, but I don’t remember,” said Sabo.

Remember Alexander Kravitz? We wrote about the Gravesend resident last January, after he was arrested in a Queens motel room where he hoped to make a porn video with a 14-year-old girl. Kravitz’s defenders came scrawling comments on the site back then, talking up what a real hardworking, honest champ the 27-year-old William E. Grady High School teacher is and that we shouldn’t judge him until the jury does.

Well, the jury has. Wait, nix that, Alex Kravitz pleaded guilty to the crime. Kravitz admitted to attempting to disseminate indecent material to a minor, as part of a deal for a 90-day jail term and five years’ probation. The Daily News reports that Kravitz will also have to turn over his computer, forfeit his teaching license, and register as a sex offender.

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