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Blink Fitness, a no-frills gym, will open in December at 3827 Nostrand Avenue, the former site of Pathmark.

Readers began sending us tips about a possible gym at the location as early as a month ago, and more frequently as fencing went up at the property indicating interior work. The item came up at last week’s Community Board 15 meeting, when it was approved for a special application to allow a physical culture establishment.

They gym already lists the location on their website, noting that it will open in late December.

It replaces the second half of Pathmark, which shuttered in 2011 amid bankruptcy proceedings. Brooklyn’s first Aldi supermarket takes up the remainder of the Pathmark footprint.

The hanging of the Aldi sign begins. Photo by Max Bolotov

The new Aldi Food Market (3785 Nostrand Ave) is coming alive. Photographs reveal that the low-cost food market, a sister company to Trader Joe’s, has begun to hang up their storefront signs.

Last October Sheepshead Bites was first to report on the construction of the new Aldi Food Market being built on the same spot that once occupied a Pathmark. The new food market will only be half the size of the Pathmark at 18,000 square feet and is expected to employ less people, but it’s still another shopping option for those lamenting the loss of the supermarket.

“Now I can walk the neighborhood without people asking when and where we’ll have a new supermarket,” Assemblywoman Helene Weinstein told Sheepshead Bites last October.

Thanks to Erica Sherman, Bart E. and Max Bolotov for the latest photographs of the construction efforts at the Aldi spot.

Photo by Bart E.

A Peek Inside The Construction of Aldi’s Interior. Photo By Erica Sherman

A Look At Aldi’s Customer Parking Lot. Photo By Max Bolotov

A Coming Soon Sign Pasted In The Store Window. Photo By Erica Sherman

Pictured with City Councilman Domenic Recchia (second from right) are, from left, Genesis Lodge members Lewis, Allan Greenberg, David Stanger, and Jeffrey Freese.

We received a post-“Shake A Can” update from our friend Errol Lewis, Past Chancellor from the Genesis Lodge of the Knights of Pythias, who informs us that the event they held benefiting victims of Hurricane Sandy was a success.

The Pythians collected food, money, clothing, and more at the Pathmark Supermarket, 2965 Cropsey Avenue off of the Belt Parkway, to help out the people and communities that were impacted by Hurricane Sandy.

The Genesis Lodge, affiliated with the largest and oldest non-sectarian fraternal organization in the world, meets on the second and fourth Wednesday of every month at the St. Mark School, 2602 East 19th Street.

For further information, contact Lewis at (718) 375-9229 or via email at

Photo by Neil Friedman

Aldi Food Market, slated to replace the defunct Pathmark at 3785 Nostrand Avenue next October, will be only half the size of its predecessor, but local pols say that it will still fulfill their promise of bringing in a notable anchor tenant to revitalize the commercial corridor, restore shoppers’ options and revive jobs in the community.

Sheepshead Bites has learned that the former Pathmark location, which occupied 35,000 square feet, is being subdivided into two storefronts, with Aldi filling 18,000 square feet of the property. The second tenant has not yet been signed. Both will have Nostrand Avenue storefronts (as opposed to Pathmark, which had its entrance on the south side of the building), and rooftop parking will remain at the location.

Find out more details about Aldi’s move to the neighborhood, and what local leaders say in response to its smaller size.

Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz, Assemblywoman Helene Weinstein, Councilman Lew Fidler and Community Board 15 Chairperson Theresa Scavo joined with representatives of the Lefrak organization and Aldi market today to announce that the German-based grocer has signed on to replace Pathmark at 3785 Nostrand Avenue.

The storefront has sat empty since April 2011 as local elected and the landlord, Lefrak, scrambled to find a supermarket replacement – one of the top constituent demands, the pols said.

“This is a location that has hundreds of thousands of people desperate for a store they could walk to. I know because when I walk around and talk to residents, that’s the only question they want to know,” said Weinstein. “They don’t want to know what’s happening in Albany, they don’t want to know what’s happening in the budget. They just want to know, ‘When can I walk with my cart to go to the store and buy something?’”

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Photo by Erica Sherman

YOU READ IT HERE FIRST: Neighbors who want a Trader Joe’s to replace Pathmark at 3785 Nostrand Avenue may be happy to learn that Aldi, a low-cost food market owned by Trader Joe’s parent company, will soon serve up fresh produce and other groceries from the currently defunct storefront beginning late next year.

A customer service representative for the international company confirmed to Sheepshead Bites that Aldi is slated to open at 3785 Nostrand Avenue in October 2013.

Aldi, based in Germany, operates more than 1,200 stores in the United States, and is owned by the same parent company as Trader Joe’s. The company has been growing, with plans to add 80 stores this year to its roster of 75 existing operations. They opened their first two New York City locations in 2011 – first in Queens and a second in the Bronx. And, earlier this month, they celebrated the grand opening of a Manhattan location.

Keep reading to find out more about Aldi and the deal at 3785 Nostrand Avenue.

Source: Commercial Acquisitions

YOU READ IT HERE FIRST: After more than 30 years serving the community, Brighton Beach’s Met Foods supermarket at 100-120 Brighton Beach Avenue will close down to make way for a modern two-story office and retail complex.

The supermarket lost its lease to the building to a new tenant who plans to redevelop the property and sublet it out, Arsen Atbashyan, the owner of Commercial Acquisitions, which brokered the lease, told Sheepshead Bites.

Atbashyan negotiated a 49-year land lease, signed near the end of 2011, that gives the developer rights to construct a two-story building on an 18,000-square-foot footprint, with 30,000 square feet of retail and office space available.

Atbashyan said he’s expecting to sign some big brand names as tenants.

“We are currently in the process of just starting the marketing process and at this time no tenants are on the hook,” he told Sheepshead Bites. “But we do expect national tenants to come on board as the marketing goes on.”

Keep reading to find out more, and view other renderings of the new development.

Source: Rasbak via Wikimedia Commons

BrightFarms, Inc and The Great Atlantic and Pacific Tea Company, Inc. (that’s A&P to you) have announced a partnership to deliver fresh local produce to A&P stores throughout New York.

BrightFarms is a 100,000 square foot Brooklyn rooftop farm operation located in Sunset park, and happens to be the largest rooftop farm in the world. The BrightFarms’ Brooklyn greenhouse grows up to one million pounds of local produce per year.

The partnership between A&P and BrightFarms helps develop a new produce supply chain—one that is thousands of miles shorter. Customers will soon have the opportunity to purchase locally-grown lettuce, tomato and herb varieties at their neighborhood A&P, The Food Emporium, Pathmark or Waldbaum’s.

Although it is not yet confirmed which stores specifically will be the recipients of BrightFarms’ local produce, A&P assures shoppers that it will be distributed widely throughout their metro-area family of stores.

“Partnering with BrightFarms is a phenomenal opportunity to provide our customers with the freshest, local, and most sustainable produce in the supermarket aisle,” said Sam Martin, the president and CEO of A&P, in a media release.

We predict that pretty soon you’ll be hearing buzz words like locavore in the produce aisle of your local Walbaum’s.


Photo by Erica Sherman

More than one year after Pathmark made its last sale from its 3795 Nostrand Avenue location, the building remains vacant, political leadership to bring a new supermarket to the site appears to have dried up, and residents are fuming about the lack of nearby options to shop for their families.

The business closed its doors for good on April 15, 2011, as the parent company, A&P, filed for bankruptcy and closed numerous locations across the nation. More than 100 employees were put out of work by the closing, and it eliminated the only supermarket within walking distance for many nearby residents.

Find out what the pols are up to, and what the property owner has to say.

Reader Kevin L. was strolling by the former site of Nostrand Avenue’s Pathmark (3785 Nostrand Avenue) when he noticed things were looking a little, er, wet.

“Looks like the sprinkler system exploded or something of the sort. Water is pouring from the ceiling near the entrance. Huge puddle. Gonna be a nice ice rink soon,” Kevin wrote.  “If you look at the ceiling in the pic, it’s bending. Looks like it’s filled with water waiting to pop.”

Kevin said it didn’t look like the sprinklers were going off in the building, but said it was hard to tell.

Oh, and for those wondering what’s going on, we’ve heard through the grapevine that there have been several near-deals with various smaller supermarket chains to take the property – Western Beef among them – but parties have backed out after being unable to agree on a fair rent.

Pathmark has been closed since March April 2011.

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