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The long-lived Sysut Computers Computer Service Center – one of the neighborhood’s first tech stores at 2021 Avenue U - has moved. In its place comes Premium Style, a new clothing store set to open soon. Apparently it will focus on European fashion.

As for Sysut, a Yelp reviewer notes that they’ve moved to Nostrand Avenue and Avenue P. Now a repair and parts shop, Sysut holds a special place in my heart. Back in the early 90s it was the only local place to buy Apple IIGS games long after they became irrelevant. Really, it was probably irresponsible to sell Leisure Suit Larry to a kid my age, but I turned out okay.

Welcome to the neighborhood, Premium Style. And good luck in your new location, Sysut.

Source: BayResident

Source: BayResident

Of all the weird and wacky stories coming across our desks about Sheepshead Bay’s quirky business scene, this is easily my favorite. Rasputin Restaurant, at 2670 Coney Island Avenue, has reopened with new ownership and a new name: Romanoff Restaurant.

Like Rasputin, it will be a Russian-themed banquet and dance hall, doling out mounds of salmon roe for its ritzy clientele.

But why is it funny? Well, as most who follow this site know, Rasputin was shuttered in May after federal authorities seized the assets of its owner, Michael Levitis, who they’ve charged with fraud in relation to his side business, Mission Settlement Agency. He is accused of swindling clients out of millions of dollars in charges for debt settlement services never rendered.

In choosing “Romanoff” as their name, the new owners are tipping their hat – perhaps unintentionally – to the whole mess.

Romanoff, you see, was the surname of Michael Romanoff, a.k.a. Prince Michael Dimitri Alexandrovich Obolensky-Romanoff, but, actually, a man born in Lithuania as Hershel Geguzin. Romanoff established the famed Hollywood venue Romanoff’s, a beacon for L.A.’s elite in the 1940s and 1950s.

But Romanoff wasn’t who he said he was. Hardly a prince, he was one of America’s most legendary conmen. After traveling the world under different identities, he eventually settled in Hollywood and became a social gadfly, regaling stars with tales of his phony claim to Russian royalty, claiming to be a nephew of Tsar Nicholas II.

Ultimately, he was deported to France to serve time for fraud.

So, opening up on the site of another restaurant that was shuttered when its Eastern European owner was charged with fraud, and dubbing it Romanoff, the name of another Eastern European restaurateur charged with fraud… yeah, that’s funny.

Unfortunately, we doubt the owners had this in mind when they chose the name.

Regardless, good luck, Romanoff.

The following is a message from our friends at the Brooklyn Streetcar Artists’ Group:

To help usher in the newest addition to its lineup, Arbuz is inviting Sheepshead Bay residents to “go bananas” with a free banana-flavored frozen yogurt.

The offer is for a small (a.k.a. “skinny”) cup with toppings. So make sure to check in at the store (1706 Sheepshead Bay Road, just off Voorhies Avenue) this evening, as the offer only goes from 5:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. today!

Arbuz, the frozen yogurt peddler at 1706 Sheepshead Bay Road, has been quietly expanding its offerings beyond frozen treats and dessert.

Arbuz opened in August 2009 looking a lot like a local twist on the Pinkberry and Red Mango craze sweeping through Manhattan and Northern Brooklyn. But owner Rovshan Danilov wrote to us this morning to announce their new direction – and we’ve noticed that they pulled down the “Frozen desserts from A to Z” tagline that once graced their sign. He writes:

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(Photo courtesy of Arthur B.)

(Photo courtesy of Arthur B.)

Arbuz has started vending its frozen treats from the trendy storefront on Sheepshead Bay Road. Picking up on the ongoing craze sparked by Pinkberry and Red Mango, Arbuz – Russian for Watermelon – specializes in frozen yogurt. They offer four flavors (Raspberry, Watermelon, Pomagranet and Acai, and Original), topped with your choice of dry ingredients or fresh fruit. In addition to frozen yogurt, Arbuz sells a variety of tea, tiramisu and cakes. We haven’t had time to stop in for a bite, but you can bet a review is forthcoming – and we’re excited to have a homegrown business filling this niche, rather than a chain.

Thanks to Arthur B. for the photo and information.