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For more than 40 years he was entwined in the fabric of the Southern Brooklyn community. He was ever-present at community meetings, where he was frequently recognized for stellar attendance. He was a member of numerous civic groups; so many that no one can list them all. He rubbed elbows, and sometimes chewed out, politicians…

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Jeffrey Babbitt, the victim of a deranged assault by 31-year-old Lashawn Marten, died yesterday at the age of 62. A New York Times obituary noted the deep sense of loss felt by Babbitt’s friends and family, who remembered Babbitt as a gentle and sweet man. Yesterday, we reported on the incident that put Babbitt in a…


Of all the elected officials I have known personally — with the exception of former Congressman Stephen Solarz for whom I once performed an internship during his first term as assemblyman for the 45th Assembly District — I’ve had the most personal contact with our former mayor, Ed Koch. My First Encounter It was 1969.…

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Famed Brooklyn author Sol Yurick passed away at the age of 87 this past Saturday according to the New York Daily News. Yurick is most famous for writing The Warriors, a 1965 novel – and, later, cult move – about a Brooklyn gang viciously battling their way through the borough on their way home to…

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Warner Fusselle, the only man to have ever called the play-by-plays for the Brooklyn Cyclones (1904 Surf Avenue), passed away a week shy of what would have been his 12th Opening Day since the inception of the team. “We are deeply saddened by the news of Warner’s passing,” said Cyclones General Manager Steve Cohen. “There is…

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The Manhattan Beach Community Group notified the community of the death of Emanuel “Manny” Kahn, a community activist involved in the group. They wrote on their website: The MBCG was notified of the passing of Emanuel “Manny” Kahn this past Saturday. He was a member of our group for many many years before he and…

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