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Renowned chef, author, and Travel Channel superstar Anthony Bourdain is wrapping up his 50th tour of Planet Earth by landing in Sheepshead Bay.

The Travel Channel just released a preview of the hotly anticipated No Reservations series finale by showing Anthony ordering extra “cheez” for his roast beef sandwich at Roll-N-Roaster (2901 Emmons Avenue).

The clip captures the running gag of New Jersey-born and Manhattan-based Bourdain’s complete ignorance of Brooklyn cuisine, a theme visited many times in the series’ run.

As we reported this June, Bourdain filmed the last scene of the soon to be last episode of the show at Jay and Lloyds at 2718 Avenue U.

Bourdain is famous for visiting every obscure culinary hotspot, from Paris to Mozambique, so as a fan, I admit it’s always exciting to see Bourdain land at a restaurant you’ve actually been too. In fact, its a thrill I’ve personally only gotten to experience once before, during this last season, when Anthony hit Harry’s Cafe de Wheels Famous in Sydney, Australia, an excellent little hot dog and meat pie stand I frequented often in a recent trip.


Travel Channel foodie Anthony Bourdain announced over the weekend that he had finished filming the final episode of his highly successful “No Reservations” TV show, and he chose local staple Jay & Lloyds at 2718 Avenue U to wrap up the show’s run.

Bourdain will be moving from from the Travel Channel to host a weekly show on CNN next year, according to the New York Post.

“I’m really looking forward to coming over to CNN. I think the world is going to get a whole lot bigger for me,” said Bourdain in a CNN release. “I hope that old fans and new ones will be excited about what’s coming down the road.”

He later tweeted that he’s excited to travel to “Congo? Libya? Finally?”

Looks like pastrami on rye in Sheepshead Bay is no match for the fare available in war-torn Africa. Or, heck, maybe he was trying to get a bite of some of the city’s best pastrami before chowing down on tarantulas and dung-beetles.