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Photos by and courtesy of Allan Rosen

THE COMMUTE: In early 2012, we reported on confusing Department of Transportation (DOT) parking and traffic regulations and on confusing and outdated signage mentioning the taxi stand on Brighton Beach Avenue. That stand is not even listed in DOT’s database of taxi stands so apparently they are unaware of its existence.

In January 2013, DOT — realizing the problems with existing signage that were causing unnecessary confusion — unveiled a new format for parking regulatory signs, which shortly thereafter began to make their appearance in Manhattan. A consultant was hired who devised what you see here.

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Community board leaders are about to lose one of their sweetest perks: a parking placard that lets them park anywhere in the city for free for up to three hours.

The free parking privilege, which has been enjoyed for years by the chairs of each of the 59 community boards, is coming to an end come February 1, according to a report in the New York Post.

The mayor’s order to revoke the passes has naturally met a degree of resistance, and in some cases, outright indignation from community board leaders.

Our own Theresa Scavo, from Community Board 15 wants an alternative to the loss of the golden “free parking” placard, like a prepaid MetroCard.

“Now I take the train to the city out of my own pocket and there is no reimbursement fee,” Scavo told the Post.

According to the Post, only the volunteer board leaders will lose their passes while the paid district managers will still retain their placards.

CBS’s crime drama Person of Interest will be shooting in the Bay tomorrow, meaning no parking around the location beginning tonight at 10:00 p.m.

Signs showed up on meters and telephone polls around Roll-N-Roaster late last week, letting residents know that parking will be off-limits for the time being. The area includes the most of the north side of Emmons Avenue from Nostrand Avenue to East 28th Street, as well as up East 29th Street and part of Shore Parkway. We assume the less scenic areas are where they’ll put the trailers, crews and lunch buffet. Never forget the lunch buffet.

The series is shooting its second season and stars that guy who played Jesus in that snuff film Jim Caviezel as a former CIA agent who runs around New York City stopping violent crimes.

Let me help you out, Jim. The Roll-N-Roaster roast beef did indeed kick the crap out of Burger King.

Beginning this weekend, there is “No Parking” allowed on the streets of Manhattan Beach on Saturdays, Sundays and legal holidays such as Memorial Day, Independence Day and Labor Day.

As per New York City parking regulations, this ban on parking will be in effect all summer until September 15.

Please make note of this in order to avoid getting a summons.