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Police & Fire

A fire broke out in a residential building at 231 Brighton 2nd Lane just after midnight this morning, lighting up the Brighton Beach skyline. The two-alarm fire ripped through an unoccupied two-story dwelling, and took firefighters nearly an hour to bring under control. The building has been empty since Superstorm Sandy swept through, and there…

Arts & Music

We haven’t posted anything about our local watercolor wonder and moleskin mayven, artist Nikira, since early 2010. It’s high time that change. Nikira — real name: Irina Chtypel — illustrated, and posted on an arresting still life of a sexy, pink cocktail dress draped on a garment stand outside of the haute couture shop Lace…

Arts & Music

We stumbled across this cute watercolor of Manhattan Beach – that’s Kingsborough Community College in the background – and thought we’d share it with you. The art comes to you courtesy of Nikira, who has a lot of really awesome New York scenes sketched and painted into her little Moleskin book. Check it out; you’ll…