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In 2013, nearly 700,000 people visited Sheepshead Bites more than two million times. We published 1,861 new articles about Sheepshead Bay and the surrounding communities, growing the total archive of this blog to 7,359 posts. You, our readers, submitted somewhere in the vicinity of 45,000 comments.

All I have to say is thank you. Thank you for another terrific year of building the Sheepshead Bites community.

When I started Sheepshead Bites as a hobby nearly six years ago, I never expected it to grow to this size. Fueled by your tips, comments and notes of support, we’ve become the largest repository of online information about Sheepshead Bay and the surrounding neighborhoods.

A much deserved thank you goes out to our business supporters, too. Local institutions like il Fornetto Restaurant and Fillmore Real Estate have provided tremendous support that allows us to do what we do, all day, every (week)day. So make sure to stop by and say thank you to the various businesses you see advertising on this site, because they do it not just to promote themselves, but because they recognize the important role that online news plays in our community.

Thank you as well to the small army of people who help out Sheepshead Bites – writing, reporting, submitting tips and photos and so much more. There are too many to name, but you know who you are, and I cannot express my gratitude enough.

This year has been a very tough one – for us, for you, for the local businesses – as we all continue to rebound from Superstorm Sandy. But to see our neighbors plod along – especially our local businesses – and double down their investment in our community not only gives me hope, but inspiration.

Here’s to a happy, healthy and prosperous 2014. We’ll see you January 2!

The answer is “yes.”

The Department of Transportation suspends alternate side parking (street cleaning) regulations and parking meter regulations on New Year’s Day, Wednesday, January 1. So if you have too much of a good time tonight and can’t get out of bed in the morning, there’s some relief for you.

Take note, though: all parking regulations are in effect on New Year’s Eve, Tuesday, December 31.

Check out the full NYC 2014 parking calendar.

Ah, finally, 2012 comes to a close, and 2013 kicks off.

For many of us, especially those ravaged by Superstorm Sandy, 2012 couldn’t come to an end fast enough. We all look to a bright, new start in 2013. And for the dozens of business hard-hit by the waters, your help is required to get that start.

While many businesses still struggle, most of the restaurants have reopened – Wheeler’s, Tete a Tete, Randazzo’s Clam Bar, Masal Cafe, Yiassou Estiatorio, Jimmy’s Famous Heros, Il Fornetto, and on and on – but they’re going to need your help. So today, tomorrow and throughout 2013, make a point of patronizing these local businesses, and show some support for your neighbors. After all, they support you; without exception, every one of the restaurants named above regularly gives donations and goods to community and cultural organizations, sports leagues and civic groups (not to mention, many of them support your humble local news publication, Sheepshead Bites).

So go and spend $5 or $10 where you wouldn’t otherwise, and help kickstart our own little Sandy relief effort – and brighten up this New Year for everyone.

And, of course, have a safe, healthy and happy New Year. We’ll see you in 2013!

A record-breaking 1,500 people hit the shores of Coney Island on Saturday for the Polar Bear Club’s annual swim.

The waters were a brisk 35 degree, but that didn’t stop revelers from diving in, with many wearing nothing more than a speedo.

Ever wonder what that must feel like?

“It was like 10,000 knives stabbing you at once!,” Tim Henshall told the Daily News. “It’s a great way to remind you you’re alive.”

It’s true; when I need a reminder that I’m not dead, I stab myself repeatedly.

Luckily for us, reader Lloyd Mitchell was on hand to take these shots. Thanks Lloyd!

See the photos.

Alishba Waseem (Source: CBS 2)

Brooklyn’s first baby was born at Coney Island Hospital just seconds after the stroke of midnight, hospital officials said.

Weighing in at 7 pounds and 3 ounces, Alishba Waseem Rasool, arrived at Coney Island Hospital at 12:00:05 a.m. on January 1, making her the third child of Mill Basin couple Mehnaz and Muhammad Waseem Khan.

“I was about to do my last push and then the whole staff counted down for me like when it was 10 seconds left [to midnight],” Rasool told 1010 WINS.

Both the child and her mother are doing well, the hospital reports. Big brother Aimen, 7, and big sister Anisha, 6, await the homecoming of their little sister.

“We are honored to deliver baby girl Rasool at Coney Island Hospital and want to wish her a very happy birthday,” said Dr. Toni Stern, Chair OB/GYN, Coney Island Hospital.   “In 2010 we helped bring over 1200 newborns into the world and today we join Mr. and Mrs. Khan in celebrating the birth of their little girl in the first few seconds of 2011.”

But baby Rasool isn’t the only “first Brooklyn baby of 2011.” The honor is split this year between her and another little girl, delivered at SUNY Downstate, named Princess Avana Andrews.

January 3. The first Monday of the New Year. That’d be 2011, if you hadn’t figured it out.

And if you hadn’t figured it out, your number one resolution should be to work on your powers of observation.

But that’s what this is all about. Resolutions. Because it’s the first Monday of the New Year, and that means we’re obligated to talk about resolutions.

What’s yours? Wait. Before you answer that, we don’t want to hear about the stuff like, “I want to quit smoking,” or, “I want to lose weight.” What do you think this is, News 12?

No, we want to hear your more interesting resolutions. “This year I will give money to homeless people, not syphilis,” or, “I want to reduce the number of hookers I bury in my basement.”

Stuff like that. Lay it on me. What’s your crazy New Years resolution?

Feel free to make stuff up. This is a no judgement zone.

This year was a terrific time for Sheepshead Bites, as the site grew beyond expectation and its content matured. We’re writing stronger pieces every day, burrowing deeper into the heart of the community. We’ve welcomed some talented new additions to our team, and launched new features we hope help you feel more connected to the neighborhood. Expect more of that in 2011.

All of it, every single bit, is thanks to each and every one of you. On these joyful occasions - New Years, Thanksgiving, etc. – I get to embark on the task I enjoy most: thanking all of you. The readers, commenters and tipsters make this site so much more than just a news site. It’s a hub where the Sheepshead Bay community is reflected and strengthened; it bridges the divide between digital communities and concrete neighborhoods.

Thank you all for being a part of this rewarding endeavor. I look forward to serving all of you in 2011.

Have an excellent New Year, filled with happiness, health and prosperity!

My favorite photo of 2010. In just 10 hours, the year is as over as this fish.

With 2011 just hours away, it’s time for Sheepshead Bites’ Top 10 list. It’s been a huge year, too. We had mosques, garbage, plows and concerts. Television shows and meeting videos and movie theater shutdowns (not to mention bed bugs!). It was the year of dead bodies found floating in the Bay, disastrous storms and douchebag eyeglass retailers.

It was also the year Sheepshead Bites was named Best Local Blog in Brooklyn and Manhattan, and was put on a list of most promising local news initiatives nationwide.

It’s been a good year.

We’ve gone through the site’s statistics for 2010 and discovered that these 10 stories snagged the most eyes from those in the neighborhood and beyond.

See our Top 10 stories of 2010 list!

Shopping carts photographed early New Year's Day. (Photo courtesy of a reader)

We would have had our picture posted since last week, but we were recovering from a serious hangover that lasted a couple of days.  Believe me, I would take a serious hangover like that one any day over having to spend a night in the slammer – which is where I and Party City, over here, were almost headed.

You see, we figured we would roll out the old year and ring in the new one by doing what everyone else in the neighborhood is, apparently, doing – drink it up — when some rookie cop started walking toward us at the corner of Avenue Y and East 27 Street. Just before he made eye contact, I threw my drink cup on the ground (if you look closely, you can see the cup in the picture).  He started questioning us, “Don’t you guys know it’s illegal to drink alcohol on a public street?, How old are you kids, anyway?, Where’s your ID?, Don’t you guys have a bed you can find yourself in, tonight?”

We were already drunk, but we managed to come up with some answers real quick: “See a drink in my hand, officer? We’re older than you think.  Don’t let our good wheels fool ya. Check our ID right there on the handle. That cart over there is Party City. He lost his voice when a car hit him, a couple months ago. Sure, officer, we’ll get right home, just this minute.”

Man, was I scared, ‘cuz Party City is a minor. I just wanted him to keep quiet, so I lied to keep him from having to talk. We tried to roll off into the night as the flat foot walked away, but, to tell the truth, our wheels were like liquid and we both just crashed right into the pole and the postal box.

Man, that was a rough New Year’s Eve and a tough couple days after, but would we do it again? Apparently, research shows that terrible hangovers don’t limit future liquor consumption. So, yes, I guess, you’ll see us drunk as a skunk around the streets of Sheepshead Bay, sometime in the near future.

Happy Belated New Year’s, everyone!

We’d like to wish everyone a happy, healthy New Years. We hope good things for you, your family, and your friends. Thank you, once again, for making Sheepshead Bay what it is with your clicks, tips, and comments, and we look forward to sharing 2010 with you.

Sheepshead Bites is taking off until Monday, January 4. Don’t fret though – we’ve left you with our New Years package below so you can flip through some of the biggest stories of 2009, and catch up with what we think is coming in 2010. And with nearly one thousand posts archived on our site, be sure to flip back through the pages and find things you’ve missed!

Again: a happy, healthy New Years to you and yours.

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