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Nemopocolypse came and went, and while it was historic snowfall for other areas, Sheepshead Bay saw just nine inches of snow – making it a fairly routine blizzard. Department of Sanitation did a fantastic job clearing the roadways quickly, and transit workers and management kept the system on track with little incident. Responsible neighbors woke…

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Vic¬†DiBiteto is clearly a victim of the media hype surrounding Nemo – which, by the way, is a name bestowed by The Weather Channel, not the National Weather Service, which doles out the real names, and never to winter storms. Anyway, Vic, a comedian and former performer at the much-missed Pips, needs to get his…

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There was a time when I enjoyed snow and snowy days. There used to be a thrill in getting off from school, or work, and then adventuring out into the fluffy white stuff and frolicking around. Those days are gone for me. I hate the winter and its frozen air, shutting us in our homes…