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Photo by Steve Barrison

A frustrated Steve Barrison, president of the Bay Improvement Group, sent out this e-mail to local pols and Sheepshead Bites last night, demanding action against the illegal vendors hawking strawberries, blueberries and other items at the Sheepshead Bay Road entrance to the Sheepshead Bay subway station.

This was taken with my cell on a random week day evening after rush hour in front of the Sheepshead Bay subway station. This has been a complaint we have heard from local merchants afraid to complain publicly fearing they will be retaliated against.

It is many boxes of fruit. There was also much litter and many empty boxes are even piled up across the street left on the sidewalk near our BIG mural under the elevated subway.(East 15th Street)

Is this legal? What kind of permits are needed in front of the entrance/exit to the subway? Can the NYPD, DCA or whoever, do anything? Who enforces this? This has gone on for a very long time.

Clearly this hurts our neighborhood small businesses who pay significant rent for their fruit stands in a brick and mortar store.

Is this being investigated?

The filth alone deserves to be addressed and the legality and public safety too.

We can back up the fact that there’s a lot of grumbling about these vendors, and not just from business owners. We’ve received e-mails and photos from readers fed up with the garbage they leave around. And it’s not a new problem; way back in 2011 we published photos of the boxes of rotting fruits they left abandoned near the Neck Road station, and we’ve also seen their trash adjacent to the empty MTA-owned lot on East 15th Street, between Avenue Y and Avenue Z.

As for who is responsible for cracking down on these guys? If they’re unlicensed, it’s the Department of Consumer Affairs (DCA) – although there’s precedent for the local police precinct to do enforcement as well. In Sheepshead Bay, the 61st Precinct gives illegal flower vendors the boot on Valentine’s Day. In Brighton Beach, the 60th Precinct does it all year round. The Department of Sanitation is also responsible for busting them for the illegal commercial dumping they appear to be doing when they toss their trash in public places and empty lots.

Oh, and all those links in bold in the paragraph above? Those take you to the contact pages for each of the agencies so you can make your own complaint. You may also want to try Community Board 15, Assemblyman Steven Cymbrowitzs office and Councilman Michael Nelson‘s office.

UPDATE (2:59 p.m.): We heard from Assemblyman Steven Cymbrowitz’s office noting that he is working with the Health Department to shut down and remove the illegal vendors and that the department will be sending an inspector out.

Commuters felt the first stretch last week of what they’ll be facing for the next eight months, as the MTA continues to replace tracks serving the Brighton line’s B and Q trains.

According to the MTA’s website, the 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. work, which sees disruptions of service at Gravesend Neck Road and Avenue U, will continue through November 16.

The work means that Coney Island-bound Q trains skip Avenue U and Gravesend Neck Road between the hours above, and that Manhattan-bound B trains will be running local between Sheepshead Bay Road and Kings Highway.

For south-bound straphangers looking to get to those stops, you will need to continue your trip until Sheepshead Bay Road, transfer to the northbound platform, and take either the B or Q back up.

Photo by Lisanne

It ain’t just the Avenue Y underpass

From Lisanne and nolastname:

[nolastname] told me that they were dumping garbage in front of teold LIRR staircase now. The corner pavement, as you can see, has been paved, and a protective barrier put up. But that doesn’t stop people. I talked to two workers who told me it definitely would not have come from anyone involved with the end stages of the Neck Road station project.

Of course it wouldn’t have…

Neck Road subway platform, photo taken this morning by BrooklynQ.


Photo courtesy of

When we heard the following news, we were certain it would be followed by a Notify NYC alert telling us to beware of low-flying pigs arriving from a frozen-over Hell.

But no, none of that happened. And we’re happy to say that the Manhattan-bound platforms at Avenue U and Neck Road are now open – meaning a full restoration of service on both sides. Work is still being done and the two-year project is not yet complete. The MTA’s page on the Brighton Line Restoration project says the final touches will be in Early 2011. The project was slightly delayed, as the original completion date was supposed to be in 2010 – but at least we’ve got our service back.

Further down the line, Manhattan-bound platforms at Avenue M and Avenue H will remain closed until Fall 2011.

Tip o’ the hat to for spotting this before us.

BrooklynQ sent in this photo of the newest art installment at the Gravesend Neck Road train station. Seeing this brings on one of those heartwarming moments where you’re oh-so-happy that they’re raising fares again so they can keep putting in new benches, and providing fresh canvases for Sheepshead Bay’s prolific artists.

All righty, people… caption contest? Yes, I think so. What’ve you got for this photo?

As we informed you last week, the Avenue U and Neck Road train stations have reopened their Coney Island-bound platforms after more than one year.

Featuring wider platforms and wood-ish paneling, the station had its first commuters yesterday and were caught by photographer Paul Anderson.

Below you’ll see photos of the new station – a sign of things to come all along the B/Q line – which is not yet totally complete. You’ll see work is still being done on the stairwell and on the platform itself. The station’s signs appear to also be in commute, as workers temporarily placed dirty, tagged up signs from the other side of the tracks until new ones are installed.

So… we await your photos of gummed up platforms and graffiti’d walls

And now the photos

Community Board 15 Chairperson Theresa Scavo sent us this note about the Q train stations at Avenue U and Gravesend Neck Road:

Good word from the MTA, on Monday January 18th,2010 the southbound stations of Avenue U and Neck Road will be opened at 5am and at the same the northbound stations will be closed. This work will be completed by Fall 2010. The B service will be restored in Fall 2011.

After delays and destruction at those stations, this certainly is good news.

Just so we’re clear about this, beginning next Monday you will not be able to catch a Manhattan-bound train at Gravesend Neck Road or Avenue U, though the Brighton-bound side will be reopened. In order to go to Manhattan from those stations you will need to take a Brighton-bound train to Sheepshead Bay Road and transfer to the other side of the tracks.

Courtesy of BrooklynQ

Reports began pouring in about a week ago that the Avenue U and Gravesend Neck Road train stations were already covered in graffiti. It wasn’t very long ago that the platforms finally began to take shape after a year of work, and as soon as they had walls they got some “art.”

Seriously, Sheepshead Bay needs better street artists. These guys suck.

On a related note about things that suck – our budget. We couldn’t afford the $2.25 to go up on the platform and snap a shot, so all we’ve got is this cruddy cell phone photo from a reader. So please, send us more photos of the construction and the vandalism, and we’ll post them. Free hug for every published photo!

Send photos to nberke [at] sheepsheadbites [dot] com or upload them to your Facebook account and tag them with “Sheepshead Bites”

Construction on B line in Sheepshead Bay

Photo by Arthur Borko

It’s a rare sight indeed, but construction workers at the Avenue V subway overpass were photographed working earlier today. The work at Avenue V is part of the rehabilitation projects at the Gravesend Neck Road and Avenue U train stations that started almost exactly one year ago. The work on this side was scheduled to be finished by now and construction on the Manhattan-bound tracks are next. But, unsurprisingly, work has been delayed and now the MTA says work on the Coney Island-bound side will finish by “Early 2010.”

Regarding the overall project affecting the entire line this side of Prospect Park, the MTA has not yet responded to our leaders’ requests for more information. Politicians and organizers for the area met with MTA officials in October to ask for alternatives to the work and guarantees of the timetable. MTA told them they would be in touch in a few days after they had gathered relevant data. Sheepshead Bites is offering $100,000 (in Monopoly money) to anyone who can snag a photo of an MTA executive at work.

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