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It seems the city is looking for money wherever they can get it, and that means that hair and nail salons and barbershops better watch out: authorities are fining establishments for common sense pricing practices prevalent throughout the neighborhood.

The city has issued fines ranging from $50 to $500 to at least 138 businesses so far this year – mostly salons and barbershops – for charging different prices to different genders. Business owners say the fines are ridiculous, and that the law ignores basic inherent differences between the sexes.

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A+ Nail Spa has opened at 1326 Sheepshead Bay Road.

The business represents a full circle for this Sheepshead Bay Road storefront, having previously been occupied by Green Leaf Smokes, a roll your own cigarette place that was shuttered under pressure from a city lawsuit, and, before that, another nail salon.

Glad to see things are back to the status quo…

Reader Janelle F. spotted this at one of Avenue U’s numerous Asian salons, and we quickly ripped it off her Facebook page. It’s not quite as chuckle-inducing as Ka Ka Bakery, or stomach-wretching as “pee soup,” but the tongue-defying “Perhangnt” has a special charm in that it’s totally unrevealing. Just what the hell does that mean?

Regardless, I’m hoping to get that hair treatment that’ll blind everyone taller than me: the hight light. At $50 a pop, it’s totally worth it.