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Over 60 years old and never received the college degree you always dreamed of because you couldn’t afford it? Want to start a new career or obtain knowledge in a new field, but don’t possess the funds necessary for a college education? Take advantage of Kingsborough Community College’s “My Turn” Program!

“My Turn,” is a tuition-free college program which offers senior citizens the opportunity to join regular college classes, and enjoy KBCC’s beautiful campus in Manhattan Beach. The program offers over 400 classes in a broad range of fields, including art, fashion, literature, health, and business. Participants can also join other exciting events, to help enhance their educational experience.

“We also have trips, fundraisers and discussion groups,” said Dr. Barbara Ginsberg, who founded the program in 1981, in a press release. “In our discussions we talk about timely documents, politics and several mentoring programs.”

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Source: TheFadedPast/Flickr

The “My Turn” program at Kingsborough Community College is offering a special program for New York residents, 60 years or older, who are interested in returning to college. Courses at the school, 2001 Oriental Boulevard in the Manhattan Beach, include art, music, history, health education, literature and more.

In person “My Turn” registration for the Fall 2011 semester is Thursday, September 1, 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. in Room M108. On line registration begins at 3 p.m., Wednesday, August 31. Applications for the Fall 2011 semester must be completed and submitted to the My Turn office by Tuesday, August 16.

There is no tuition; however, a registration fee is required. For more, call 718-368-5079 or go to