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Aside from the destruction of Emmons Avenue’s waterfront bungalows, Hurricane Sandy also left disaster and devastation at Sheepshead Bay’s boating clubs.

The worst hit was the Sheepshead Bay Yacht Club (3076 Emmons Avenue), where boats, moorings and marinas all swept in from the ocean approximately 80 feet to the yacht clubs’s back porch, as you can see above.

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Photo by Scott K.

We began receiving e-mails yesterday about a boat found mysteriously dumped in the middle of Emmons Avenue near Batchelder Street, blocking traffic and turning eastbound Emmons Avenue into a one-lane strip.

The first spotting we heard about was just after 7:00 a.m., where it sat for at least 24 hours before Sanitation workers arrived this morning, loaded it on a flatbed truck, and hauled it off – again at approximately 7:00 a.m.

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As you flip through the photos in this article, you’ll need to remind yourself: yes, this is still New York City.

It’s an easy fact to forget on the waters of Jamaica Bay and, just outside the Rockaway inlet, the Atlantic Ocean. Homes seem few and far between. Greenery is lush. And, oh, the quiet is so… quiet.

But on a clear, sunny day like June 24, the day of the 26th Annual Blessing of the Fleet, the Freedom Tower and Manhattan skyline loom in the background, an impressive reminder of place.

The Blessing of the Fleet is an annual tradition in which all of Sheepshead Bay’s yacht and boating club members converge in the open waters, sail through the Bay, and past the Emmons Avenue yacht clubs. There, leaders of various faiths dole out wishes of good fortune and safety to more than 100 participating vessels.

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Photo by Ned Berke

This is a paid announcement from Miramar Yacht Club (3050 Emmons Avenue), one of Sheepshead Bay’s premier boating communities.

If you’re interested in sailing, then Miramar Yacht Club is the place to learn!

Escape to an area where sailing re-awakens your senses. Feel the southerly breezes that will fill your sails and your day with experiences that make you feel vital and alive. Experience fishing in an ocean filled with snappers, blues, bass, and fluke.

But first, learn the skills you need to get on the water. Miramar offers a one-day course, packed with four hours of sailing instruction, a demonstration on an actual boat and hands-on learning. The class also comes with a colorful booklet to get you started, a guide and lunch.

The best part? By taking this class you also earn a free afternoon of real sailing in our Seek & Sail event in June. All you have to do is sign up for our class this weekend, and one of our captains will take you out on the water and put your skills to the test in June (exact date TBD).

The class is Sunday, May 6, from 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m at our 3050 Emmons Avenue location. Cost is $60 per student, or $100 for a couple.

To register email or call Irene at (718) 743-5823.

This is a paid sale announcement from Miramar Yacht Club.  If you own a business and would like to announce a special offer to tens of thousands of locals, e-mail us at advertising [at] sheepsheadbites [dot] com.


It’ll soon be a year since we first reported a seal sighting at the dock of the Miramar Yacht Club. The adorable animal was seen just lounging around, getting his tan on. At the time a yacht club member said he has never seen a seal in the waters of Sheepshead Bay; it was unheard of.

Then in March of 2011 there was another seal sighting, but this time it was at Brighton Beach. A month after that it seemed the same seal that appeared at the Miramar Yacht Club resurfaced again in Sheepshead Bay.

Apparently, a Rockaway cruise vessel is taking advantage of the seals’ affable nature, and is giving tours to those who don’t want to wait for them to sun themselves on lonely Sheepsheady Bay marinas.

During a recent American Princess cruise in which a New York Post reporter tagged along, seal-spotters laid eyes on a dozen of the water-bound furballs.

“The nicest part is that they are just as interested in us as we are in them,” said Jack Goldstein, the captain of the American Princess. “Sometimes, it feels like they are staring back at us.”

The cruise leaves from the Rockaways and proceeds towards Staten Island. The vessel stays idle around Swinburne and Hoofman, the two man-made islands off of the Staten Island coast that have played home to the seals for the past 10 years.

Paul Sieswerda, the cruise’s tour guide, says there has been a great increase in seal sightings in Jamaica Bay since 2006.

“There is a growing population of harbor seals in the East Coast,” said Sieswerda.

He has devoted much of his life to the mammal. In the summer of 1976, he kept and raised a baby seal in his bathtub until he was able to find a proper aquarium for the animal. Also, in 1994 Sieswerda cared for a seal named Andre, which was the idea behind the children’s film Andre.

The Miramar Yacht Club at 3050 Emmons Avenue has released their Sailing Basics programs for this spring and summer.

There will be an opportunity to explore sailing on Sunday May 1, at 11 a.m. There is also a free seek and sail event on June 18.

Prices for the program are $75 for students and $120 for couples who register together. To register email or call (718)743-5823.

Okay, guys. It’s time to name this little bugger. He looks like the same fellow that was hanging out at the Miramar Yacht Club in February, and probably a relative of the GPS-cyborg-seal chilling on Brighton Beach last month. This time, Franz (I’m naming him Franz until we’ve come to a consensus) was soaking in some rays near Sheepshead Bay Yacht Club’s marina at 3076 Emmons Avenue. Reader Dave Janicki, who sent the photo, said he also saw Franz yesterday, swimming about the bay.

This proves it: Sheepshead Bay has it all when it comes to water. And by all, I mean swans and seals. We’ve got swans and seals. And sewage. Swans, seals and sewage.

So… Franz. Agreed?

Courtesy of Miramar Yacht Club

We began getting e-mails Wednesday night about a great big seal lazily basking in the sun on the docks of the Miramar Yacht Club. The seal, about five feet long, had been there all day, and didn’t seem the slightest bit perturbed by the presence of papparazi-like club members. The next morning, the seal was still there, but, unfortunately, he returned to the waters and made his way out to sea just minutes before Sheepshead Bites arrived with cameras.

Perhaps he worried that if he lingered too long on the Miramar docks, he’d be asked to pay membership dues.

Anthony, a long time clubmember, said he’d never seen a seal in the waters of Sheepshead Bay. But apparently boaters were reporting back to the club that a pod of the pinnipeds have been playing around the mouth of the bay for the past two days.

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(Miramar Yacht Club trophy case)

Tonight I attended the Miramar Yacht Club (MYC) Sailing Course and I feel as if I’m sailing off into a new phase in my life. It’s hard to believe that all this leisure sailing has been going on, practically in my backyard, and I never had a part of it.

Anyone can take this class and everyone should. In just three short sessions, you can learn how to talk like a sailor — and I don’t mean swearing. By the first sail date in June, you’ll probably be able to rig up the spinnaker.

Accompanied by the computerized presentation, the well-worn, waterborne teachers went through the information as smoothly as a sailboat going downstream. Those who paid for the course received the book, “Start Sailing Right” by Derrick Fries of The United States Sailing Association. Members of the press will have to buy a copy for $15 at MYC or online.

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From Landlubber to Sailor

The Miramar Yacht Club is having a Sailing Course to introduce us landlubbers to what it takes to be on the ocean. I’m sure this series of classes will fill up fast. You will definitely get a faster response if you call, as opposed to e-mailing.

The course will cover all the basics of sailing and will be held on three Friday nights – March 27, April 3, April 17, 2009, 8:00pm – 10:00pm. The price includes a free sail, on the water – in a sailboat – to be given sometime after the class to practice your new sailing skills.

The class fee is $60 per person — $100 for couples or families — and includes class materials, refreshments, and the Free Sail.
Payment for the course will be accepted at the first class.

The class will cover: Sailing nomenclature, parts of a sail, apparent wind, Bernoulli Principle, points of sail, luffing, sail trim, slowing and stopping a sailboat, sailing after stopping, tacking, jibing, general rules of the road, red-right-return, anchoring, docking and a few knots.

Miramar Yacht Club
3050 Emmons Avenue
Sheepshead Bay
Brooklyn, NY 11235
Located between Haring St & Nostrand Ave

For reservations call 718-743-5823 or e-mail.

Note: The link to the website won’t work on Firefox.

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