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Another day, another animal in the cross-hairs of the wildlife gestapo. In the wacky world of wildlife preservation, we’ve seen battles rage over swans and cats in the past few weeks, and now concerns are being revived about the annual plans to round up and euthanize Canada geese. The latest comes from GooseWatch NYC, an…

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The head of the New York City Office of Recovery and Resiliency is getting behind the Bloomberg-era plan to replace the Riegelmann Boardwalk’s wooden slats with concrete, saying that concrete fared better in Superstorm Sandy. Recovery chief Daniel Zarrilli testified before the City Council last Thursday, telling them that the choice of concrete was a…

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With new reports every week about the growing frustration New York City’s Superstorm Sandy victims feel towards recovery programs, Mayor Bill de Blasio has acknowledged that the city “needs to do better,” and said his administration will find a new approach. Wall Street Journal reports: “Some of [the inefficiencies in relief] is in the way…

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I’m not one to go tanning at a salon, but I’ve got enough carrot-toned neighbors to know it’s a pretty popular pastime in our area. So I thought I’d pass along the news that the Bloomberg administration has announced a new set of regulations for tanning salons and will soon begin inspections to ensure compliance.…

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