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Source: Google Maps

Source: Google Maps

Ocean Medical Plaza at 2700 Ocean Avenue, a medical office with 35 examination rooms, is now on the market for $5.75 million.

The 12,500 square foot building wedged between residential apartments between Avenue W and Gravesend Neck Road is being marketing by Massey Knakal Realty Service, according to a press release from the broker, and it appears the business is up for grabs as well.

The two-story building, with fully-finished basement, contains approximately 12,500 square feet and sits on a 40’ x 125’ lot.  It consists of 35 large examination rooms making this an excellent opportunity for a medical practice looking to expand. The owners are willing to sell the business as well, a highly respected medical practice that has been servicing the community for 18 years.

It doesn’t appear as if the business is included in the asking price.

According to Property Shark, the building stands on a 5,000 square foot lot. A developer can build an additional 8,000 square feet.

Originally built in 1995, the business is currently operated by Drs. Lazar and Elina Kaganovsky. Before that year, it was a two-story, one-family home.

Medical equipment! (Source: Stanford Medical History Center/Flick)

The following is a press release from the offices of State Senator David Storobin:

State Senator David Storobin (R-Brooklyn) announced that his district office in cooperation with FEMA, Project Chernobl and Dr. Igor Branovan will be helping doctors and other medical professionals get free medical equipment and furniture that has been generously donated.

The deadline to register is Tuesday, December 18, 2012.

Anyone interested may call Victoria Spodek at (718) 743-8610 or stop by our office during business hours at 2201 Avenue U.

We got the following e-mail about a Voorhies Avenue-based physician working with FEMA to obtain expensive replacement equipment for local doctors hit by Sandy:

Hurricane Sandy’s devastation has required our community to begin a long and difficult recovery. One of the hardest hit sectors was the medical community where many physicians have lost vital equipment. Many of these offices will not be able to continue serving the community without a “loan-free” solution. FEMA is attempting, through a collaborative effort with Dr. Daniel Branovan, to find much needed replacement equipment for local medical offices. He is currently compiling a database of equipment that local physicians desperately need. We hope to make this database as complete as possible by reaching out on a wide reaching forum such as yours. If possible, please make any kind of announcement for local physicians, who experienced losses, to email their contact information to as soon as they can so they can be informed of how to apply for replacement equipment.

Dr. Branovan is also working with Assemblyman Steven Cymbrowitz in trying to get FEMA to raise the $25,000 cap on the one percent interest business loans, saying that the amount wouldn’t even cover the cost of one piece of machinery in some medical offices.

An amateur rendering of Sheepshead Bay's own 90-year-old Dr. Cliff Cohen. Drawing by Erica Sherman (who is lefty and drew this with her right-handed mouse, so don't judge)

Ninety-year-old Mill Basin doctor Clifford Cohen, who maintains a practice at 3043 Ocean Avenue between Voorhies Avenue and Jerome Avenue, has been given his own second lease on life.

Daily News reports that the affable-looking doctor of internal medicine, who has been practicing medicine “since Harry Truman was president” (1945-1953), has returned to his patients in his Sheepshead Bay office after a non-invasive heart operation late last year.

Without any of the trauma of the more commonly performed open heart surgery, Cohen — whose first sign of trouble was a fainting episode due to atrial fibrillation while rushing after a meter maid in an effort to have her not ticket his car — not only had a heart valve implanted in a ground-breaking procedure, but he was able to walk around in a matter of hours, and return home a mere five days later.

According to NYDN:

Four weeks after the November surgery at New York-Presbyterian Hospital Columbia, Dr. Cohen returned to work.

He’s driving a car again. When spring comes, he plans to play golf with his wife Lillian.

Before the procedure, the septuagenarian was considered “too elderly and too sick” for open heart surgery, so doctors Martin Leon, Susheel Kodali and Mathew Williams performed the implant technique at Vivian and Seymour Milstein Family Heart Center in Washington Heights, just two days after the FDA okayed its commercial use.

Given all his years of practice, Cohen is a physician in good standing. A cursory check reveals that he is a “HealthGrades Recognized Doctor,” which means that he is in an elite group of practitioners of medicine who are:

  • Board certified in the specialty they practice
  • Have never had their license restricted/revoked
  • Free of state or federal disciplinary actions, and
  • Free of any malpractice claims

And, while another daughter, 61-year-old Barbara Waldorf says that Cohen “has a joie de vivre” and is “young beyond his years,” it nevertheless did not escape our notice that the esteemed physician is still driving a car, which — given Saturday’s nearly deadly accident, in which a reportedly elderly man approximately 10 years Dr. Cohen’s junior jumped a curb in Brighton Beach and mowed down at least four people — concerned us… just a little.

But, hey, I hear 90 is the new 30, so what do I know?


Valentina Kovalienko, one of the Brooklyn defendants nabbed in yesterday's crackdown, exiting Brooklyn federal court after posting bail Thursday. (Source: AP via Wall Street Journal)

Ten Brooklyn residents were among 114 people busted in a nationwide crackdown on Medicaid and Medicare fraud yesterday, including a slew of Southern Brooklyn residents and medical offices. Sheepshead Bites received reports of agents raiding two local offices, one on Sheepshead Bay Road between Voorhies and Shore Parkway, and another on the corner of Bedford Avenue and Shore Parkway.

The single largest scheme in the nationwide sweep involved seven Russian immigrants that bilked taxpayers out of $57 million in a three-year scheme, involving three clinics in the Sheepshead Bay area.

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We came across this awesome catch on a blog namd “Death On The Installment Plan.” It may be hard to read, but the itsy bitsy sign there marks the 65 Oriental Boulevard offices of S & M Dental, perhaps one of the most appropriately named dentists in the world. The blogger even offers up a new slogan for the dentist: “Interested in an unnecessary root canal? Give S&M Dental a call!”

Aside from snagging this, Death On The Installment Plan did a nice little walk-a-round of the Sheepshead Bay/Manhattan Beach/Brighton Beach area, documented with photos and amusing quips. Check it out.

Seen a funny sign in the neighborhood? Take a photo and send it to us!

Look Who Got A New Sign

Did you know that when this building, at 3121 Ocean Avenue, was originally built, it won awards for design? That’s what the architect told us when we ran into him a few months back. So you’d think maybe they’d give it a paint job before they put the sign up. You know, gussy up the joint a bit; restore some of its glory.

Well, maybe this is a temporary sign. I didn’t bother to ask. Or maybe they’re waiting to get more money, since the city keeps stripping funds from public healthcare. I guess it’s better they spend the dough on something that’ll save someone’s life.

Anyway, in case you don’t remember, Maimonides reclaimed the building in the beginning of May. Before that, Coney Island Hospital owned it, but shut it down because of said healthcare cuts. And before Coney Island Hospital, it was converted from Beefsteak Charlie’s by Maimonides. Maybe when Maimonides is done with it, it’ll turn back into a Beefsteak Charlie’s and we can gather ’round and sing “Circle of Life.”

Just don’t expect to see the famous peel-n-eat shrimp anytime soon.

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Nothing says luxury like wooden teeth

We’ve already pointed out the marketing trend in our area that labels any piece o’ junk “luxury.” There was the luxury condo that, well, wasn’t. There was the luxury day care center that certainly wasn’t. And now there’s the luxury medical office that… actually, this one kinda fits the bill.

This ad hit Craigslist last Wednesday:

One-of –a kind Turn-key Medical Office (never occupied) for immediate lease in a 5-story medical building with parking. This place is luxuriously decorated. You’ve never seen anything like this – must see to believe.

Ideal for large practice or small 2-4 doctors group, especially interested in office-based procedures. Cosmetic, Plastic Surgery, OBGYN, Urology, GI, Pain Management or other providers who want to impress their clients.

The 4,000-square-foot space across the street from the Belt Parkway on Voorhies Avenue includes eight private offices and a lead-lined, sound-proof procedure room (but only one parking spot). But nevermind that, or the central air, or the “large” waiting area – let’s focus on the fancy.

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Maimonides Medical Center is putting the final touches on its newly-opened Sheepshead Bay Rehabilitation Center, but they’ve been admitting patients for a little over a month.

It’s not the first time Maimonides has had control of the 3121 Ocean Avenue building. Working in reverse chronological order, the building was occupied by Coney Island Hospital’s Sheepshead Bay Primary Care Center. Before that it was Maimonides, which originally converted the structure. And going back to the days of Sheepshead lore, there was our beloved Beefsteak Charlie’s (sigh… R.I.P., friend).

Coney Island Hospital’s Sheepshead Bay Primary Care Center closed last June following city budget cuts in healthcare spending.

The new facility houses a handful of outpatient services including urology and a woman’s care center. New signage and a paint job are on the way.

Condos in Sheepshead Bay - Ave Z and East 17th St

Construction workers removed the scaffolding around the glass-and-steel construct on Avenue Z and East 17th Street this morning, signaling an end to almost two years of work.

Sheepshead Bay Condos - Ave Z and East 17th StreetWorkers on the scene are now tearing up the sidewalks and preparing to pour new concrete. They say the sidewalk will be done within the next couple of days. With a few exceptions on the street level and on the roof, all exterior work appears to be complete, and the crew said the inside of the building was ready as well.

Still, there appears no sign from the building’s residential realtor – Corcoran Group – that they’ve started marketing the building. On the commercial side, the building’s representative, Massey Knakal Realty Services, said last month that they’re close to a deal with a group of local doctors for medical offices. The docs will take all the commercial units, which include a total of 15,700 square feet spread among the basement and first two floors.

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