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Photo by Erica Sherman.

Benjy Bronk (Photo by Erica Sherman)

Hecklers shouted “Pervert!” and demanded detailed information about Congressman Anthony Weiner’s genitals at this afternoon press conference, in which the beleaguered pol resigned, barring any chance of allowing a man with 26 years of public service in his wake to end the most embarrassing chapter with a modicum of dignity.

The most vocal of the hecklers was The Howard Stern Show‘s Benjy Bronk, who stood up in the middle of Weiner’s statement and demanded to know if the congressman was “fully erect” in the now infamous photos mistakenly posted to Twitter, and also demanded to know the length of his penis. Members of the press bristled at Bronk’s antics and later blamed him for spurring the congressman to leave the conference without taking questions, and police ultimately removed Bronk from the Midwood senior center where Weiner delivered his statement. Bronk’s attacks were an encore; he shouted similar comments during Weiner’s confessional press conference earlier this month.

A member of an unidentified publication also shouted “Yeah! Bye bye, pervert!” when Weiner said he was stepping down.

Watch Weiner’s full statement, unedited with the interruptions, and see an interview with Benjy Bronk conducted after the conference.

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I, as I am sure most of you are, am emotionally depleted from the mention of Congressman Anthony Weiner’s name, a name that I’ve known of, under more normal, pre-Internet circumstances, since I was in high school. The steady assault of “Weiner” jokes for the past two weeks (it feels like two years!) are old and tired, and a personal adversity is nothing to laugh at. But news is news, and even the not-so-fun stuff’s got to be reported upon… I guess.

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It was the shot seen ’round the world.

As we all know by now, Congressman Anthony Weiner confirmed yesterday during a teary-eyed press conference that the crotch shot published to his Twitter account was not the result of hacking, but of his own virtual trysts with female fans accidentally made public. The questions lingering in the wake of his announcement are whether he’ll resign (he said he won’t), whether he used public funds or government resources in his relationships with these women or in the ensuing cover-up (he said he didn’t), and whether his wife will leave him (he said she won’t).

But enough about what Weiner said about Weiner. What does he know, anyway? What are other people not at all connected to the situation saying?


Keep reading for reactions from around the web, and to weigh in.

Chuck Schumer in the 1960s, competing for James Madison High School on the It's Academic television quiz show.

U.S. Senator Charles Schumer is keeping busy with important national business these days. Just this week, he has demanded an investigation into possible gas price fixing by oil companies, suggested a ban on rental car companies using recalled vehicles, and is pushing the FDA to roll out a notification system to preserve access to life-saving medications. But, perhaps most important of all, the Sheepshead-bred pol is making the case to NBC to bring back the television show Law & Order to New York City. We think he needs to take it one step further – Law & Order: Sheepshead Bay.

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Oh, shoot. Did I just post this? Whoa, dude, this was totally an accident. I didn’t mean to.

Maybe Robert posted it. You posted it, didn’t you Robert? No? Well, your account must have been hacked and the hacker posted it.

Regardless, I can’t say with certitude whether or not I’m going to end up eating the hot dog for lunch. Waste not, want not – am I right?

Oh well. Embarrassing photos happen to the best of us. Let’s get back to real news now, please.

There’s an amount of pleasure to be taken from a conversation between a real Brooklynite and a yuppie, especially when the yuppie is grasping for – and not finding – a degree of authority on the subject of Brooklyn. You know what I’m talking about. Think about the last time you read the New York Times, with its Metro desk completely staffed by Northern Brooklyn hipsters, and they were forced to write that bi-monthly article about Southern Brooklyn. They always end up jumbling neighborhoods, screwing up demographics and local legends. You roll your eyes, but really, you wish they had said that in front of a local just so you can see them blush when corrected.

That’s why when a Park Slope writer interviews Howard Schultz, the founder and CEO of Starbucks, for the Financial Times, there was a lot to be amused about. First, writer John Gapper provides us with this sweeping assessment of Canarsie as “a rugged district between Coney Island and John F Kennedy airport” (cue eye roll), then when he tries to find some common ground with Canarsie-born Schultz, he gets hilariously shut down. And, irony of ironies, it comes from a Brooklyn boy who moved to a hipster nest (Portland) to show them how to properly launch and manage a business.

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Construction workers on the job at 2812 Voorhies Avenue, January 31.

Opponents of the Islamic Cultural Center under construction at 2812 Voorhies Avenue plan to picket the project on a daily basis, the group Bay People has announced.

Infuriated by city officials’ stonewalling of their requests to challenge approval of the project, Bay People – founded solely to battle the establishment of the cultural center and mosque – is taking matters into their own hands. They announced in an e-mail this morning:

Residents of Sheepshead Bay have no choice but try to ensure complaince with zoning/building laws themselves! Neighbors, residents and our spporters will peacefully picket in front of the construction site at 2812 Voorhies Avenue (on a public sidewalk) every week day from 8AM-4PM until he DOB and NYC will follow their own rules and procedures and enforce the “Stop Work” order as well as force the removal of illegaly constructed structures.

When we stopped by the site at 1:30 p.m. today, no one was picketing at the site, and construction workers continued to excavate the foundation. Calls to Bay People representatives were not answered by the time this article went to web.

Bay People has had victories since the building plans were approved and the Department of Buildings issued permits. Members have been keeping a close eye on the project, with 15 complaints noted on the DOB website since the start of construction. The majority of complaints appear to have come from an engineer or another construction professional, with language noting technical problems and specific code violations not frequently seen in DOB complaints.

Keep reading about Bay People’s efforts, and their new political ally.

Assemblyman Cymbrowitz and staff members manning his Mobile District Office at a local community fair. His Mobile “DO” will continue to reach out to community residents visiting local libraries and community centers, as well as street fairs and other community events.

Below is an Op-Ed piece from Assemblyman Steven Cymbrowitz of the 45th Assembly District.

The tragic events that occurred in Tucson were much more than an attack on a Member of Congress, her staff and constituents; it could very well turn out to be an attack on our democracy – if we let it.  Rep. Gabriella Giffords was targeted as she was practicing democracy, reaching out to her constituents, communicating with them right in the community.  This “Corner Congress” was a vivid example of our form of government functioning at its best.  The nation was justifiably horrified when they learned about the shootings.  In its aftermath, as the investigators and prosecutors were investigating, we the people were looking for causes and wondering what we have to do to make sure that this never happens again.  In seeking an explanation for this carnage we have to ask was the gunman provoked by something other than insanity?  Could inflammatory speech, which was uttered by so many during the electoral process that ended only a few months ago, be a motivating factor?

Keep reading for Cymbrowitz’s take on the violence in Arizona.

Can we? (Photo credit: Wikipedia Commons)

Looks like Little Odessa is far from united in their perception of the Brighton Beach reality series, and television producers looking for real Russkie drama need only follow around the community’s leadership.

Following the letter earlier this week written by Russian-Speaking American Leadership Caucus’ John Lisyanskiy and signed by dozens of politicians, media personalities, advocates and business owners bashing on the upcoming Brighton Beach reality show, another Brighton Beach heavyweight is criticizing the critics for not doing their homework.

Keep reading: Brightonites bash Brightonites’ bashing of Brighton Beach.

A March casting call for 'Brighton Beach'

Just weeks into shooting for the Brighton Beach reality show, the Russian-American community is blasting entertainment media for cartoonish depictions of Russian-Americans, and warning producers of the new series to avoid callous stereotyping.

A group of 42 elected politicians and Russian-speaking activists sent a strongly-worded letter to Lifetime Networks executives, taking issue with the proposed show’s model – the “highly contentious and ethnically derogatory Jersey Shore.”

“It has come to our attention that the casting call for the show sought out ‘the Russian Snooki and The Situation’, reducing would-be contestants to vodka-drinking ethnic caricatures who ‘love attention’ and do little more than ‘eat, drink and party’,” wrote John Lisyanskiy, the founder of the Russian-Speaking American Leadership Caucus, and the main signee on the letter.

The Brighton Beach reality show is already shooting – keep reading.

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