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Photos (see inset) by Allan Rosen. Click to enlarge

Photos (see inset) by Allan Rosen. Click to enlarge

THE COMMUTE: As the MTA contemplates today and on Wednesday how many more service reductions from 2010 they will restore, let’s focus today on a local matter.

During the past two weeks, NYCDOT repainted the much maligned and nearly totally worn out zebra stripes and bicycle lanes on Oriental Boulevard. This was the first restriping in about nine years since four traffic lanes were reduced to two.

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Students walking two extra blocks to Kingsborough Community College. Photo by Allan Rosen

THE COMMUTE: Yesterday I discussed service irregularities on the B1 and B49 last Thursday afternoon, a day when the temperature reached the mid-90s and passengers were trying to get home from the beach. Today we look at other service irregularities and measures that can be taken, which the MTA resists.

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A crowd waiting 20 minutes for a bus on Falmouth Street at 5:09 p.m. Photo by Allan Rosen

THE COMMUTE: Regular readers of this column know that my favorite subject is bus service, especially in Brooklyn. I particularly like to focus on subjects that virtually no one else pays attention to such as service to the area’s beaches. I’ve written about this subject several times before. Having ridden the B49 since the 1960s to go to Manhattan Beach, and constantly witnessing service irregularities dating back to then, I first attempted to get the MTA to pay attention to this problem in 1982 when I was director of the Brooklyn Transit Service Sufficiency Study, since irregular or poor service not only affects beachgoers, but it disrupts service along the entire route for all passengers.

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Manhattan Beachs private security forces are hampered by economy, selfishness, and politics (Photo courtesy of davidsonscott15 via Flickr)

Source: davidsonscott15/Flickr

Manhattan Beach Community Group President Ira Zalcman published on the group’s website a screed against Courier-Life’s (Bay News) reporting of their latest meeting, which oversimplified a long, complicated division with the neighborhood’s private security force – Beachside Patrol – and threw fuel onto the supposed rivalry between the MBCG and the newer Manhattan Beach Neighborhood Association. In it, Zalcman bashed the paper for misrepresenting or distorting facts, erroneous statements and sensationalism.

See what the MBCG thinks Bay News messed up, and what our take on the story is.

From the Manhattan Beach Community Group:

Our meeting this Wednesday night, Feb. 24, 8 PM at PS 195 will have a special NYC Finance speaker. Hear why your property assessments may be unfair and what you can do about it. All are welcome.

When: Tonight, February 24 @ 8:00 p.m.
Where: P.S. 195, 131 Irwin Street in Manhattan Beach.
Contact: (718) 200-1845

Manhattan Beachs private security forces are hampered by economy, selfishness, and politics (Photo courtesy of davidsonscott15 via Flickr)

Manhattan Beach's private security forces are hampered by economy, selfishness, and politics(Photo courtesy of davidsonscott15 via Flickr)

Manhattan Beach’s private security force needs to see commitments from at least 150 more households if it expects to continue service in 2010, officials from the non-profit told Sheepshead Bites following Monday night’s Manhattan Beach Neighborhood Association meeting.

Hours before the meeting, Beachside Patrol Director Albert Hasson blasted an e-mail to all contributors warning of the service’s impending suspension in the face of financial difficulties. Hard copies of the letter will be mailed to all residents of Manhattan Beach in the coming days.

But though the patrol’s fate may be clear, reasons for dwindling support among neighborhood residents remain murky. Some supporters point to the city’s faltering economy, others believe their neighbors aren’t interested, and at least one City Councilman points the finger at a long-standing feud between two Manhattan Beach civic organizations.

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Caught between a poltical divide, Beachside Patrol may soon fold

Caught between a poltical divide, Beachside Patrol may soon fold (courtesy of

Manhattan Beach’s private security patrol may dissolve as soon as January 1 after 39 years serving the community if they’re unable to garner more community support, says a letter circulated by the patrol’s president to residents today.

Beachside Patrol is only receiving annual membership payments of $400 a year from about 25 percent of households, states the letter, and the support is insufficient to pay the group’s bills.

“As of January 1st, Beachside Neighborhood Patrol will probably cease to operate in Manhattan Beach. Without sufficient community support and involvement, membership levels will be too low to operate such patrols efficiently,” wrote the non-profit volunteer patrol’s president, Albert Hasson.

Hasson’s letter stops short of blaming outright a rift in community politics that divided the quiet beachside neighborhood more than a year and a half ago.

In March 2008, disgruntled pro-development members of the Manhattan Beach Community Group – which founded Beachside Patrol in 1970 – left the group in an election dispute and formed the Manhattan Beach Neighborhood Association.

Beachside Patrol found itself in the middle of the split, and continued to receive support from MBNA. However, MBCG, the older group, rescinded financial support after Beachside officials  balked at requests to show financial records, according to reports at the time.

“Community politics seem to have taken priority over the safety and security of our homes and families,” writes Hasson.

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From the Manhattan Beach Community Group:

This Wednesday night, December the 2nd, 8 PM at PS 195 (131 Irwin Street), we will be honoring the memory and life of a Manhattan Beach hero, May Link. Proclamations from the Mayor, Sen. Schumer, our Congressman, Assemblyman, Councilman and PS 195 PA will be presented to her son Danny Link (a past MBCG president). Food and good company available. All we ask is for you to attend and bring some neighbors and friends. We want to pack the house. Please do your best to show up and have a good time with us remembering Manhattan Beach through the life of a great woman. Everyone from everywhere invited.

Manhattan Beach Community Group is inviting everyone to attend tonight’s meeting at P.S. 195 (131 Irwin Street). The 8 o’clock meeting will feature a special discussion devoted to parking, traffic, and specifically speeding in the community. And if that’s not exciting enough for you, MBCG lays out the best donut and coffee spread I’ve seen at any of these events (hint, hint SBPB… munchkins don’t cut it compared to real donuts).