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THE COMMUTE: The heart of a democratic society is being responsive to its citizens. A dictatorship does whatever it wants. However, our transportation agencies have been more dictatorial than responsive. I wrote about inefficient bus management at Kingsborough Community College here. I wondered why shuttle buses only operated in service from the college, when buses…

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THE COMMUTE: Last Thursday, I attended the first of three Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) / Select Bus Service (SBS) Woodhaven / Cross Bay Boulevard workshops and asked a Department of Transportation (DOT) consultant a few simple questions, including: “Your report states that cars will maintain a ‘reasonable speed.’ What is a ‘reasonable speed’?” He said…


THE COMMUTE: Mayor Bill de Blasio wants us to ‘stand up’ for transportation… yet he won’t do the same. It’s true. Our roads and bridges are crumbling. It’s not only the bridges but also the high number of potholes that appear every winter season. The city would rather spend money on potholes and then brag…


THE COMMUTE: New Yorkers started paying more last week to ride the buses and trains. The MTA claims it needs the extra money to provide better service, but will the extra money result in better service, or will it just disappear into the MTA’s black hole? Has any past fare increase resulted in better service?…

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Following the Metropolitan Transportation Authority’s fifth fare hike in eight years, which left straphangers digging deeper into their pockets to board the city’s subways and buses beginning this past Sunday, March 22, riders in neighborhoods throughout our coverage area issued some choice words for both the MTA and lawmakers. According to the poll we published…


THE COMMUTE: We wrote about this subject numerous times. In 2012, we caught the MTA with their pants down. In 2014, we documented jam-packed B36 buses at Nostrand Avenue and Avenue Z, while the B44 and B44 SBS buses operated in both directions virtually empty during the morning rush hour. On Sunday, March 8, while…

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