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Opinion Two of the three East River crossings, circa 1981. Source: Wikipedia

THE COMMUTE: The answer is obvious to all the car haters out there. However, those who are more objective in their analysis have legitimate reasons to oppose such a plan. Among those is Queens Councilman Rory Lancman. He stated in the Queens Chronicle: It’s unfair…a teacher driving into Manhattan to a local public school would…

Opinion Source: Wikimedia (Adam E. Moreira)

THE COMMUTE: Yesterday, we showed how the average number of passengers carried per bus for routes discontinued in 2010 was 17.06. New York City Transit (NYCT) instituted five new routes in 2009, 2011, 2013 and 2014. These were the B32, B84, Bx24, Bx46, and M12. They also reinstituted the B37 and B39; the B67 was…


THE COMMUTE: Last week, we used 2014 ridership data to determine how well the MTA’s Select Bus Service (SBS) routes were performing compared to local and limited routes. We determined that only two of the seven routes performed better than the borough averages. In the past several years, the MTA created new routes or reinstituted…

Opinion Lithograph by Nathaniel Currier (1846). Source: Wikipedia

THE COMMUTE: The heart of a democratic society is being responsive to its citizens. A dictatorship does whatever it wants. However, our transportation agencies have been more dictatorial than responsive. I wrote about inefficient bus management at Kingsborough Community College here. I wondered why shuttle buses only operated in service from the college, when buses…

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THE COMMUTE: Last Thursday, I attended the first of three Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) / Select Bus Service (SBS) Woodhaven / Cross Bay Boulevard workshops and asked a Department of Transportation (DOT) consultant a few simple questions, including: “Your report states that cars will maintain a ‘reasonable speed.’ What is a ‘reasonable speed’?” He said…


THE COMMUTE: Mayor Bill de Blasio wants us to ‘stand up’ for transportation… yet he won’t do the same. It’s true. Our roads and bridges are crumbling. It’s not only the bridges but also the high number of potholes that appear every winter season. The city would rather spend money on potholes and then brag…

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