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News A human skull. (Photo: Adán Sánchez de Pedro / Flickr)

City workers were stunned Friday afternoon when a human skeleton tumbled out of a discarded couch that they tried to load into a garbage truck on the Belt Parkway, the Daily News reports. A Department of Transportation cleanup crew spotted the couch at 3pm in the weeds off Shell Bank Creek, near the Flatbush Avenue exit on the…

Animals A red-tailed hawk feasting on prey.

Recently, I was crossing over the fields to the Marine Park Salt Marsh Nature Center when I noticed a large, beautiful female red­-tailed hawk flying oddly low in the sky. At breakneck speeds, she circled tightly around the perimeter, her talons poised and ready to make a kill. Below, a chihuahua, off a leash and unsupervised,…

News Senator Martin Golden hosted the 9/11 Memorial at Marine Park.

On a mellow summer evening, while the sun gathered below the leafy trees, hundreds of people assembled at Marine Park Friday to light candles, wave the American flag, and remember the lives lost 14 years earlier when two planes smashed into the Twin Towers. State Senator Martin Golden hosted the service, which included a 21…

Events twin-towers-702x464

September 11, 2001 is perhaps the saddest day in New York City’s history. Today, we commemorate the 14th anniversary of the horrible day that two planes — hijacked by terrorists — crashed into the World Trade Center’s twin towers, killing 2,996 people, scarring New York’s collective consciousness, and altering our city’s skyline forever. In our area there…

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