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Borough President Adams was joined by Assemblywoman Helene Weinstein and other legislative colleagues in making the announcement.

Borough President Adams was joined by Assemblywoman Helene Weinstein and other legislative colleagues in making the announcement. (Source: Adams’ office)

Several local schools are receiving hundreds of thousands of dollars each for repairs, upgrades and improvements as part of a $3.1 million allocation by Borough President Eric Adams to education institutions across the borough.

The beep today unveiled 16 school-related capital projects that will benefit from the allocation, which was packed into the city’s Fiscal Year 2015 budget.

“If you look around Downtown Brooklyn, something new is rising up every day and this is an exciting time for the borough and this area, as education and schools represent the vibrant energies of what’s coming up at this time,” said Borough President Adams. “This budget spans the far reaches of the borough; from Metrotech to Midwood and from Bed-Stuy to Bath Beach, we are leaving no school behind. Our goal is education, education, and education.”

The allocations are largely for technology upgrades, although some schools are receiving it for more general improvements.

Schools in our area are slated to receive the following:

  • $350,000 to James Madison High School for upgrades to the school’s library and media centers;
  • $225,000 for improvements to the library at Sheepshead Bay High School;
  • $200,000 for classroom technology purchases at Joseph B. Cavallaro I.S. 281;
  • $100,000 for classroom technology purchases at P.S. 169;

Local elected officials joined Adams during the announcement this morning to celebrate the funding.

“School libraries and media centers are essential to the success of today’s high school students,” said Assemblymember Helene Weinstein. “I thank Brooklyn Borough President Adams for this funding, which will enhance these services at Sheepshead and James Madison High Schools, and allow students to reach even greater heights.”

“Investing in education is the best investment we can make for the future of our state and country,” said Assemblymember William Colton. “These capital improvements will help bring much-needed technological advancements to our local Brooklyn schools that will better our children. This $200,000 capital grant for I.S. 281 will allow for the school to make technology improvements, including by purchasing smartboards and computer laptops, that will benefit our students by enhancing their learning experience, and provide valuable resources for our educators.”

Teacher Alini Brito (r.) was found naked from the waist up with co-worker Cindy Mauro (l.) by a janitor in a James Madison High School classroom in 2009.

Cindy Mauro (left) and Alini Brito (right)

More than three years after being fired for an after-hours sexual tryst in a classroom, a judge has ordered the Department of Education to rehire the two Madison High School teachers who got dirty in the dark.

Cindy Mauro and Alini Brito were fired in December 2010, more than a year after reports surfaced that the two foreign language teachers were caught by a janitor “undressed” in an empty classroom. The teachers have since been fighting for their jobs back, and an appeals court decided that their termination was “shockingly disproportionate,” since both were consenting adults not at the school in an official capacity at the time of the incident.

“The penalty of termination of unemployment is shockingly disproportionate to (their) misconduct,” the Manhattan Appellate Division wrote in their decision. The five-member panel noted that “lesser penalties have been imposed where a teacher had an ongoing relationship or engaged in inappropriate behavior with a student.

Mauro and Brito’s lawyer suggested to the Daily News that they may pursue back pay as well.

Department of Education officials may appeal the decision. If they choose not to, they may still impose less sever penalties against the teachers.

The two were caught undressed in a classroom in 2009 by a janitor. It was later reported that they had a few drinks after school at a local bar, then went back to the school to watch a student performance. At some point, they headed to a darkened classroom and undressed.

At the time, Mauro said she was helping give Brito, who suffers from diabetes, an insulin shot. A state arbitrator later determined that the two were “more likely than not” engaged in a “sexual encounter.”

Following last week’s video featuring photos of neighbors around Brown Street and Haring Street between Avenue Z and Voorhies Avenue from the 1970s through the 1990s, we stumbled upon the video above.

Produced in honor of the 40th anniversary of their graduation from high school last year, James Madison’s class of 1971 organized a class reunion, where it screened this video.

The video, titled “The Way It Was,” depicts James Madison High School students 41 years ago. As indicated by the title, much has changed since then. The students of the class of 1971 were given student ID cards made of paper and printed off a typewriter. These highly outdated cards did not contain pictures, and the names of students were hand written onto the cards. The video also shows how the appearance of James Madison High School has changed. The old-fashioned entrance with large pillars standing at its sides has been replaced by modern gates and doorways.

Some pictures feature students studying, laughing, conversing, and fooling around in the hallway and classroom. They show teachers sitting at their desks, teaching, working in the office, and helping students with their classwork. It shows how students in the 70s played football, and wrestled each other onto the dusty ground. In the background, cheerleaders performed their synchronized routines with smiles on their faces.

However, back then, teachers used chalkboards, and classrooms were void of modern technology… and, presumably, sex scandal after sex scandal.

Do you know anyone in the video? Let us know!


The BP station where the winner bought his lucky ticket. (Source: Google Maps)

A high school senior from Brooklyn was awarded “At Least One-Million Dollars,” from the New York State Lottery on Tuesday, after he won $1,000 for life from a lottery scratch-off ticket, which he purchased in a Sheepshead Bay convenience store.

Eighteen-year-old Robert Salo, a resident of Sheepshead Bay and high school senior at James Madison High School,  said that his acquisition of this winning ticket was a stroke of luck.

“I just had a feeling,” Salo told Vosizneias. “It was like I was in the right place at the right time.”

He is one of several winners from Brooklyn, Queens and Long Island, who also received their checks at the ceremony on Tuesday. The prizes given over at the ceremony totaled $7 million.

Salo said that he immediately showed his lucky ticket to his mother and uncle, and then kept it with him for the entire night. According to the Daily News, it seems as though Salo is  the youngest person to win the lottery’s grand-a-week-for-life contest.

As winner of the top prize of the “Win $1,000 A Week For Life Scratch-off,” Salo will receive at least $1 million over 20 years, according to Vosizneias. Once he has been granted the $1 million prize, he will be granted a yearly check for $52,000 every year for the rest of his life.

“We were kind of worried about paying for college,” Salo’s mom, Rabia, told the Daily News . “I said if I had to work two jobs I would do it, but he’s going to the school he wants.”

Rabia Salo, a single mother, certainly does not have to worry about funding her son’s college education any longer. These winnings have Salo set for college, graduate school, and the rest of his life. Salo still plans on attending college and becoming an electrical engineer, yet his is happy he can do so with the winnings in his pocket.

“Of course I’d like a Lamborghini or Ferrari, but I think a new BMW is more in my price range,” sais Salo to Vosizneias. “Eventually, I’d like to buy a house, but for right now, I just want to enjoy life to the fullest.”

After winning, Salo said that he couldn’t eat, sleep, or do anything but pace around his house.

“I felt like it was a dream,” he said.

The Daily News identified the convenience store at which the ticket was purchased as the store on the corner of Avenue T and Coney Island, by the BP gas station.

Madison H.S. (Source:

A 36-year-old Madison High School teacher stands accused of having sex with a 16-year-old pupil on and off school grounds, as well as sharing marijuana with the youth.

The charges were revealed yesterday when a lawyer for the student’s family filed a $10 million notice of claim, charging that teacher Erin Sayar had sex with a 16-year-old she privately tutored between eight and 12 times last year, and also offered him pot from a stash kept on school grounds.

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Teacher Alini Brito (r.) was found naked from the waist up with co-worker Cindy Mauro (l.) by a janitor in a James Madison High School classroom in 2009.

Cindy Mauro (left) and Alini Brito (right) (Photo:

More than a year after two Madison High School teachers were busted in an alleged lesbian romp on school grounds, one of the teachers has been dismissed.

City officials fired the 30-year-old Spanish teacher after receiving a report from the state arbitrator late last month, which said it was “more likely than not” the teachers were having a “sexual encounter.”

Brito, though, claims she was just getting an insulin shot from co-worker Cindy Mauro, not in the midsts of a steamy affair in a classroom at James Madison High School (3787 Bedford Avenue), according to her testimony.

The decision to terminate comes thirteen months since the incident was exposed by the Daily News. In that time, the teachers have been reassigned to the Education Department’s infamous “rubber rooms,” where they continued to receive pay. No decision has been issued regarding Mauro, and she, too, will continue to receive pay.

The two were busted in November 2009 when a janitor stumbled into a classroom with the teachers allegedly getting busy. According to the janitor’s testimony, Brito was topless with Mauro nude, kneeling between her legs. Meanwhile, students were attending a sing-and-dance competition in the school auditorium.

Naked teachers? Read what they say really happened.

From the Daily News:

The “Horndog High” teachers might want to dust off their résumés.

The city Education Department is gearing up to charge the two Brooklyn romance language teachers with misconduct, four months after the Daily News reported they were busted naked together in an empty classroom.

Married Spanish instructor Alini Brito, 30, and French teacher Cindy Mauro, 34, were yanked from James Madison High School last November after a janitor barged in on them and reported the apparent tryst.

Department of Education officials said Tuesday that an investigation into the tenured pair substantiated the allegations, setting them up to be punished.

“They face disciplinary action,” spokeswoman Margie Feinberg said, but would not provide any further details about the incident.


Allison Musacchio (Courtesy of Daily News)

Allison Musacchio (Courtesy of Daily News)

With an ongoing investigation into two teachers allegedly caught naked together on school property, a third teacher at James Madison High School is now also being investigated for inappropriate behavior with a student.

In what Daily News is now calling “Horndog High,” Madison High School is the scene of two shocking revelations in as many days. Today it was revealed that social studies teacher Allison Musacchio, 31, was caught with more than 200 calls and texts to a male student on her cell phone record. Musacchio denies the allegations.

More from the Daily News:

School sources said they learned of Musacchio’s alleged antics in March, after a female James Madison student saw her ex-boyfriend’s phone number on the tenured teacher’s cell phone.

Officials found more than 200 texts and calls between the teacher and the male pupil and yanked her from the classroom, sources said. They said the amount of contact was inappropriate.

Musacchio, 31, was also investigated for having a fling with a former student but the probe was dropped because the teen was of legal age and no longer at the school, school sources said.

Attempts to reach Musacchio at her home were unsuccessful Wednesday, but she has told a neighbor the allegations were untrue.

“She said, ‘Absolutely not,’” the neighbor said. “She said, ‘Are you crazy? With my Greek background, I would never do something like that. I have morals and respect.’”

Meanwhile, Alini Brito and Cindy Mauro, the two teachers caught naked by a janitor during a school recital, appear to be getting a Facebook following. At least two groups have popped up with a combined 800 members.

One group, “Stand Up For Mauro & Brito,” seems to be started by students looking to dispel some of the out of control rumors in the media and defend the well-liked instructors.  That group has a little over 400 members, with present and past students swapping fond memories of the teachers, and expressing support.

On the flip side, “We Demand Justice (and pics) for Alini Brito and Cindy Mauro!!” has almost as many members, but is largely filled with desperate men demanding more photos of the duo, and token revocations of the janitor’s “man card.”

Brito, left, and Mauro, right, were caught naked in a classroom. (Photo courtesy of Daily News)

Brito, left, and Mauro, right, were caught naked in a classroom. (Photo courtesy of Daily News)

Two female teachers at James Madison High School were caught naked in a classroom while students enjoyed a talent show down the hall, Daily News is reporting.

The romance language instructors were placed on administrative leave while the Education Department investigates for misconduct.

According to Daily News, Cindy Mauro, a 33-year-old Spanish teacher, and Alini Brito, a 29-year-old married French instructor, were caught by a janitor “undressed” in an empty classroom. Rumors had been circulating among the students for some time, but school administrators kept the relationship under wraps for fear of controversy, some students say.

Teachers and administrators at the school have refused to comment.

Here are what some students and others told the Daily News:

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The mystery ensued when I was researching the story about the 106 point violation issued to Pompeii Lounge at 2919 Avenue S on December 30, 2008.

I went to find the location at Avenue S between Nostrand Avenue and East 29 Street, and found that there was a totally different establishment named TLV Bar and Lounge. Was I at the right address? Well, let’s see. There’s Tom’s Cleaners at 2917 Ave S and there’s Henry’s Delicatessen at 2921 Ave S. I guess I’m at the right place.

Earning 106 points in one inspection is no easy task, so I figured I’d speak to the owner to find out just how he was able to get such a high score, but there was no one lounging at TLV and the shutters were down. I asked for more information at their next door neighbor where a deli counter clerk told me that the place is open at night. As far as he knows, they are busy a few nights a week and closed on Fridays.

Read more about how I went from Pompeii to TLV after the jump.
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