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Source: NYC Dept. of Parks and Recreation

Source: NYC Dept. of Parks and Recreation

The Brighton Beach bathroom pods are currently parked at the end of the boardwalk but they won’t remain there forever, much to the consternation of residents of the Oceana luxury condominiums (50 Oceana Drive West). The New York Daily News is reporting that the Parks Department is dead-set on placing the bathrooms eventually, in spite of fierce opposition.

Last week, we reported on a preliminary injunction signed by a Brooklyn Supreme Court judge that ordered a full environmental impact study to be conducted before construction can continue. Opponents of the bathrooms, including Assemblyman Steven Cymbrowitz, hailed this decision as a victory for Oceana residents who are sickened by the prospect of staring at a public bathroom from their windows. Despite this victory, the Daily News is reporting that the city plans to continue their fight to put the bathrooms in place:

Officials have refused to provide information about the construction snafu, but a spokeswoman said the city will continue its push to install the loos.

“The petitioners’ repeated efforts to halt the new comfort stations unfortunately means that a vital facility for the greater public continues to be delayed,” Meghan Lalor, a spokeswoman for the New York City Parks Department.

While the the legal effort put forward by Oceana residents focuses on environmental and safety concerns, comments made by residents to the Daily News reflect the notion that opposition still suggests other priorities:

“I paid so much money for an oceanview apartment,” [Alexandra Tsepenuk] added. “And to have that massive structure right in front of my window is ridiculous. My kids won’t be able to see anything.”

Other residents said the structure will attract drug dealers, gang members and other undesirables, not to mention the expected disadvantages of being next to the loo.

“I don’t want the nasty breeze from the toilets to come into my apartment,” said Olga Norman, another resident who also has an ocean-facing apartment.

“Restrooms are great, but why can’t they put it further down the boardwalk? I’m scared about drug deals taking place under the structure, and all the homeless people that will gather there.”

Source: NY Curbed

Source: NY Curbed

Want to live the sparkling, chandelier-covered and wood-paneled paradise in Brighton Beach? Well, your fantasy, or nightmare,  just got a lot more affordable, according to a report by NY Curbed.

This isn’t the first time we’ve written about the price of the glitzed-out multi-million dollar condo being slashed. Back in January, we reported that the owner of the penthouse, located at 2805 Ocean Parkway, had already cut the asking price over a million dollars. With no one biting, the owner has announced another stunning drop in price:

“Owner must sell!” the brokerbabble for the sparkliest penthouse in Brighton Beach began back in January, when the apartment was pricechopped, for the second time, down to $3 million. And it doesn’t look like they were kidding—the 4,000-square-foot pad has slashed its asking price once again. It’s now seeking a mere $2,390,000 (just under $600 per square foot) and has also been dropped by Elliman, with a brokerage called Golden Real taking over the listing. Things are not looking so good for the 5BR/5BA/one sauna penthouse, which once had its sights set on $4.6 million. Now, with its current ask at only 52 percent of that, it’s a hair’s breadth away from induction into the PriceChopper Hall of Fame.

I guess the fancy real estate business isn’t always the fool-proof investment plan it is made out to be. If you want my advice, I wouldn’t start bidding until the price drops another $2 million. At the rate the price has been slashed already, you’ll only have to wait until next spring!

Source: NY Curbed

Source: NY Curbed

Source: NY Curbed

Source: NY Curbed

Source: NYC Dept. of Parks and Recreation

Source: NYC Dept. of Parks and Recreation

The residents of the Oceana luxury condominium complex (50 Oceana Drive West) have some powerful allies. According to a press release coming in via Assemblyman Steven Cymbrowitz’s office, U.S. Senator Charles Schumer has joined the battle to free Oceana residents of the horrible tyranny of slightly interrupted views due to the Parks Department’s new modular bathrooms lining the boardwalk.

When we last visited this saga, local politicians like Assemblyman Steven Cymbrowitz were claiming victory because the Parks Department  installed temporary bathrooms near Coney Island Avenue and not the construction site. While the construction of the new comfort stations was delayed and the placement of the temporary bathrooms were moved out of the sight of Oceana residents, nothing has changed regarding the Parks Department’s plans to finish the comfort station at the “New Brighton” location.

Apparently, the delay in construction has bought them enough time to petition higher authorities like Schumer. Members of Schumer’s staff visited with Oceana residents, leading to Schumer penning a letter to Parks Department Commissioner Veronica White requesting that the comfort stations be moved citing quality of life and safety issues.

“My constituents have raised numerous quality-of-life and public safety concerns regarding this station,” Schumer wrote. “Perhaps most concerning are safety issues regarding the breakaway components of the stations. During a storm, these components detach under heavy wave action, creating debris that can threaten the safety of residents by breaking windows or building infrastructure.”

The mention of safety concerns seems like a new wrinkle in the debate over the stations. The design and construction of the “state of the art” stations, which cost $2 million a piece, were tailored to meet FEMA’s newest guidlelines. Previously, residents were most concerned that the stations would muck up their multi-million dollar ocean views and attract the presence of homeless people and rowdy teenagers. Now Schumer is requesting that White and the Parks Department detail their environmental, engineering and public review process when it came to selecting the site in the first place.

Cymbrowitz was pleased that Schumer was lending his time to this extremely urgent matter concerning some of the city’s most in need residents.

“Senator Schumer is correct that the resiliency of our coastline infrastructure is important – and so are quality of life and safety issues. We both agree that Brighton Beach residents deserve a voice in this process,” Cymbrowitz said.

Oh, that mahgoney (Source: NY Curbed)

Oh, the mahogany! (Source: NY Curbed)

Some lucky would-be kingmaker just dropped $3.5 million on a “glamorous” condo located in the Oceana luxury complex (125 Oceana Drive East). According to a report by Curbed, the condo sold for 30 percent less than its initial asking price of $5 million.

The condo in question features an “onyx slab master suite bath that’s fit for a king” and a $250,000 mahogany lined-private office (see above). The space also features a stunning seaside view that may be slightly marred by the sight of anxious beach-goers looking to use the new public bathrooms. Perhaps the new owner has some money left over to donate to the crusade to abolish them.

In other news from the world of Brighton Beach millionaires, no takers were found for the $3 million wood-paneled paradise that features extra sparkly chandeliers. That condo, located at 2805 Ocean Parkway, was taken off the market.

Below, enjoy a few more looks at the $3.5 million palace featured above.

Source: NY Curbed

A couch made from real cotton candy (Source: NY Curbed)

Source: NY Curbed

Shower your body from seven different angles (Source: NY Curbed)

State Senator Marty Golden (Photo By Erica Sherman)

State Senator Marty Golden (Photo By Erica Sherman)

State Senator Marty Golden sponsored a bill that provides huge tax breaks for Manhattan luxury apartment building developers. The New York Daily News is reporting that legislation backed by Golden designates tax breaks for five developments, costing the city tens of millions of dollars as the city wrangles with an already starved budget.

One of the buildings eligible for a tax break includes One57, a massive 75-story luxury apartment development being built near Central Park. Believing that the legislation will help create jobs, Golden otherwise pleaded ignorance when questioned on the breaks.

“These projects were ready to go,” Golden told the Daily News. “I’m not sure where they came from,” Golden said in response to who earmarked the developments for special favor.

The bill’s sponsor in the Assembly, Keith Wright, a Manhattan Democrat, was also unsure for who and why the tax breaks were included.

“These five properties — it was important that they benefit from the piece of legislation probably, and I don’t know why, because some of the folks in the Senate wanted them to be included,” Wright told the Daily News.

The answer as to why the developments got special favors was not surprising. The Daily News discovered that significant campaign contributions were made to various state campaign committees:

The developers of four of the projects, their relatives and affiliated companies gave $1.5 million to various state campaign committees during 2008-12 — including $440,962 last year, records show.

The contributions included $53,000 to the state Senate Republican campaign treasury, $34,000 to the war chest of Assembly Democrats and $150,000 to the campaign of Gov. Cuomo, who signed the bill Jan. 30.

Advocates of campaign finance reform saw this measure as another example of how the system is broken.

“That real estate developers were able to win such a huge giveaway is a reflection of . . . just how broken the current campaign finance system is,” Jaron Benjamin, president of the Metropolitan Council on Housing, told the Daily News. “The reason Albany lawmakers agreed to spend millions subsidizing luxury housing for the wealthy is clear: Developers who contributed to their campaigns . . . expected to be rewarded.”

City Comptroller and mayoral candidate John Liu sent out a press release today blasting the actions of the Senate and Assembly.

“Extending tax breaks to super-luxury apartment buildings in Manhattan is wrongheaded and shows grossly misplaced priorities. It’s sad and outrageous that billionaires get huge subsidies while the Rent Guidelines Board considers significant rent increases for millions of New Yorkers. It’s especially galling that the tax abatement in question, called 421-a, was meant to promote construction of affordable housing,” Liu said in the release.

The Oceana. Source: Google Maps

Residents of the Oceana condominium complex (50 Oceana Drive West) took to the streets to protest the  city construction of a public bathroom that they claim obstructs their million dollar view of the ocean, according to a report by The New York Times.

Last week, we reported on how the city’s late night repairs to the boardwalk and beach had been driving residents crazy by keeping them up late at night. Oceana residents were less concerned with the noise and more annoyed at the planned public restrooms being installed right in front of their fancy condominium.

“People pay this much money because they want some luxury,” Irina Nesterenko, 43, told the Times. “What kind of luxury will we have if we have this monster-sized bathroom?”

Oceana residents want the bathroom station moved to a busier part of the boardwalk, fearing that the facility will bring the homeless and rambunctious teenagers to a spot where their children normally play. Other residents expressed fears of public nudity and people washing their unmentionables in plain sight of their normally stunning ocean view.

“I personally don’t want to see people washing themselves nude, washing their underwear,” Eileen Trotta told the Times.

Source: Google Maps

Muss Development is close to finally completing the Oceana Condominium and Club, a string of luxury buildings between Brighton Beach Avenue and the Riegelmann Boardwalk. The completion of the final tower comes more than 25 years after the real estate firm announced their ambitious plan to build hundreds of condos on the site of the Brighton Beach Bath and Racquet Club, according to a report in Real Estate Weekly.

Construction of Oceana’s final structure, located at 50 Oceana Drive West, is set to be finished by 2014. According to the Wall Street Journal, the total cost of the building’s construction is $40 million. Demand for the new space is high as 50 of the 59 units have already been sold. If you’d like to grab one of the last spots, you’ll have to shell out some serious cash, as unit prices range from $700,000 to $1.7 million.

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Longtime readers of Sheepshead Bites should know that I love – LOVE! – the sort of marketing that relies almost exclusively on superlatives, especially when the words used stand in stark contrast to reality.

Take, for example, the “most luxurious day care center” that, unfortunately, never bothered with the luxury of getting its employees proper background checks or certification. Or the luxury condos built right across the street from one of the city’s worst housing projects. Or the medical offices best suited for Dr. James Bond (actually, that one was pretty luxurious), or the “Imperial” class seating on Transaero flights that led us to ask if this kind of marketing is specifically targeted to Russians, and why.

We may never know the answer to that last question, but there’s no doubt that there’s an obsession in our neighborhood with marketing things as luxurious, gourmet or deluxe. And, occasionally, you get one that just jams a bunch of words together, like the marketing for 2409 Avenue Z, the old Tre Fratelli space.

Yes, “Super luxury oversized condos” are for sale there, with such amenities as, um, balconies, and, er, “automatic parking” – whatever that means.

In reality, the space is kind of small. It’s a triangular three-story building, with the first floor used for retail and parking (the “automatic parking” appears to be a car elevator, which actually seems more obnoxious than opulent). And, unless the plans have changed since we first reported on it in July 2010, those two floors of residential are broken up into five units.

So… what’s so Super Luxury Oversized about that? Well, I guess it sounds better than “Glorified Closet-Sized Apartments of Mediocrity .”

In totally unrelated news, Sheepshead Bites is proud to announce that we have eliminated our advertising and sponsorship packages and are now offering “Uber Luxurious, Premier Deluxe-ified Grand Gourmet Advertising Opportunities on our Palatial Webmansion, Paired with Sensual, Posh Sponsorship Opportunities.” Click here for details.

Opulance. We has it.

The living room at the showroom apartment at Z Tower. (Photos by Ray Johnson)

Early this month, we told you that the newest luxury condo at 1702 Avenue Z had lost some of its major players.

A short while before that, when there was still snow on roofs, signs posted invited everyone to come on up to the fourth floor for an open house. Knowing that readers were interested in seeing the design of the apartments, I followed the instructions and headed up to take a look.

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