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Sheepshead Bites received the following note from a neighbor: LOST DOG – SHIBA INU – FEMALE – NAMED “NAMI” LAST SEEN: Friday on Ocean Avenue and Shore Boulevard, running towards Oriental Boulevard. Please call (347)933-1641. She is skittish and is not easy to catch. Please call if you see her. Large reward if found.

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This came in yesterday from reader Ray C.: I’ve been a long time reader of your great site and hoping you can be of assistance for our lost dog.  His name is Bobbie and he is a white pure bred maltese, about a foot long.  He ran away some time this afternoon at around 3-5pm. …

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So, before I begin, let me point out that there is some serious information in this post regarding the lost dog we told you about yesterday, and you should read past my idiocy to get there. First, the idiocy. I received the following message from reader David Z.: I think I found the brindle dog,…

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I spied this lovely flier taped to the Redbox machine at the 7-11 on Coney Island Avenue at Kathleen Court. So, first off, if anyone has seen this dog, give a call, eh? But concern for the dog or its owner wasn’t my first thought – perhaps revealing some deep flaw of personal character. Instead…