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The signs for Cafe Apple Grill went up Tuesday, giving neighbors the first sight of what will replace Chipp Neapolitan Pizzeria at 2971 Ocean Avenue.

Reader James Griffin snapped the photo and tipped us off to the new sign, and asked that we throw in a plug for his new website So…,,!

That’ll be $250, Griffin…

Chipp Neapolitan Pizzeria, which was co-owned by Lenny “The Russian” Veltman of Donald Trump’s The Apprentice, closed in October after only seven months. We spotted the for sale announcement on Craigslist in June. At that time, co-owner Rus Gor told us that a dispute between the partners led to the sale.

After it sold we stopped by, and Gor and Veltman were both there with the new owner – who told us it would be a Russian-Uzbeki restaurant.

Now we’ve got Cafe Apple Grill, and we can spend the next few weeks until it opens wondering if it’s a cafe or a grill.

Oh, and

It is shocking – and revolting – how many businesses we’ve been writing about lately that haven’t survived a year. The latest example is Chipp Neapolitan Pizzeria (2971 Ocean Avenue), which opened November 2010 and is now shuttered.

The writing was on the wall, of course. Or at least on Craigslist. The restaurant, which was co-owned by Lenny “The Russian” Veltman of Donald Trump’s The Apprentice, looked like it was off to a good start, with an original idea for the neighborhood and a classy – if controversial – product. But just seven months after opening, we spotted a for sale announcement on Craigslist. At that time, co-owner Rus Gor told us that a dispute between the partners led to the sale.

And sell it has! When we stopped by yesterday, both Veltman and Gor were there – along with the new owner. The newbie didn’t want to chat at the time, but Veltman said it would be a Russian-Uzbeki restaurant. We didn’t get the ultimate sale price, either, but the asking price back in June was $250,000 for a 10-year lease, equipment and furniture.

Regardless, we’re glad Chipp didn’t go out of business, but closed at the discretion of its owners. And we wish those owners the best of luck in their future endeavors, and look forward to welcoming our new neighbor at that location.

Chipp Neapolitan Pizza (2971 Ocean Avenue) is up for sale just seven months after it opened, courtesy of a dispute between the owners that made offloading the property a priority.

The pizzeria, which specializes in cooking thin-crust pizza in a wood-fired oven at 800 degrees in just 90 seconds, turned up on Craigslist not too long ago with an asking price of $189,000, stating an “Owner’s Disagreement is your gain.”

We checked in with Rus Gor, one of the owners, who confirmed that it was on the chopping block – but not at that price. They’re asking for $250,000, which includes a 10-year lease, equipment and furniture. The Craigslist ad has since been removed.

Keep reading, and also view a screenshot of the Craigslist ad.

chipp neapolitan pizza

Chipp Neopolitan Pizza, at 2971 Ocean Avenue, is celebrating its grand opening tomorrow by feeding the poor… college students. Poor college students. Well, not necessarily poor – but hungry. They’ll be feeding hungry college students.

Sure, the pizzeria has enjoyed a successful “soft” opening for several months now, with sales partially fueled by the controversy it sparked by talking smack about pizza legends at Totonno’s, DiFara’s and Grimaldi’s. Or maybe it’s that it’s owned by former Apprentice star Lenny Veltman. Or, heck, perhaps people even like the pizza!

To get down to the nitty gritty, Chipp is offering a free pie for one day only to college and university students, faculty and staff, as long as a valid academic ID is presented. So, if you’re a student, of have a really good fake student ID or something, get a free pie. And tell them you read about it on Sheepshead Bites.

Also, tell them to tell their Williamsburg-based PR firm that Ocean Avenue and Avenue Z is not Coney Island. If need be, we can send over this map to give them a little refresher on hipster geography.

chipp neapolitan pizza

Photo by Ned Berke

by Robert Fernandez

Hey, pizza… you’re fired!

… in a wood-fueled oven at 800 degrees in just 90 seconds.

That’s the gimmick at Chipp Neapolitan Pizza (2971 Ocean Avenue), Sheepshead Bay’s newest pie-tossing eatery, and the brainchild of former The Apprentice contestant Lenny “The Russian” Veltman. It’s the first in what he hopes to be an empire of classed-up pizza joints across the nation.

“We wanted to create a modern lounge much like a Chipotle or Panera Bread store, not another take out pizza joint. Somewhere you’d go on a date, sit back with a beer or a glass of wine while eating the best pizza in the city,” said Veltman.

Read the not-so-nice stuff Veltman has to say about Brooklyn’s pizza legends, and his plans for expansion.